Moose Newsletter January

The Antler
Belvidere Lodge #295
575 Beloit Road, Belvidere, Il 61008
(815) 544-9279 *
Volume 1
Lodge Officers
Belvidere #295
Anthony Dini
Past governor
Junior Governor
Rick Arwood
Shannon Sickler
Gary Kalas
Ed Fitch
1st Year Trustee
Carl Persson
2nd Year Trustee
Randy Bunger
3rd year Trustee
Clayton Warren
Sgt, At Arms
John Reynen
Senior Regent
Connie Lawson
Jr. Regent
Crystalyn Mays
Carol Mischke
Iris Humphry
Secretary Treasurer
Pat Parisot
Ritual Director
Gloria Mayberry
Assistant Guide
Newsletter Editor
Bob Hammortree
January 2015
Lodge honored to be chosen for the Stewarts
25th and 50th Wedding Anniversary Party.
The Stewarts Renew Vows
Full Barbecue Buffet
Please Welcome New
Members to our Lodge
It is important to make our
new members feel comfortable on their visits to our
Say hello and ask them to
join you and your friends, or
just shake their hand and say
Joined in November
Larry Acker
Charles H. Davis
Harold Macfadden
Joined in December
Kevin Kelley
Jeremy Mitchell
Lavern Neff
Thomas and Darlene “Dolly”
Stewart hosted their “50th
Wedding Anniversary” in the
Lodge Hall on November, 30.
They also held their 25th
Wedding Anniversary in our
Lodge hall. Thomas has been
a Moose Member for the last
39 years. He and Darlene
reside in Genoa.
They hosted a gathering of
several hundred friends and
relatives. There was plenty
of refreshments and a full
Buffet for the guests to enjoy.
The Buffet was prepared by
our new Chef Kevin.
The highlight of the event
was the renewal of their
“Wedding Vows” by the
happy couple.
The event ended with Music
for everyone, so that they
could dance or just visit.
Security Camera’s are
now installed around
the Lodge Quarters
Security Camera’s have been
installed around the Lodge
for the protection of of Lodge
Property and to prevent a
theft or burglary.
The installation of the Security Camera’s also helps out
with insurance costs.
The camera’s are in no way
a threat to any individuals
The Lodge will be doing
50/50 raffles to raise
money to replace the carpet in the Social Quarters.
Community Service
The Lodge has donated $100.00 to the
Boone County CASA organization. This
is for Court Appointed Special Advocates, who the court appoints to represent
children in cases where they may have
been abused and /or neglected in Boone
County, Illinois.
Wagon and Toys to Mooseheart !
The Lodge held a Raffle on the pictured
Wagon Filled with Toys. As you can see,
Deb Winchester was the lucky winner.
Well, the Santa Claus spirit was in the
air and Deb graciously announced to
those in attendance. that she was donating
the Wagon full of toys to the children at
Those in attendance gave her a round of
applause and thanked her. Way to go Deb.
Special Attraction
You won’t want to miss !!!
How about an opportunity to throw
some pies at the face’s of some Officers
of this Lodge, and also the Legion 57
President, Keith Avey.
This event will happen on Friday, January 9th, between 7 and 9 pm. The cost is
$1.00 per pie and the proceeds will go to
District 4. So here’s your chance to make
an impression on your Officers!
Queen Of Hearts Big Winner !!!!
There was a large crowd in
attendance for the 8:00 pm
Queen of Hearts drawing and
with only 5 cards left we had a
The Queen was under the
card with Number 30 on it.
Rick Arwood held the Lucky
Ticket drawn. Rick choose
number 30 because that was Ed Fitch congratulates Rick Arwood
his son’s birthday.
Well, there it was, the elusive Queen of Hearts. The
Queen was worth $5950.00 to
the winner.
The next Queen of Heart’s
drawing starts with a Pot of
Stay tuned for different
game rules and weekly payouts in cash, instead of tickets.
Rick and Kris Arwood
Lodge Birthdays for January
The Lodge would like to celebrate your Birthday by giving
you A FREE DRINK on the day of your Birthday. If the
Lodge is closed on your Birthday, then the first day after your
birthday when the Lodge is open, stop in and enjoy your
January Dinners for your
Dining Pleasure!!!!!!
Dinners are being served 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Fri. Jan. 2nd -
Fish Fry Buffet - Cod & Catfish with
Salad Bar.
Wed. Jan. 7th -
Breaded fajita chicken, Bean/cheese
Burritos, tacos
Fri. Jan. 9th -
Fish Fry Buffet - Cod & Catfish with
Salad Bar.
Wed. Jan 14th -
Bacon wrapped meatloaf, Chicken ala
Fri. Jan. 16th -
Fish Fry Buffet - Cod &Catfish with
Salad Bar.
Sat. Jan 17th -
Common menu
Wed. Jan 21st -
Baked and Fried Chicken
Fri. Jan. 23rd -
Fish Fry Buffet - Cod & Cornbread
Battered Catfish with Salad Bar.Wed.
Wed. Jan. 28th - Baked Manicotti, Shrimp Alfredo,
Roast Beef.
