january elk of month - Port Orange Elks Lodge 2723

Kathy DeVoe
January 2015
Congratulations to Kathy DeVoe for being chosen as Elk of the Month. Kathy DeVoe, is small
but mighty, staying in the background, always supporting the Lodge events. Anytime we
need something she is right there to help, this was especially evident during the State President’s visit in October. Thank you Kathy for all the work you do for our lodge.
Once again the Port Orange Lodge showed what it means to be an Elk - we are the
Best People On Earth! The Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser on Sunday, December 14th for
the Ramey Family was a wonderful success. We had a great amount of support and donations before
the event which helped with the preparation (Thank you all). Then Sunday - from the minute you walked
in the door and were greeted with smiling faces (Thanks Frank and Joanne) guest enjoyed a fabulous
meal (Thanks Gary, Dan and Larry) served by smiling faces (Thanks Lynn, Laura, Elaine, Judy & Friend,
Chris, Jerry and Emma) on clean dishes (Thanks Bailey) and we can't forget the cocktails (Thanks Dee
and Brianna).
All that while collecting over $1000 to help this family get back on their feet. Not only was
this a great reminder to all of us of why we are Elks - but also a wonderful display to our
guest of how awesome Elks are!
Welcome To Our
Newest Lodge Members!
Congratulations to our newest members of the Port Orange Elks Lodge
who were inducted on Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Robert Dunham (left) was sponsored by Jeannette Artymovitch. He is a retired Rubber
Plantation Manager and a driver for Manheim Auto Auction. His wife is Linda and they
have been in Port Orange for 22 years. Originally he is from Williamsport, PA.
Eddie Murphy (right) was sponsored by Jerry Peterson. He has been at Wal-Mart for
16 years and works as a backroom inventory associate. He came to Florida by way of
Utica, New York and has been her for 25 years. He attends Daytona College and is
working on his Psychology Degree.
Please give them a warm welcome when you see them. We look forward to seeing you around the lodge,
working hard and playing harder!