Pooper Scooper Services in Genesee County

Pooper Scooper Services in Genesee
Pet waste removal is one of the popular home-based pet businesses today. This service is growing
due to the requirement and awareness of the pet owners who need to clean up their dog waste. Pet
waste disposal service has recently been considered a part of our lawn maintenance and not a luxury
but a requirement. Members of the pooper scooper team will come to pick up dog poop from any
residential or commercial areas using their own poop scoop tools. They arrange a schedule that will
perfectly suit our dog poop removal needs- the frequency of the service being weekly, every other
week, twice weekly, monthly, initial cleaning or one time clean. They use tools which are disinfected
to ensure the safety of our dogs and family.
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Pooper Scoopers generally checks for dog waste or scoops and pick them up from yards or kennels
or any residential/commercial areas and sometimes analyze them for any unusual signs or illness or
presence of any foreign matter in the dog poop or else leave them in a trash receptacle provided by
the customer or some other designated area or haul away the collected dog poop from our property.
The different types of services that they provide include:
Regular Pooper Scooper Service: This kind of service is provided on a weekly, twice-weekly,
every other week or on a monthly basis.
One Time Pooper Scooper Cleaning: This involves spring clean ups, one time cleanings,
special occasions or for any other reason needed.
Bag Pick Up Pet Waste Service: In this type of service, we have to clean or remove the
accumulated dog waste from our yard and double bag the dog waste and the pooper scoopers
will come and pick up the collected dog waste from the designated area that we will specify on
a particular pick-up day(s).
They have professionally trained people who are trained particularly in picking dog poops and
disposing them off safely. Also, they use clean and disinfected tools and equipments for handling of
dog poops to ensure the safety of our pets, family and environment.
Rates for cleaning of pet waste generally depend on the total cleaning area which is on an average
4500 square feet. Extra charges are applied for additional cleaning areas and sometimes also
depend on the difficulty of the area to be cleaned. The service areas go through an on-site
assessment which may result in the change of the service fees for which prior notification will be
given and final payment by the customer needs to be done only after their service is provided.

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