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Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited
(A Joint Venture of GAIL (India) Ltd., Govt. Tripura, Govt. of Assam)
Bid. No – TNGCL/C&P/O&M/HAZOP/QRA/13-14
Name of the Work
Last date of submission of Quotation: 27/02/2014 AT 16:00 Hrs.
Cost of Bid Document - Rs. 1000.00 (non refundable) in the form of DD only in favour of
Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited, Agartala. Tripura west. Without the same the bid
shall be rejected outright
Pre – Bid Meeting – 17/02/2014 at 15:30 hrs. in TNGCL Agartala.
EMD – Rs. 4400.00 In the form of DD and in favour of Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited,
Agartala. Tripura west. EMD shall be valid for 04 (four) months from the bid due date.
Without the same the bid shall be rejected outright
Un Priced Bid open – on 27/02/2014 at 16:30hrs. in presence of bidders representatives.
Type of Bidding – Two Bid System
Prepared & Issued By
Contracts & Procurement Department
Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited
33, office Lane, Agartala, Tripura (West)
Tel No: 0381- 238-8168
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Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited
(A Joint Venture of GAIL (India) Ltd., Govt. of Tripura and Govt. of Assam)
33, Office Lane, Agartala, Tripura-799001.
Bid No – TNGCL/C&P/O&M/HAZOP/QRA/13-14
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sub: - NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION for HAZOP STUDY AND QRA FOR TNGCL’S CGD NETWORK
Dear Sir(s),
Sealed Quotations are hereby invited for HAZOP STUDY AND QRA FOR TNGCL’S CGD NETWORK
under following terms & conditions.
Terms & Conditions:-
→ Report shall be submitted within 12 weeks for QRA & 4 weeks for HAZOP from the date of issue
of Letter of Award (LOA)
→ Mobilization period shall be 15 days from the date of issue of LOA. That is one site visit at TNGCL
in Agartala, Tripura for Conducting HAZOP Session
TNGCL’s CGD Network. Including Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & CNG Dispensing
3. The rate should be inclusive of all taxes, duties, levies etc. The bidder should have valid
PAN Card and should be submitted with the Quotation.
4. The rate should be quoted as per enclosed SOR.
5. The validity of the offer will be of 90 days from the bid due date.
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6. In case of delay in submission of report, a penalty @½ % (half percent) per complete
Week of delay or part thereof subject to a maximum of 5 %( Five percent) of the total
contract value will be deducted from the bill.
7. All required Manpower/ Materials / Machineries etc. for this study shall be in the scope
of Bidder only.
8. Submission of Bids: The sealed bids should contain the following things –
Envelope – 1: Un – Priced Bid
1. Covering Letter with Bidder’s Offer Number (Ref)
2. EMD
3. Signed & Stamped copy of Bid.
4. Copy of SOR with Price Blank marked as “quoted” against all items.
5. Copy of PO / WO / Letter of Acceptance and Completion Certificate / Letter
of Satisfactory Performance and any other document relevant to BEC.
6. Addendum / Corrigendum to the Bid (if any) issued by TNGCL, duly signed
and stamped.
Envelope – 2: Priced Bid
This should contain the Original copy of SOR (Annexure – II to BID) with quoted prices.
Bidder should not modify the format.
All the above are to be enclosed in a Sealed Master Envelope super scribed as –
“QUOTATION – NOT TO BE OPENED” Name of the Work, Bid No. and Due Date and shall be
submitted to – the following Address
The In Charge (C&P)
Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited
33, Office Lane
Agartala, Tripura West. 799001
9. TNGCL may accept/cancel any bid or all bid without showing any reason.
10. Scope of work & BEC placed in bid in Annexure I & SOR in Annexure II
11. Payment Terms – payment shall be made within 20 days after receipt of Complete
report (Both HAZOP & QRA) & Submission of Complete Bill.
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12. Support from Client
→ Office Space at site, Agartala, Tripura (West)
→ Technical Co – ordination & Support from TNGCL
→ Necessary Documents (if required)
13. EMD of the successful bidder shall be retained by TNGCL until completion of the work
in all respect. And the same shall be released after completion of the work. Completion
certificate shall be provided by the Engineer In Charge, TNGCL.
14. Deliverables after Complete Study
→ One CD Containing the soft copy.
→ One Coloured Hard Copy.
Apart from the above one draft copy shall be send to TNGCL before submission of
complete report.
All reports will be produced as privileged and confidential – Prepared at the
request of the Client.
15. Reference Standards used for the study
→ The Study shall be followed to all applicable international and other applicable standards
16. Bidder should seal & sign in each page of this bid document.
Thanking you.
