South Africa, Cape Town - Eli Bovarnick

Eli’s Majors: Journalism (Strategic Communication), History
Program: University of Cape Town Exchange, Spring
Academic Life: I took three classes while abroad studying at
the University of Cape Town. The classes were Media in South
Africa, Film and History, and Crime & Deviance in South African
Cities. I would characterize the classes as being interesting and
I learned a great deal from them. However, the classes became
slightly confusing because 2/3 of my classes had a system of
rotating professors and I had a different one nearly every few
weeks. Overall, the classes were not as difficult as they are at
Madison, but to obtain a high mark I still had to work hard.
Most Memorable Moments: Going to Namibia for spring
break was one of the most memorable experiences from my
time abroad. Four of my friends and I traveled to Namibia for
nine days and traversed a country I knew nothing about and
never expected to set foot in. The beautiful nature I encountered
as well as the unique culture of Namibia is something I will take
with me for a very long time.
Advice for Someone Considering this Program: Cape Town
has everything to offer someone who wants to spend time there.
Cape Town is a major world city with a unique mix of natural
beauty and cosmopolitan modernity. There is so much to do
there and it’s almost impossible to be bored. The one caution
I would say to potential students is that they should not choose
Cape Town on a whim. South Africa is a nation still developing
its national identity and it’s not yet at the level of many wellestablished countries around the world. It could be difficult if
a student has the wrong idea about living there. However, for
anyone that is passionate about studying in Cape Town, it is
an outstanding and unique location to spend his or her time
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Eli on a trip to Namibia, Africa.
“I learned that I should
always try and hear
another perspective in
addition to my own.”