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Cultivating a global mindset for effective leadership
1—12 December 2014 ● Hong Kong ● Lao PDR
The Global Leaders Programme (GLP) is the flagship executive education programme offered by GIFT and is
recognized internationally for its intellectual rigor, its beyond-classroom methodology and its output-driven
approach to executive learning. The next GLP will be held in December and is now open for enrolment.
The programme is focused on building an acute awareness of the need for a broad base of knowledge about
the drivers of global change. This includes among other topics the impacts of peak global population, climate
change, the consequences of technology over-reach and the crisis of 21st century capitalism. Participants are
encouraged to think critically about pricing, externalities, the role of business, rights, basic needs and the
nature of prosperity, “base of the pyramid” consumers and the role of the state in shaping public policy.
The GLP also serves to develop an awareness of the importance of effective communication skills in
multicultural environments and across socio-economic backgrounds and to demonstrate through practical
situations the importance of empathic decision-making. Moving beyond the classroom, it introduces
participants to new paths to success in a complex world.
Module One provides a platform for highly
interactive discussion on the role of global business
and the realities in a range of Asian economies. It
addresses evolving regional dynamics, growth
drivers, changing demographics and resource scarcity
issues. Leveraging candid discussion and uncommon
debate and role-play, classroom sessions break from
―business as usual‖, encouraging participants to
stretch themselves and question received wisdom.
Module Two introduces rigorous field-based
learning alongside intensive business planning in
unfamiliar environments. Participants work amongst
a diverse set of peers – typically including ten or more
nationalities and multiple industries and functions –
to produce a business proposal for the project
partners. Facilitated by GIFT mentors, participants
critically evaluate business models from different
stakeholder perspectives, taking decisions quickly
and in the absence of full information. The project is
led by a local partner organisation and outcomes
rather than case studies matter as participants
present their recommendations at an in-country
The GLP at a Glance
Track record:
36 programmes. 10 countries. 10 project sectors. 50+ companies. 800+ global alumni.
Featured in the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal
Presented as an “Innovation in Leadership Development” at RIO+20.
Field Project: Widening Access to Energy
The December programme will offer participants the opportunity work on
a field-project initiated by the United Nations Economic and Social
Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), supported by the
Government of Lao PDR and in partnership with local private and civil
sector stakeholders.
Over 628 million people in Asia lack access to reliable electricity impeding
development and carrying enormous indirect socio-economic costs. ProPoor Public-Private Partnerships (5P) aim to leverage the strengths of
governments, the technical and financial advantages of the private sector,
and the socio-economic development interests of communities.
Participants will produce recommendations for scaling-up a 5P pilot
project utilising locally available renewable energy resources such as
solar, hydro and biogas.
A collaboration between UNESCAP and the Institute of Renewable
Energy Promotion under the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the pilot
project aims to explore new business models for the provision of energy
that will contribute to a 90% electrification rate by 2020.
Programme Information
Spaces on the GLP are limited to 30 people - enrol early to secure a place
Module One will be in Hong Kong, and Module Two in Lao PDR
Module One is from 1 – 5 December 2014 in Hong Kong
Module Two is from 6 – 13 December 2014 in Lao PDR
US$14,000 per participant
enrol before 15 August and receive a 10% discount on the fee
Includes programme facilitation, course materials, all accommodation, travel to/from the field
visit and most meals. Travel to/from Hong Kong from country of origin is not included
A functional command of English is required but fluency is not a prerequisite
Contact Head of Programmes Karim Rushdy at +852 3571 8134 or [email protected]
About GIFT
The Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) is an independent Hong Kong based pan-Asian think tank focused
on advancing a deeper understanding of global issues including the shift of economic and political influence
from the West to Asia, the dynamic relationship between business and society, and the reshaping of the rules
of global capitalism.