Boarding - Den Herder Veterinary Hospital

974 Home Plaza
Waterloo, IA 50701
Boarding Instructions
Owner _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Boarding Drop Off ______________________________
Pick Up ______________________________
(We have drop-off and pick-ups during our normal business hours only.)
Who will be picking up your pet? _______________________________________________________________
Where can we reach you while you are gone? _________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name and # ________________________________________________________________
Pet's Name ________________________________________________________________________________________
Breed _____________________________________ Color/Markings _____________________________________
We have a variety of prescription diets available for your pet to eat while boarding. Unless otherwise specified,
we feed an intestinal friendly, low fat prescription diet made by IAMS twice daily in the morning and evening.
Special Diet Requested _____________________________________________________________
(Please contact our office to make sure we have this diet available.)
How many cups of food does your dog eat per day? _____________ cups
How often does your dog eat per day?
3 times (circle one)
I am bringing my pet’s own food ______________________________________________________
(What are you bringing?)
Special Feeding Instructions:
Is your pet taking any medications (other than Heartworm/Flea/Tick)?
If Yes, please list what meds, how much and how often:
Habits & Belongings
Anything we should know about your pet? (e.g., dog aggressive, cage fright, storm anxiety)
If you are bringing personal items, please describe:
Extra Walk Each Day ($7.50): Yes
Professional Bath (prices vary by size): Yes