Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SEANES 2014 - Panel and Parallel Sessions
Atrium Ballroom
We appreciate the help of all Chairperson in facilitating the discussion and keeping to the schedule.
Changi 3
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Panel 1 - HFE IN South East Asia chaired by Dr.
Frederick Tey
"HFE in Indonesia"
"HFE in Malaysia"
"HFE in Singapore" by Mr. Edwin Yap, Vice
President, ERGOSS
"HFE in Thailand by Dr. Naris Charoenporn
"HFE in the Phillipines by Dr. Alma Maria Jennifer
Gutierrez, Vice President, HFESP
Parallel 1.1 - Cogntive & Safety chaired by Listiani Nurul Huda
Parallel 1.2 - Affective Design chaired by Rosemary Seva
"Do Malaysians & Indonesians differ in cognitive style? Implications
for risk identification of disasters" by Halimahtun Mohd Khalid,
Martin Helander, Mardhiyah Amirudin, Lailatulain Abbas, Titin
"An explorative study of manual resident handling: Learning from
the 2011 floods in Thailand" by Teeraphun Kaewdok, Pagamas
Piriyaprasarth, Sasitorn Taptagaporn, Patcharee Kooncumchoo,
Naris Charoenporn
"Lighting analysis at manufacture industry to fulfill standard
occupational health & safety of International Labour Organization
(ILO)" by Listiani Nurul Huda
"The role of gamification in Human Factors Engineering" by David
"A proposed framework – The Green Emotion Model (GEM)" by
Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez, Rosemary Seva
Panel 2 - User Experience in Different Settings
chaired by Mr. Yong Khang Chian
Parallel 2.1 - Physical Ergonomics chaired by Teeravarunyou Sakol
Parallel 2.2 - Cognitive Ergonomics chaired by Kok Weiying
"User Experience in Product Design and
Workspace of the Future – Dell’s Way" by Mr.
Yong Khang Chian
"User Experience in Product Design – Dell
Interactive Projectors in Education" by Ms. Joyce
"Age-related changes in the walking motion of Japanese men: Basic "Usability of assembly instructions: A case study of portable toilet
analysis of gait" by Irma Nur Afiah, Hiroki Nakashima, Satoshi Muraki cardboard" by Sakol Teeravarunyou, Pongsak Kitirojpan
"A usability study on fast food E-commerce sites: Online delivery
service" by Joseph Mari Lumanlan, Jazmin Tangsoc
"Proposed model of Kansei Engineering and Kano incorporating
Customer Relationship Management for service excellence" by
Markus Hartono
"Please make me warm: Combining product emotions and usability
to redesign microwave products" by Thedy Yogasara, Yutta Verena
"Can web advertisements catch attention and facilitate recall?" by
Franessa Blanco, Cristine Suzanne Lacson, Katrina Hazel Marie
Mendoza, Rosemary Seva
"Risk rating in rubber plantation: A qualitative method between
trained observations versus employees opinion" by Shamsul Bahri
Mohd Tamrin, Norazlena A, Mohamad S.Z, Narul A.J, Irwan S M.Y &
Ng Y.G.
"User Design for Wellness" by Mr. David Wortley "Development of computer aided posture analysis for Rapid Upper
Limb Assessment with ranged camera" by Sakol Teeravarunyou
"Effectiveness of ergonomics program to reduce musculoskeletal
disorders in a cardboard box factory" by Pornnit Wattanapisitkul,
Chananya Piriyapeanpun, Chanida Sae-tang, Chanon Kongkamol
"Elderly User Experience in Serious Games – LILY’s "Head and Face Anthropometric Survey of Chinese Adults in Hong
Approach" by Dr. Chunyan Miao
Kong" by Linda Shiu, Mian Yan, Jingya Guo, Calvin Or
"User-centred Design for Clinical Handover" by
Dr. Jessie Yang
"What’s that smell in the kitchen" by Javeria Masood, Sabahat
"A review on voice user interface for illiterate people" by
Restyandito, Alan Chan
"Sequence logo visualization based on Gestalt perception – Novices
vs experts" by Weiying Kok, Yin Bee Oon, Nung Kion Lee
SEANES 2014 - Panel and Parallel Sessions
Atrium Ballroom
We appreciate the help of all Chairperson in facilitating the discussion and keeping to the schedule.