Fri. Jan. 30th -
Fish Fry Buffet - Cod & Cornbread
Battered Catfish with Salad Bar.
Say Hello to Your New Chef Kevin !!
David Anderson II
David Booker
Robert Boshaw
Gregory Brown
John Cavalzani
James Cebas
James Cordray
James Cowart
Clarence Faber
Ed Fitch
Larry Fitch
Frederick Frese
Don Greenlee
Merle Huntington
Ronald Johnson
Thomas Lacke
Philip Long
Robert Moyer
Patrick Murphy
William Murphy
Karl Nolan Jr.
Dean Page
John Porter
Patrick Sankey
Willard Schulstrom
Mike Schwebke
Donald Smith
Ralph Stambaugh
Denny Stemwedel
Abraham Suarez
Gene Toepfer
Steve Ubersox
Gary Vangeisen
Mystery ID# Contest
Somewhere in this Newsletter there is a
hidden Moose ID#. If you find it and it’s the
matching ID# on your Membership Card.
Your Administrator Will award you with a
If you haven’t met our new
Chef Kevin Kelley, you will.
Kevin has made it a practice
to come out of the kitchen
and try to meet everyone.
He shows a deep concern as
to the satisfaction of our
members and quality of the
meals being served.
If you have questions or
requests for a favorite dish,
he will try to respond to your
Bingo Report !!
Two weeks of Bingo were
shut down because of the
Holidays. We ended up with
the “Early Bird” jackpot at
$725.00 and the “Crossfire”
Jackpot at $11,800.
So be sure to come out on
Thursday, January 8th and
see if you can take some of
this money home with you.
Kitchen opens at 5:15 pm
District #4 is in need of a
Secretary. If anyone would
be willing to fill this office,
please contact Mark Sandeen. He can fill you in on
the details and requirements of this Office.
Children’s Christmas Party was a Huge Success
This years Christmas Party was a huge
success, and of course Santa Claus was
the highlight of the party.
The weather wasn’t exactly delightful
as there were clouds and no sun. This did
not deter Santa Claus and he said upon
arrival, that this year He definitely relied
on “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” to
get to the Party on time.
Euchre Results……
We are still looking for more
Euchre players. Come on out
for some Tuesday night fun.
December 2nd
1st Place - Shirley Kindschy
2nd Place - Mike Gentili
3rd Place - Pam Walters
4th Place - Ginger Pape
Halftime High Score
Mike Gentili
Each child had an opportunity to sit
on Santa’s lap to express their wishes for
this year. As they left Santa they each
received a gift.
We all know that parties do not happen
without some Planning, Preparation and of
course Volunteers. The cost of the Party
was shared by the Christmas Party fund
and the LOOM.
December 9th
1st Place - Irene Bindl
2nd -Place - Fritz Bindl
3rd Place - Kenley Dalberg
4th Place - Mike Gentili
Halftime High Score
Irene Bindl
December 16th
1st Place - Marge Heindl
2nd Place - Steve Solberg
3rd Place - Delbert Poulda
4th Place - Cindy Johnson
Halftime High Score
Marge Heindl
From the Left, Chris Arwood, Pat Parisot,
Kathy Fitch, Anthony Dini, Angela Sandeen,
Ed Fitch, Beverly Kalas, Mark Sandeen,
Gary Kalas, and Rick Arwood. Not in the
pictures is your Cameraman and Editor, Bob
Door Prize
Bill Louis
“Bags for Bandits”
January 17th
This is a benefit for the Belvidere
Bandits Wrestling Club.
* Registration Starts at 11:00 am
* Cost is $30.00 Per Team
* Bring your own Partner
* Payout will be a 50/50 Split
* Cash Bar and Food Available!
Tournament is single elimination,
best 2 out of 3.
To the winner.
Winner of 2 advances to the next
Buy tickets all week.
Tickets available at the Bar!
Queen Of Hearts
Drawing !!!
Over $1,275.00
$1.00 per Ticket 0r
$5.00 for 6 Tickets
Door Prize
Bill Louis
Santa did a great job with the children, and for some reason his voice
sounded an awful lot like our Administrator Ed Fitch.
The party started out with Games for
the Children. There was a Pin the ear on
an “Elf” for the older ones, and a pin the
nose on the “Snow Man” for the younger
ones. Also there was a coloring contest of
pictures with Holiday themes. Three
Prizes were given each to the Boys and
Girls with the best coloring on their pictures. There also was a memory game that
some of them joined in on.
A children’s favorite meal of various
kinds of Pizza was served with desert
being Mini Cupcakes. Punch and Soda
was furnished by the Lodge.
Door Prize Winner
Deb Winchester
Each of the Children received a “Tommy
Moose” in their Gift Bag of goodies. Pictured
here are the Packers of the Gift Bags. Gary
Kalas, Bev Kalas, Angela Sandeen and Carol
Mischke and of course your Editor.
To Pre-register your team or for
questions call Shane Treu at
Please Pre Register by January 14th,
2015. (Moose members Welcome.)