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Date: 241O812014
Sub: Regarding engagement of part time instructor (institutional level)
in the
freld of
basis tnder
Educationcomponentof SSa.
With reference to the subject cited above it is mentioned that you have
as a parr rime instrucrorin rho iicld
. A)+. ts C)-/+.
. ....
under Work Education component of SSA. So for the abovermentionld post (parttime) on contract basis, the following proposal is given to you_
1. Term ofAppointment: your contract will be initially for a period Lrpto
or till the continuance of Work Education componentwhichever is earlier.
2. Nature of Appointment: Your services will be purely on temporaly
basis and
contractual and Part-time in nature. Accordingly, the appointment is liable to
terminated in case the performance /conduct is not found satisfactory_you shall
not have any claim for continuation of service beyond the contract perioal. you
shall lot rvork and hold any other post or offrceof profit in any Governmenr, semrGovernment and private establishments rvhile working in the padshad. No right
to hold the post shall be confened upon you on account olvour contrnuance on the
post without any extension by the Competent Authority and you can be
relieved of
y o u r d u r i e sa t a n v t r m et h e r e a l t p rw. i r h o u rg i r . i n ga n y p r i o r n o | c e .
3. Verification of character & documents: i) your appointment is subject to your
character and antecedents being certified to be good by two gazetted olficers of the
Centravstate Government, who are not relateil to you and are known to vou lbr
the last two years. ii) You will have to furnish attested copies of certifrcates in
support of your date of birth, academic/professionalqualifrcations/experienceancl
SC/BC/ESM erc. certifrcate (If applicabie) before joining the duty. Later on, if it is
revealed that you do not possessth$ prescribed qualifications/experienceetc.
/or your certificates are found to be f{ke or bogus.your servicesshall be terminated
l o r r h w i t ha n d l o g a la c r i o nw i l l b e i n i l i c r e da c c o r d i n g l y .
4. Emoluments: You rvill be r.ewardedrlvith an honorarium of Rs. 10,000/-per month.
No other allied benefits will be giveq. you $,ill be entitled to TA/DA if requrreo
E-mail : hpsppchdarhrlj.nic.in,[email protected]
ShikshaSadan.J'd& 4'nlcvel.Sector-5. panchkula.
Phone : O172-259O5Os
Aiil SqOfgo or-tto"" l"
Executive Committee from time to time_
5. l€ave: .AJYou will be governed by the leave rules as approved by the Executive
Committee from tirne to time in conformity with the Government instructions
issued lrom time to time. B) Maternity lcave shall be admissible to women
employeesas decided by Executive Committee from time to time
6. Nature of Work: You will have to rvork under the observation and rnstruction of
Head of institution concerned_You have to perform your duty during summer anal
winter vacation also as per requirement. you will have to participate in various
meetings, programmes or seminars related to their subject as per instruction and
requirement. You shall have to prepare students inalividually and in group in their
specifrcsubject as whenever any requirement ofperformance they will have to take
the responsibility for the performance.Dudng the delivery of classesyou may be
m o n i t o r " db y r n l d i s r r i . l f u n c l i o n a r i e s .
?. Unalrthorized absence:Unauthorized absencefrom the duty for more than fifteen
days without the prior approval of the controlling officef shall be liable for
termination of the contract. The Contract Appointee shall not be entitled for
contractual amount for the period of absencefrom duty.
8. Transfer: You rvill not be entitled to any transfer ftom one place to aro[ner rn any
case the post in consideration being institutional in ndture, both at the
headquarter as well as in the office of respective District proiect Coordinator
9. Physical Fitness Cedificate: You are requested to submit a certificate of Dhvsical
fitness from the Civil Surgeon of the distdct concerneal.
10. Declaration: You shall have to furnish a certificate to the effect that: in casevou
are manied, you have to state that you are not having more than one living
spouse,i You will be required to take the oath of allegiance to the constitution of
India; ii You will have to abide by the service regulations of the socrety as
amended from time to time.
11.Applicability of Government Rules: The parishad is not a department of
Government. Provisions of Service Rules like Civil Services fules, l€ave rules,
General Provident Fund rules, Pension rules and Haryana Civil Services
(Punishment and Appeal) Rules, 1987 etc. as are applicable
in case of reqular
Haryana Government employees,will not be applicable to you.
12. Termination of appointment: The contract of appointment can be terminated by
the appointing authority by giving a notice of one month without assrBnrngany
reason thereof or b5' giving one month,s contractual emoluments in lieu of the
notice period. Howevet, if your term is left short by one month, then your services
can be terminated by giving notico or by making payment of contractual salarv for
l h a l s h o r l p e r i o d .F u r r h p l m o r et f a r a n y
" t a g e5 o u d o s i r or o r o s i g nf r o m t h e p o s t ,
you will be required to give one month's clear:notice or deposit one month,s salary
lbr the pe od or by depositing the saiary for the period by ivhich the notice lalls
short of one month-
E-mail : [email protected],
[email protected]
ShikshaSadan,3d & 4'hlevel.Scctot- 5, Panchkula.
Phore : O172-2590505
are not found satisfactoryor in caseyou are
131G""".^lT If y.,* **k
""d "onduct
found guilty of insubordinationor any other misconductor in caseany criminal
p"o"u"ding" initiate against you then your service can be terminated
person so engaged shall not have any legal right
*iui r* rn" pdor notice. ii) The
been engaged'
claiming reguladzation of his seNice etc in SSA, where he has
If you are willing to accept this offer on the terms and conditjons
period of ? days ln any
above,you may feport for duty in rcspective school u'ithin a
to be cancellej'
case, faiLingwhich this offer of appointment shall be construed
DY Dir&r{r 6dmn)
'* "?li#3:$"Hff$;
/ - I qr36-31 oat"a:-a 9lerJf '.,
and necessary
A copy of the above is forwarded to following fot information
with the requestto examinethe candidate
a""*"otl, ni"tt. ?an.dA1l*u'!'-9t
his,ftermedical.ertificate or orhFrwrse
at" directed to
2. Distdct Project Coordinator'
pertaining to the joining of the
maintain all the recorcLs/documents in proper office file
(3) character verifrcation
candidate viz (1) Joining Report (2) Me'Licalfitness cer'ficate
and send to head office whenever required:
all the
" arc directed to collect
3. Block Resource Coordinator
joining of the candidate viz (1)
recorals/documents in proper office file peltaining to the
(3) character verification from concerned
Joining Report (Z) Medical fitness certifrcate
file will be kept in hisArer
school and send it to concetneil DPC Office and shadow
directed to send all the rcquisite
a. t"in"ipuVH"aa of institution of concerned are
(3) characte! vedhcation to Block
viz (1) Joining Report (2) Medical fttness certificate
Resourcecoordinator Office immediateiy'
DY' Direftor (Admn)
For State ProJ-ect
co in
in. hpsppchddyahoo
, [email protected]
shik'ha'Saian.J'' & 4'' IevelSrctor-5 Panchkula'