Holidays Homework
Class: VIII
Subject :- Science
1. Mr. kohli has a Maruti van. He gets CNG fitted in his vehicle. Why has he turned over to the CNG
inspite of diesel & petrol ?
2. Why should a person whose clothes on fire not run?
3. Collect information related to cloning technique and prepare a report on its advantages and
4. When you share your food with a person who is suffering from AIDS. Do you think that you have the
chance to contract the disease?
5. Most bathroom fittings and car/cycle parts are chromium plated. Why are not these parts made from
chromium itself?
6. Why does lightning strike more frequently in the hilly areas?
7. How does oil spill affect the sea life?
8. When a bull sees a wavy red coloured object it gets angry and charges towards the object violently.
Find out why a bull does this?
9. Why was the cell discovered only after the invention of microscope?
10. Mercury is the only metal present in liquid state. Can we use it as an electrolyte?
Subject:- Mathematics
1. If the earning of 30 workers for 12 days is Rs. 18,900 , find the earning of 38 workers for 10 days.
2. Find the sides of rectangle/ square whose areas are as follows:
a) X2 + 21x +54
b) a2 + 34a + 289
3. The radius of a roller is 42 cm and its length is 140 cm. it takes 600 complete revolutions moving once
over to level a play ground. What is the cost of leveling the play ground at the rate of Rs. 8.50 per m2.
4. By what number should (𝟑/𝟖)2 be divided do that quotient becomes 8-2?
5. If x+1/x=10 find
a) x2+ 1/ x2
b) x4+ 1/ x4
6. by what number should 7-1 be multiplied so that product may be equal to (-5)-1?
7. Simplify :4-3x12-4x216
8. Simplify:- (a+b+c) (a2+b2+c2-ab-bc-ca)
9. Two buses A and B cover a distance between two stations P and Q. Bus A moves at an average speed
of 54km/h and bus B at an average speed of 60 km/h. if bus A takes 10 hrs to complete journery. How
long will the bus B take.
10. The dimensions of a cuboid are in the ratio 2:3:4 and its total surface area is 5200 cm2. Find the volume
of couboid.
Note:- Revise, chapters – Mensuration, Exponents and Powers, Algebric Expressions, Factorization,
Direct and Inverse Proportion.
Subject: English
Q1:- Read about the situtation and try to take right decision and solve the problem:
Your mother is serving tea to her friend. She asks you to take out the cake from the tin and bring it to
the drawing room. When you open the tin you find that mice have eaten a little bit of the cake.
Taking a decision will you:
Slice the good part of the cake and serve it to your mother’s friends
Tell your mother what you have found?
Throw away the cake and serve the cookies instead?
Choose the answer and give the reason in about 20 words only why have you chosen that particular
Q2:- All the idomatic expression given below have the word eye in them. Select the suitable ones and
complete the sentences that follow:Consult the dictionary to clear your doubt:Keep an eye on
Look me in the eye
An eye for an eye
Have eyes in the back of your head
The eyes of the law
a) Could you ____________my suitcase while I go to buy a newspaper?
b) Can you____________and say did not break my window pane?
c) In ________, she is guilty through few of us would think so,
d) The death penalty works on the principle of _________
e) How did you know I was behind you? You must __________
Q3:- Given below is an excerpt from Rabindernath Tagore’s story. Change the sentences in direct
speech to reported speech:
Before I could explain to here the differences of language in this world, she was embarked on the full
tide of another subject. “what do you think, fatther? Bhola says, “there is an elephant in the clouds,
blowing water out of his trunk, and that is why it rain!”
And then darting off anew, while I sat still making ready some reply to this last saying,” Father! What
relation is mother to you?”
“my dear little sister-in-law !” I murmurmed involuntarily to myself, but with a grave face contrived to
answer,” go and play with Bhola, Mini. I am busy.”
Q4:- join the following sentences with the word in the bracket to form a single compound sentence.
a) Joe reached the station late. (So) He missed the train.
b) I like reading the newspaper. (and) I like watching movies.
c) I did not go to school today. (as)
I was not feeling well.
d) Is the universe expanding? (or)
Is the universe contracting?
e) She sprained her leg while running. (yet) She won the first prize in the marathon.
Subject :- Social Studies
1. Collect pictures of US president – Barrack Obama and the present president of India- Mr. Pranab
Mukherjee. Write about the type of democracy the two countries have. Also prepare a project
report describing the reasons why you would not like to live in a country run by a dictator.
Happy New Year 2015!!!! Enjoy Yours Holidays !!!