Meeting Planner Registration Form - Meetings

To be sent to [email protected]
I have read and accept in full the General Terms and Conditions for the offer.
The data collected is processed by
Accor as part of the subscription and
management of the Accor loyalty
programme as well as for claims
settlement. You have the right to view
and change any data concerning
yourself and may do so by writing to
[email protected]
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1. The Meeting Planner offer is provided by PRO-FID SAS
(the Administrator), the company handling customer
loyalty for Accor Group hotels.
2. To benefit from the Meeting Planner offer, the Meeting
Planner shall cumulatively:
– be a member of the Le Club Accorhotels loyalty
program, to benefit from Le Club Accorhotels points;
– fill in and sign the Meeting Planner Registration form, and
send it to the following address:
[email protected]
If these two conditions are not met, the Meeting Planner
offer cannot be applied.
3. Only “Meeting Organizers” are eligible to earn Le Club
Accorhotels Meeting Planner points: the physical persons
of companies responsible for organizing meetings,
conferences and events on behalf of their company, event
agencies, professional third-party organizers, finder
venues and other contacts in a position to organize a
meeting, conference or other professional event at one of
the participating hotels.
4. In order to be eligible to earn Le Club Accorhotels Meeting
Planner points, Meeting Organizers must be members of
the Le Club Accorhotels program and must be employed
by the company organizing the event, or by the company
that organized or reserved the event at the time of the
5. The Meeting Organizer does not have to attend the
meeting in order to receive Le Club Accorhotels Meeting
Planner points.
6. The following events are considered eligible for earning
Meeting Planner points:
– Any reservation of 7 or more rooms as part of a
professional event
– Any event reserved for a group of 7 or more people in a
professional context
– Any reservation of a meeting room, all meal-related
expenses, reservation of lodging for a group sold
separately or included as part of a Study Day rate,
residential seminar and similar events.
following brands: Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Grand
Mercure, Novotel, Mercure or ibis Styles.
12. There is no limit on the number of meetings, conferences
or event reservations allowed.
13. The member card number must be provided by the
Meeting Organizer when making the reservation (the card
number must be included in the contract).
14. “Triple-dipping” is allowed in the following cases:
– If some of the participants of the professional event in
question also spend one or several nights at the hotel; if
said participants are Le Club Accorhotels members and
pay their own bill, they are entitled to earn Le Club
Accorhotels points, according to the Le Club
Accorhotels generosity level.
– The Meeting Organizer also earns Le Club Accorhotels
Meeting Planner points for these same hotel nights and
for the professional meeting.
– If an agency or intermediary has guided the Meeting
Planner’s choice towards the hotel, this agency or
intermediary also earns Le Club Accorhotels Meeting
Planner points for these same hotel nights as well as
points for the professional event in question.
15. The Meeting Organizer is responsible for ensuring that he
or she has the legal authorization to participate in this offer
with respect to the applicable professional and ethical
rules at his or her company, and declares and warrants to
Pro-Fid, Accor, its subsidiaries and agencies, partners and
directors, that he or she has informed his or her employer,
customers and/or clients about his or her participation in
this offer, in particular with respect to the attribution of the
personal advantages awarded as described herein.
If necessary, the Meeting Organizer agrees to provide
proof of said information upon Pro-Fid‘s first request. If
adequate proof is not provided, Pro-Fid reserves the right
to cancel his or her participation in the current offer
without incurring any liability whatsoever or waiving its
other rights and remedies.
7. The following services are not eligible for earning points:
sub-contracted services (equipment rentals, presenters…
), personnel costs (extra help, technicians…) and extra
services paid for directly by participants (mini-bar, etc.).
Meeting Planner points are credited provided the
event/meeting effectively took place at hotel and once the
entire bill is paid.
16. Pro-Fid shall not be held responsible in way for any
consequences whatsoever in case the company and its
Meeting Organizer do not respect the conditions of this
8. The number of points earned is calculated based on the
total bill amount excluding applicable taxes.
18. Le Club Accorhotels rewards hotel vouchers are not
accepted as full or partial payment for professional events
such as seminars, conferences, banquets, tourist groups,
9. The points schedule is as follows: 1 point earned for every
¤2 eligible spent at participating hotels.
17. This offer is subject to availability. Terms and Conditions
for reserved rates apply.
10. Le Club Accorhotels points are valid for 12 months (365
consecutive days) after each point credit. Validity is
extended for 365 days each time a new transaction is
recorded (hotel stay or meeting).
19. The Meeting Planner offer will no longer be valid after the
date on which the hotel leaves the ACCOR network or
terminates its participation, even if the booking was made
prior to this date
11. This offer is valid every day, for any professional event,
meeting or conference held during the offer’s validity
period at one of the participating Accor hotels of the
20.Pro-Fid reserves the possibility to modify the conditions
of this Meeting Planner offer or to put an end to it without
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