Scientific Diving Training for the Manager of Waters

Scientific Diving Training for the Manager of Waters Conservation Area in Indonesia
Posted by admin on 12 September 2014
Of 27 employees of BKSDA and National Park throughout Indonesia under Ministry of
Forestry, were trained by the scientific diving instructor of Department of Science and Marine
Technology, Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science of IPB (ITK-IPB). Through Marine Science
and Technology Diving School (MSTDS), the activity having the theme of “Lokalatih
Peningkatan Kapasitas Pengelola Kawasan Konservasi Perairan / Training on Manager of
Capacity Increase of Waters Conservation Area” was conducted on 1-5 September 2014, in
Nusa Penida Island, Bali. This activity was realized on behalf of the cooperation of WWF
Indonesia, Department of ITK IPB, Scuba School International (SSI) and Directorate General
of Forest Protection and Natural Conservation KKBHL of Ministry of Forestry.
The material given covered the ecosystem of coral reef, the reef fish, the threat to the
ecosystem of coral reef, the observation technique, the database management, the data
processing and analysis, the report system, and the presentation. As the presenters were the
managers of MSTDS, Dr. Hawis Madduppa and Beginer Subhan, M.Si, helped by Dondy
Arafat, M.Si and Mahardika Rizqi Himawan, S.IK. This activity was aiming for the staff in order
to have the specialization as the observers of coral reef and reef fish.
“The participants are raced to find out theoretically and practically. They practice some
techniques of observation of the ecosystem of coral reef. Not only that, the participants are
also trained to manage and to proces the data, and to make daily report,” explained Hawis.
“Starting from this year, SSI has made the special matrix for the specialization of Biological
Monitoring,” added Anton Wijonarno, the diving instructor of MSTDS.
This scientific diving training was the first batch and the Director of KKBHL expected that this
activity could be continued again, so that the management of waters conservation area could
be sustainable. “Our hope is that the skills and the experts of staffs in managing the waters
conservation can increase well, so that the conservation area can be managed
long-lastingly,” said Hartono, Director of KKBHL. Head of Sub-Directorate of KKBHL, Trio
Santoso, and some staffs of KKBHL also directly observed the implementation of activity for
five days in Nusa Penida.