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BSP Settlement
Jetstar Agent Hub
Jetstar offers BSP settlement in various markets for Travel Agents registered with Jetstar. Settling through BSP
provides eligible trade partners the simplicity, control and convenience of this industry standard payment
To be eligible for BSP settlement, your agency must be located in one of the following markets where Jetstar is
enrolled in the BSP:
• Australia
• Macau
• China
• New Zealand
• Cambodia
• Taiwan
• Japan
• Singapore
• Hong Kong
Travel Agents must have a valid IATA number and be registered with Jetstar under this IATA number.
All trade partners who apply for Jetstar BSP settlement will be subject to verification checks by Jetstar. If
approved, Jetstar will create an Agency Credit Account (AG), which can be used as your form of payment
for bookings made via Jetstar Agent Hub, Call Centre, GDS and API. Your Agency Credit Account provides a
capped line of credit that is debited and credited as transactions are processed against your account.
Settlement Process
Any transactions paid using your Agency Credit
Account will be settled via BSP. The transactions will
be processed as ADM’s and ACM’s:
• Charges (debits) appear as Agent Debit Memo’s
• Refunds (credits) appear as Agent Credit Memo’s
Trade Agents will receive a BSP statement from IATA
via BSP Link. This statement includes the ADM/ACM
numbers raised by Jetstar, the Jetstar Carrier Code
and Amount Charged.
For reconciliation, Jetstar will provide you a weekly
IATA BSP Participant Billing Analysis statement
detailing your Jetstar ADM/ACM transactions for the
week. This statement details:
• Jetstar ADM/ACM
• Issue Date
Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd, ABN 33 069 720 243
• Passenger Name Record
• Passenger Name
• Origin/Destination
Billing Cycle
Jetstar adheres to standard BSP reporting periods;
however, charges are settled 14-21 days after the
reporting period on account of charges being
processed as ADMs. Settlement of ADMs is delayed
depending on market as follows:
BSP countries
14 days
21 days
14 days
14 days
14 days
14 days
14 days
14 days
14 days
21 days
21 days
This only impacts ADMs, ACMs are credited without a
latency period.
BSP Settlement
Jetstar Agent Hub
Registering for BSP
New Travel Agents meeting Jetstar’s eligibility criteria can request a BSP Agency Credit Account when
completing the Travel Agent registration form.
Existing Travel Agents wanting to request a BSP Agency Credit Account can email their request to
[email protected]
Contact Us
For additional information or to escalate BSP issues, contact [email protected]
Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd, ABN 33 069 720 243