Renewable Energy With the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generators PPA

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Renewable Energy With the JouleBox™
Hybrid Generators
PPA Agreement
PPA - Power Purchase Agreements
Our group and our financial partners are prepared to enter into Long Term 20 year PPA’s
to provide 100% clean, green energy. We will provide ‘Firm Power’ 24/7/365 using a
hybrid system of solar, wind and lithium ion batteries.
Traditional Energy
Expensive, Pollution, Not Sustainable
Fossil Fuels
Nuclear Power Plants
Coal, Natural Gas,
San Onofre – Shut down
produce 4-8 Hours per day
All fossil fuels have
Fukushima – problems
solar, wind, hydro
fuel costs and
Environmental damage
Carbon footprint that
transmission costs
is not sustainable.
Now there is a Better Way
Traditional Renewable Energy
Intermittent Power 4-12 Hours per day – AT BEST
Solar panels
Not enough room
where the power
is needed.
4-6 Hours per day
Concentrated Solar
Large land footprint
Environmental damage
High Transmission costs
Now there is a Better Way
8 Hours per day
Environmental damage
High Transmission costs
The JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator
Understanding The Technology
6 Proven Technologies have been combined to generate electricity.
1. Solar Panels
2. Aluminum Magnetic Flywheels to produce Low Voltage, High Amperage Electricity
3. Lithium Ion Battery Brick with patented Serial and Parallel wiring to Charge and
4. Vortex Reduction Chamber (VRC). Manufactured wind is sent through a VRC to increase
Force with reduced energy.
5. High Efficiency Generators and controllers for greater durability and reliability. We use
electronic controllers to maximize efficiency.
6. Power Q – controls the power quality output to sync with the grid and maintain proper
harmonics. Clean sine waves, stable Hz and harmonics, no power surges.
We have protected the Intellectual Property (IP) with layers of use patents, copyrights and other IP. The software is burned into the chips
which eliminates the risk of reverse engineering. All units are GPS equipped with licensing agreements for installation at a specified
location. Location modification is allowed under the licensing agreement with notification.
Distributed Generation
ECO-GEN and our financial partners are prepared to invest and build
Micro Grid Distributed Generation Power Facilities
 Next to the PCC, next to sub-stations, …
 Where the energy is needed!
 Clusters of 60 kW units – from 3 MW to 50 MW plants
or more
Why pay high transmission costs?
Why suffer losses in transmission?
Scalable in size
Dependable “Firm Power”
Installations 1
By Installing next to the Substations you avoid Transmission Costs. We
work with the Grid to stabilize existing energy generation or we can work
Installations 2
All JouleBox Units are installed inside
a safe and secure metal building.
Can be sized from 3 MW building to multiple buildings with 50 MW EACH.
Install next to Sub-station where energy is needed.
24/7/365 Satellite communications monitoring.
PPA-Power Purchase Agreements
No Capital Cost to install or maintain equipment. 100% turn key operation.
Firm Power, 24/7/365
Satellite Monitoring for safety and guaranteed production at no additional cost..
Maintenance Free – All PPAs include maintenance and repairs.
High Quality Power, Clean electricity, stable Hz, synced sine waves, and harmonics, no power surges.
No pollution – Clean, Green Electricity!
No Fuel Costs. Lower per kWh costs than all other forms of energy generation .
Fixed 20 yr. rate per kWh of electricity produced. No escalator for inflation.
Rates from US$0.08 - $0.32 per kWh depending on credit and sovereign guarantee.
Scalable. 3 MW to multiple 50 MW Buildings. Energy is produced next to sub-stations - where the energy is needed!
 Reliable Energy Produces Jobs Faster Than Anything Else. Factories Can Operate 24/7
The Power Q in the JouleBox™ controls
harmonics, sine waves, Hz, voltage,
power surges and auto cut-off for safety.
Units can be satellite monitored
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