50 Shades Of Me Bali Workshop

R E TR E A T W O R K SH O P | B A LI 2 0 1 5
27th February to 6th March
GIUSI SILVESTRI is a qualified Relationship Therapist
with the professional expertise and proven
experience to help you take that difficult step
towards redefining your significant emotional
experiences and rebuilding your confidence in
relationships Giusi offers expertise in the areas of
overcoming unfaithfulness, resolving sex-related
problems, improving poor communication in
relationships and dealing with divorce trauma. Giusi
also has extensive experience in sensitively addressing
childhood issues, including parenting teenagers and
With a practical knowledge of relationships compiled from formal university
qualifications and from 30 years in practice, Giusi is more than a therapist who offers
advice… she teaches practical steps about how to cope with a wide range of
relationship difficulties. She can share successful strategies that can help you to
achieve positive change in your life by exploring and resolving the source of conflicts
and dissatisfaction with deep and persistent problems. Giusi takes you beyond
therapy by sharing proven techniques that empower you to redefine your significant
emotional experiences and rebuild your confidence and trust in the integrity of your
Visit Giusi Silvestri’s website | www.giusisilvestri.com
MB BS BSc FACNEM diplBCMT Fellow Australasian
College of Nutritional & Environmental
Medicine Fellow Australasian Association of
Musculoskeletal Medicine
Dr. Taylor graduated from the University of Adelaide
in Medicine and Science in 1973 to become a leader
in complementary medicine in Adelaide. Nutritional
medicine offers a modern approach to the
treatment and prevention of disease and the optimisation of your health. There has
been an explosion of medical and scientific evidence documenting nutritional
factors as the contributing cause of much ill health and disease, for example heart
disease, diabetes, allergies, depression, hormone problems, arthritis and back pain.
The specialty of Nutritional Medicine offered by a trained general practitioner
embraces the best of alternative and mainstream medicine.
Dr. Taylor's interests specifically include the treatment of hormonal disorders and
menopause, musculoskeletal medicine and prolotherapy for the management of
chronic pain.
Dr Margaret Taylor conducts her medical practice from St Peters Family Practice. Her
patients should ensure they have their own doctor for general medical matters
including home visits and after hours service.
Visit Dr Taylor's website | www.drmtaylor.com.au
G.S. Inter-Personal Consulting has created the ideal escape for women ONLY in the
picturesque setting of Bali, Indonesia. To have a relaxing break can do wonders for
your psyche – and your relationship. Take the step to focus on yourself and to
strengthen the bond in your relationship.
A customized daily workshop will be put in place to support you with your specific
issues in mind. With the perfect setting of Bali, take the step to renew your way of
thinking and invest time in working on ADVANCED COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES to
especially use in CONFLICT MANAGEMENT, and discover how the process of thought
evaluates your state of being especially SEXUALLY.
FIVELEMENTS SPA AND RETREAT is nestled on the banks of the Ayung River,
Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply
rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali, making it a peaceful sanctuary to embrace
authentic Balinese Healing, Living Foods and Sacred Arts.
At Fivelements, "living well" is inspired by Balinese culture, which encourages us to
nurture harmony with spirit, the environment and with one another. An holistic
integrative approach is designed to tune in to the physical, emotional and spiritual
levels, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold.
The overall aim is to co-create a trusting connection and gently guide you through a
highly personalised programme, while providing you with useful life tools to return
home with.
www.fivelements.org | Mambal, Abiansemal, Bali 80352, Indonesia | +62 361 469206
Air Fares to Bali return
6 nights shared accommodation at the Fivelements Spa Resort Bali
2 ½ hour daily workshop with Giusi Silvestri
One, 2 ½ hour workshop with Dr. Margaret Taylor
A 1 hour, one on one counseling session with Giusi .
1 spa massage
Upgraded room
Morning tea of canapés and fresh juices
Daily breakfast
TOTAL COST | $3,450 per person for shared accommodation or $4,550 non-share.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0412 350 415