All interested interns should contact Joyce Kwamena

United Way of Frederick County
Internship Opportunities
629 N Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Interns will be expected to complete 8-10 hours weekly (120 total hours per semester). A stipend of $500 is
available to interns upon successful completion of their internship. Pre-approved parking and mileage
expenses will be reimbursed for work associated with the internship.
Public Relations and marketing interns utilize their skills and implement a multi-channel marketing
plan to achieve the following goals:
1. Communicate our mission to current supporters and prospective stakeholders.
2. Engage the public in United Way mission aligned events and activities.
3. Increase awareness, trust, and support of United Way.
Assist Data Manager with donor pledge processing and interaction
Assemble and organize incoming donation commitments, prepare information for data entry,
document and record interaction with donors in database and/or excel.
Assist with mailings, scheduling, and other office duties when needed.
Survey nonprofit organizations for volunteer opportunities and assist in documenting, publishing and
promoting opportunities throughout the community.
Help coordinate volunteer events, document completed work and recognize volunteers. Help with
data entry and analysis of Summer Serve volunteer hours and programming.
Assist in the development of student-led service clubs.
All interested interns should contact Joyce Kwamena-Poh for application information.
[email protected]