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Panel 3 - EQUID & Affective Design chaired by Dr. Parallel 3.1 - Aging & Healthcare chaired by Johanna Renny Octavia
Halimahtun Khalid
"Achieving Holistic Design through EQuID: what, "Handrail height and size for elderly Thai people" by Pornsiri Jongkol,
why and how" by Dr. Halimahtun Khalid
Nivit Charoenchai, Wannisa Nutkhum
"Ergonomics Quality in Design of Product for
"Proposed bathroom design for elderly using participatory
Robust Application" by Dr.Mohamad Fauzi Yahaya ergonomics approach" by Ratih Dianingtyas Kurnia, Amarria Dila
Sari, Muhammad Ragil Suryoputro, Hari Purnomo
"Affective Design Frameworks and Models" by
"Participatory redesign of bathrooms for elderly people living in
Dr. Martin G. Helander
Indonesian retirement homes" by Johanna Renny Octavia, Sendy
"The Impact of Prototypes in Affective Design
"Circumference and muscle cross-sectional area of the thigh and calf
Modeling" by Dr. Rosemary Seva
in elderly Japanese people" by Satoshi Muraki, Hiroki Nakashima,
Kiyotaka Fukumoto, Osamu Fukuda
"Affective Design in Services" by Dr. Markus
"Blasting dust influences to employee health in pipe industry" by
Wyke Kusmasari, Yayan Harry Yadi, Nikmatulloh
Panel 4 - HFE R&D in Defense Applications
chaired by Dr. William Wong
Parallel 4.1 - Physical Ergonomics chaired by Lee Heow Pueh
"How to Embed Human Factors and Ergonomics
(HF&E) in the Acquisition Process" by Dr. Robert
"Human Factors Issues with UAS" by Dr. Valerie
"Study of children’s holding positions to redesign elementary school
chairs for easy lifting and turning" by Lulu Purwaningrum, Jinghong
Xiong, Kyotaoro Funatsu, Cucuk Nur Rosyidi, Susy Susmartini, Satoshi
"Influencing children’s eating behavior through a persuasive lunch
box design" by Felita Septian Giovani, Johanna Renny Octavia
"Visual Representation of Complex Systems" by
Professor William Wong
"Simulation applications for training" by Dr.
Valerie Rice
"Future of HFE in military" by all panelists
"Ergonomic Improvements of master pattern visual inspection
workstations: A case study in a flexible Printed Circuit Board factory"
by Naris Charoenporn, Wiranpat Sirakittiwarapong, Jirawan
"Establishment of 3D Singapore digital humans for future ergonomic
studies" by Heow Pueh Lee, Saurabh Garg
"Comparative of predicted spinal loads by two lifting analysis
methods" by Chanon Kongkamol, Patcharee Koonchumchoo, Naris
Charoenporn, Angoon Sungkapong
SEANES 2014 - Panel and Parallel Sessions
Atrium Ballroom
We appreciate the help of all Chairperson in facilitating the discussion and keeping to the schedule.
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Panel 5 - Certified Professional Ergonomist
Certification chaired by Dr. Brian Peacock
Parallel 5.1 - Health & Safety chaired by Li Wei Cheng
"BCPE requirements & process" by Dr. Brian
"The value of BCPE certification" by Dr. Valerie
"Tactile cues for driver’s task of navigation" by Li Wei Cheng
"Lumbar disc compression forces in manual patient lifting: A pilot
study in two-person lift with four different techniques" by Chanya
Jiemjai, Naris Charoenporn, Santhanee Khruakhorn, Patcharee
"Certification in Singapore" by Dr. Tan Kay Chuan "Practical usage of the ILO/IEA Ergonomic checkpoints for improving
small-scale workplaces" by Kazutaka Kogi, Toru Yoshikawa
"Certification in Indonesia" by Dr. Marcus
"Effect of backpack loads on neck and trunk positions – A pilot
study" by Lalana Kanokchaipramote, Santhanee Khruakhorn, Siriluck
Kanchanomai, Patcharee Kooncumchoo
"Certification in Malaysia" by Dr. Martin Helander "A study of express bus accidents in Malaysia from Human Factors
perspective" by Phoebe Francescia Francis, Sharifah Liew, Philip Nuli
99 seconds on Office Ergonomics chaired by Dr.
Halimahtun Khalid
Parallel 6.1 - Training & Media chaired by Yong Ming Kow
"Examining training differences for intelligence analysis" by Adrian
Chia, Angela Li Sin Tan
"Extending the flow model to represent a large complex team using
sub-flow models" by Leong-Hwee Teo, Kaizhen Chen, Kok-Hoo Lee
Join Professor Martin Helander & Dr. Halimahtun
"A Framework for knowledge transfer: Applying the Critical Decision
Khalid in this interactive session to air your views
Method for instructional design in wargaming" by Angela Li Sin Tan,
on anything office ergonomics from office
Hock Guan Tee, Boon Kee Soh
furniture design to musculoskeletal disorders.
"A summary of interaction methodologies for video games" by Chris
"Trails as boundary objects of a heritage community" by Yong Ming
Kow, Jiaqi Nie, Xavier Roman Martinez, Kelvin Cheng