BOP Support Services

Support Services for People with Early Dementia in BOP:
Information and Advocacy.
Individual Client Support Staff.
Individual family support.
Carer support groups.
Memory Management Course.
Memory Group.
Activity Club.
Living With Dementia education sessions.
Volunteers, Companions and Befrienders.
Contact details
Office: 07 577 6344
07 577 6346
[email protected]
Address: 116, 13th Avenue, Tauranga 3112
Postal Address: PO Box 15-553, Tauranga 3144
Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 1.00pm
Support services, information, advice and personal advocacy.
Information resources.
Education meetings.
Age Concern:
Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Service (EANP): A service
available for providing confidential support, advocacy and
information for people facing elder abuse and neglect.
Phone: 07 578 2631
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: 9am – 2pm
Address: 177A Fraser Street, Tauranga 3112.
Total mobility scheme: Taxi vouchers.
Social Activates.
Accredited Visiting Services (AVS)
March 2014
Support Services for People with Early Dementia in BOP:
Field Worker support
Individual family support
Eastern Bay of
Carer support groups
Memory Management Support
Living With Dementia education sessions
Befriender Service
07 308 0525
Email: [email protected]
Address: 38 Landing Road, Unit 3-5, Whakatane
Postal Address: PO Box 13, Whakatane 3158
Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 12.00 midday
Companion Service
Assists in obtaining support services for people over the age of 65
Support Net
with disabilities. These include:
Kupenga Hao Ite
Ora (Interim
Enliven packages including: Household assistance (home help),
Needs Assessment
Personal care (Tuck in/morning service, showering, medication
and Service
oversight), Curruth Day programme.
Carer Support/Residential Respite
(NASC) Service)
Residential care and support (Rest Home entry)
Phone: 07 571 0093
Fax: 07 571 0277
Address: 510 Cameron Rd, Tauranga
Postal Address: PO Box 2121
March 2014
Support Services for People with Early Dementia in BOP:
AA and OT
If concerns are held about a person’s driving, they are able to be
referred to driving instructor at the AA for a driving assessment.
AA Tauranga:
Phone: 07 927 7760
Address: Corner Devonport Road & 1st Avenue, Tauranga.
An AA instructor will accompany the person in their own vehicle and
assess their driving and comment whether she feels there are any
areas of concern, and will feedback this information to the referrer.
AA Whakatane:
Phone: 0800 822 422
Address: 268 The Strand, Whakatane.
If concerns persist, the next step is to have a more comprehensive
driving assessment via a registered Occupational Therapist.
OT Driving Assessors:
OTRS Teena Jorgensen, Tauranga
Phone: 027 280 4729 (direct) or 0800 687748
Email: [email protected]
Jessica Wills (NZROT)
Private OT Services Ltd, Rotorua
Postal Address: PO Box 175, Rotorua Central 3040
Phone: 021 407 709 Fax: 021 553 961
Email: [email protected]
A mix of professions providing advice and assistance via ~
Mental Health
Services for Older
People (MHSOP):
 Psychiatry
 Social Work
 Occupational Therapy
 Psychology
 Nursing
07 579 8335
07 5713900
In addition to assessment, treatment and case management, MHSOP
offers a Men’s Carer Group and Memory Service (that can be
accessed via Bay Navigator also)
March 2014