For on behalf of TNGCL
Sr. Engineer & IC (C&P)
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Scope of Work & BEC
Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited (TNGCL) is a joint venture company
between GAIL, Govt. Of Tripura and Govt. Of Assam, as part of its service to provide
clean fuel to Agartala city, is currently executing City Gas Distribution Project to
supply Natural Gas to Industrial, Commercial and Domestic consumers and CNG for
TNGCL is developing its Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan
(ERDMP) and to cater to this TNGCL intends to avail services of a experienced
consulting firm for conducting Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) study including,
Hazard Operability (HAZOP) and any other study required for QRA.
TNGCL is having around 400 Km of PE and 1.9 Km of CS pipeline network for
supply of PNG to the domestic, commercial & industrial consumers in an around
Agartala city with two nos of PRS at Agartala & Bodhjungnagar. Also we have two
nos of online CNG mother station and two nos of DBS to cater CNG to the vehicles.
Services Required for – QRA including HAZID, HAZOP and any other study as
Scope of Work – The scope of work under this RFQ shall include, but not limited to,
as below –
1. Conducting HAZOP / HAZID study for installations
 Identification of Hazards and credible accident events – This includes
identification and development of scenarios after studying the facility in detail.
Hazards identified during HAZOP shall be addressed in the QRA.
 Consequence Analysis – The identified hazards or scenarios shall be modeled
using well validated software. Consequence analysis includes discharge and
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dispersion analysis. The results shall be generated for specific impact criteria and
contours shall be generated and superimposed on the layout of the facility for the
 Likelihood Estimation – Likelihood estimation or failure frequency estimation shall
be done using databases such as E&P forum, OGP etc or using fault tree and event
tree analysis.
2. QRA
 Assessment of risk arising from the hazards – Risk shall be estimated using wind
rose of the location, failure frequency, ignition probabilities, surrounding population
and the consequences. After the risk analysis, risk should be assessed using
Location Specific Individual Risk (LSIR), Individual Risk Per Annum (IRPA) and
Potential Loss of Life (PLL) for employees. F-N Curve and risk transects shall be
 Risk reduction measures to prevent incidents, to control accidents – The risk
reduction measures shall be recommended to mitigate the risk within acceptable
3. Deliverables:
suggestions/recommendations for mitigating the hazards. The report shall contain
the following sections as minimum
a) Executive Summary
b) Introduction, Objectives and Scope of Work
c) Description of Facilities, weather conditions considered
d) Consequence analysis including list of failure scenarios, consequence analysis
results in tabular as well as contour form.
e) Risk Analysis including failure frequency and risk estimation. (LSIR, IRPA, PLL, FN Curve and Risk Transect)
f) Recommendation of mitigation measures.
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Bidder Eligibility Criteria (BEC):
1. Bidder should have experience in executing / conducting QRA and HAZOP
Study for CGD / installations handling gaseous hydrocarbon.
2. The Bidder must have successfully executed at least one similar work such as
Conducting QRA and HAZOP Study for minimum 5 Installations (like CNG
Stations (Online & Daughter) / MDPE or Steel pipeline network) for any City
Gas Distribution (CGD) company / any installation built for handling of
gaseous hydrocarbon, in a single order within last 3 (Three) years reckoned
from the bid due date.
3. In support of this, Bidder has to submit a copy of Work Order / Letter of Award
/ Letter of Acceptance (having order date within last 3 years reckoned from
the bid due date) and its completion certificate issued by the Client. The
Completion certificate / Letter of Satisfactory performance should have cross
reference to the WO / PO indicating the number of installations handled. In
absence of requisite documents, TNGCL reserves the right to reject the bid
without making any reference to the Bidder.
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Annexure – II
Bidder Name:
Description of Items
Units Quantity
Unit price
Total price
Quantitative Risk Assessment
(QRA) including HAZOP
CNG Stations
Agartala, West Tripura
Online Mother Station Nos.
Daughter Booster Station Nos.
Udaipur, South Tripura
Daughter Booster Station Nos.
CGD Network
PE Pipe Line Km.
Pressure Regulating Stations - PRS
(Agartala & Bodhjungnagar)
C.S Pipeline Network
Total Amount excluding taxes
Service Taxes @____%
Total Amount including taxes
Bidder to quote prices in each column and ensure that total prices quoted is
for complete scope and as per terms & condition of Bid document.
Bidder to note that in case of discrepancy in unit & total price, the unit price
of item shall prevail and the total shall be corrected.
The price quoted shall be firm and no price change will be allowed.
The quoted prices shall be inclusive of all charges such as travel expenses,
lodging & boarding and all local expenses thereon.
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