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Nancy Blair
August 6, 2014
Enclosed you will find a calculator showing the 2015 CRSP/CPP billing calculations, which are based on
the billing methodologies approved at this year’s Annual Conference.
For the CRSP (Clergy Retirement Security Program), the billing calculation is the sum of the following
two components:
 3% of total plan compensation for the defined contribution CRSP benefit, plus
 9% of the lesser of the two following amounts for the defined benefit CRSP benefit:
total plan compensation, or
135% of the 2015 Denominational Average Compensation (“DAC”)
Billing for the CPP (Comprehensive Protection Plan) will be 4.4% of total plan compensation for most
full time pastors, with total plan compensation capped at 200% of the DAC. Note: Total Plan
Compensation for computing pension is based on cash/base salary, excluding Accountable
Reimbursement or travel, plus parsonage factor or housing allowance. The parsonage factor for 2015 is
25%. In the case of a full time pastor with total compensation below the floor of $39,755, the church is
billed 3.4% of the DAC, or $187.73 per month. Similarly, in the case of part time Elders, Deacons and
Provisionals who are appointed 50% or 75%, the church is billed $187.73 per month for CPP.
Each individual clergy should be enrolled with the General Board of Pension through the Virginia United
Methodist Pensions, Inc. (“VUMPI”) office. VUMPI will bill each pastor’s church or salary paying unit
each month for CRSP/CPP payments.
The following is provided for general information:
2015 DAC: $66,259
2015 CAC: $62,508
2015 “Floor” for CPP: $31,804 (with parsonage), or $39,755 (without parsonage)
The Minimum Compensation Schedule for 2015 is as follows:
Elder, Full Connection
Provisional & Associate
Local Pastors
2015 Death Benefit for active and eligible retired clergy enrolled in CPP and Supplemental Death
Active clergy
Eligible clergy retired prior to 1-1-2013: 30% of DAC plus $5,000 Conference Supplement
Eligible clergy retired 1-1-2013 or after: $25,000