Bali offers an outstanding hospitality and a mesmerizing cultural experience. This program is designed
for international students who want to make an extraordinary experience abroad which does not only
raise the value of their curriculum vitae. Working or helping on an island, that is actually economically
growing and benefiting from the increasing tourism, but controversially suffering from it, will have a
learning effect on the social-cultural understanding of all participants. Give something back to Bali’s
people, communities and nature, which offers an outstanding hospitality and a mesmerizing cultural
With your support we will work in benefit of the most vulnerable sectors of Bali, which are
environmental pollution, poverty, social injustice and unemployment. Each participant will sign up in
one of the 5 programs. After having received the application documents, each student will skype with
the host organization in Bali and will be assigned to specific locations.
Teaching in a Pre-School or Primary School (part-time)
These pre-schools and primary schools have been set up by foundations, which aim at providing
educational opportunities for children with education needs in developing areas. During this 3 weeks
internship program you will assist the school curriculum by tutoring the children, assisting them to learn
basic English language by combining singing, reading, playing or drawing.
Project locations: Nusa Dua, Canggu or Ubud area.
Teaching in a High School (part-time)
The high school for English & Tourism is supported by a non-profit organization, which through private
and collective funding managed to built a eco learning centre. The centre facilitates hotel training
activities like customer service and cooking classes, to provide proper practical training for the high
school students in this village. During this internship program you will support, assist and co-teach the
teacher in all English classes, help to develop fundraising ideas, support cooking classes, hotel
management, IT or Japanese classes. Moreover, you will join the Green Club and help gardening and
permaculture classes.
Project location: Ubud area
Teaching in a community service (part-time)
This community service was established initially to help and educate the poor children around this slum
area. It is more likely an 'informal place' for the children and women from lower economic classes to
work with volunteers in every subject. Interns will teach the English alphabet, how to count, about
animals and about colors. Furthermore, they organize special outdoor activities and games.
Project location: Sanur
Permaculture Project (full-time)
Interns will support an organization, which pursues the goal of creating eco-friendly jobs and businesses
by educating and re-skilling farmers, fishermen and local communities in environmentally sustainable
farming methods, renewable energy gathering and waste recycling in order to cease the exploitation of
natural resources and preserve Bali’s stunning nature. You will assist the office with administration
work, teach environmental ambassadors and work as permaculturist or eco architect. Intern need to be
physically fit to work outdoors.
Project location: Nusa Dua
Women empowerment (full-time)
This program is established to develop education, art and business skills of unemployed women in Bali.
Free education in English and Bahasa literacy is provided, as well as English and Bahasa classes, weaving,
hospitality training, health & hygiene classes and other small business skills courses. Interns will work
with women who are motivated to learn and envision a brighter future for themselves, their families
and their island.
Project location: Nusa Dua
Depending on the program location students will be placed in either students houses or
individual homestay like livings.