IVR Telephony Solutions – Absence Reporting and Time Collection

IVR Telephony Solutions –
Absence Reporting and Time Collection
Absence and Late Arrivals Reporting
Kaba is a leader in workforce
optimization and has incorporated absence / late arrivals
reporting into AutoTime and
Absence / Late Arrival Reason Codes
Reason codes include details. For example, for late arrival, the employee is requested to enter their ETA (estimated
time of arrival) and select from a list of
contributing factors such as car trouble,
short term illness, etc. Each reason code
can present an accompanying advisory
message to the employee, such as requesting they meet with their supervisor
upon return to work. Absentee call-in via
Kaba Telephony IVR is handled in a fair,
consistent, and documented manner. Every call is handled the same.
Why Absence Reporting?
Absence / Late Arrivals Call-in
There is no subjective nature or bias as is
Optimizing absence / late arrivals re-
Optimizing your absence handling is a
the case when these calls handled by se-
porting reduces labor cost and im-
two step process. The first step is a sys-
curity, HR, scheduling, or supervisory
proves productivity. Overtime is re-
tematic approach to enable your em-
staff. With this solution you can better
duced significantly. Production line slow
ployees to contact your organization
demonstrate your organization meeting
downs and stoppages are minimized. In-
when they are going to be absent or late.
labor management requirements in the
area of absence handling. Employees
stead of reacting to missing employees,
your organization will have a proactive
Kaba Telephone IVR data collection en-
who have called in absent or reporting
stance for handling absences and late
ables employees to call anytime day or
late are identified by their supervisor on
arrivals and stay ahead of the situation.
night to report their absence or late ar-
the AutoTime or B-COMM display screen.
rival. They can call the system using any
The time of their call and reason code
Without an effective system in place,
phone or mobile phone. They are re-
are noted on the absence record. Super-
your supervisors discover absent em-
quested to enter their ID and a reason
visors can handle the task of finding sub-
ployees once the shift starts or shortly
code such as illness, bereavement, late
stitutes either on a periodic basis or as
thereafter. This causes them to scram-
arrival, etc. Their absence is document-
each absence occurs. Absence and late
ble to find a substitute who is available
ed, a confirmation code issued to the
arrivals are discovered as soon as possi-
and has the skill needed for the job. In
employee, and the absence data immedi-
ble by the supervisor. They can therefore
many cases this causes overtime.
ately sent to their supervisor.
find substitutes with the closest skills mix
The ability to find substitutes is most
to the absent employees who are avail-
difficult for employers who have a high-
able to work the shift. Factors such as
ly skilled workforce. Even when a skilled
overtime and equal work opportunity are
substitute can be found, they may not
more intelligently handled.
be available for work.
Telephone-Based Time Collection
Time Collection for your Mobile,
Remote, Dispersed Workforce.
Common Situations and Solutions
Mobile, Remote, Dispersed Employees
How Does it Work?
Increasingly, companies in many indus-
Time collection via telephone is captured
tries are implementing multichannel, au-
by AutoTime and B-COMM and displayed
Mobile, Remote, Dispersed Workforce:
tomated time and attendance data collec-
on employee time cards the same as our
These employees are ideal candidates
tion strategies to drive down labor cost
time terminals. Time collection can be
to use the telephone. Telephones are
and increase workforce efficiency. The
from a mix of devices. For example, an
everywhere. If it’s impractical to use
ubiquity of telephones and mobile phones
employee can use a B-Net terminal within
badge based, biometric terminal, or PC/
makes IVR time collection the best choice
the building for clock in, use a telephone
Web entry at the employee location, the
for employers who have remote, mobile,
while out in the field for meal out and
telephone is a natural solution.
and field employees or a campus / multi-
meal in, and B-Net for clock out once back
Installing Many Clocks is Impractical:
building environment.
in the building.
In multi-building work environments,
the cost of installing many time termi-
nals can be cost prohibitive. Telephone-
Contractors and Construction
based time collection can be a more
Equipment Service and Repair
cost effective solution for organizations
Field Service Organizations
that have a campus or many buildings.
Facilities Management Firms
PDA’s are too costly:
Hospitals and Home Health
If the cost of acquiring, maintaining and
K-12 School Systems
replacing mobile devices is difficult to
cost justify, telephone-based time col-
Temporary Staffing
lection is an economical alternative to
Universities and Colleges
mobile devices.
Functioning with AutoTime and B-COMM
Cell Phone
Time Clock
Land Line Phone
Time & Labor Data
<-> B-COMM
<-> AutoTime
Kaba‘s Data Collection Solutions –
Time Clock, PC, Telephone, Mobile
Kaba offers IVR telephone-based time
The Interface
Example Event Types
collection and absence reporting with
Telliris and Kaba Workforce Solutions im-
The following is an example of event
AutoTime and B-COMM
plemented a data exchange interface con-
types which can be handled via IVR
forming to the industry standard HR XML
Telephone-based time collection for SAP.
IVR Telephone-based time and labor data
Timecard specification. Telliris Attend cap-
collection and absence reporting is pow-
tures and validates time and labor data
P10 Clock in
ered by Telliris Attend. It is pre-integrated
from land line and cell phones and passes
P11 Change
with both AutoTime workforce manage-
the data to AutoTime and B-COMM.
P12 Clock out
ment and B-COMM ERP certified software
Through this well established data inter-
P15 Start of break
systems. The data communication method
face, AutoTime and B-COMM supplies Tel-
P25 End of break
is designed and implemented specific to
liris Attend with data needed to validate
P30 Start of off-site work
each of the Kaba time and attendance /
employees and transactions. Telliris At-
P40 End of of-site work
ERP software products. The result is fully
tend also enables employees to query Au-
P01 Clock in or clock out
automated and reliable communication
toTime accruals data from the telephone.
P02 Start or end break
P03 Start or end of off-site work
between the telecommunications and
data processing systems.
Event Types
AutoTime and B-COMM receive time and
The above is an example for B-COMM for
labor data transactions with event types
SAP. The same scenario applies to all the
that conform to each systems standard.
other B-COMM products and AutoTime.
IVR Telephony - it Delivers Return on Investment!
Intuitive and Easy to Use
Available On Premises or SaaS Hosted
Best Practices Call Dialogue:
Type Ahead:
On Premises:
The systems call dialog is designed to
Callers can «key ahead» data without
The telecommunications server is locat-
support your time and labor data collec-
hearing all the prompts. For standard
ed at your organizations data center. If
tion requirements.
clock-in, the call takes 30 seconds from
your workforce will call from within your
Professional Audio Prompts:
start to finish. The only prompt they
campus or network of buildings there is
All menus, prompts, and messages are
need to hear is «clock-in accepted».
no cost to transport calls. Calls flow
supplied with the system. They are re-
Individual or EmployerWide Messaging:
across your internal data / telecommuni-
corded by professional voice talent. The
Messages can be sent to individual users
cations network.
professional audio is in tune with our
or groups of users. They’re presented au-
SaaS Hosted:
best practices user interface.
tomatically at the beginning of the call.
Software as a Service makes it easy to
Audio Confirmation Messages:
Multiple Languages:
add telephone / IVR to your Kaba Work-
Audible confirmation is provided
For organizations that need it, the sys-
force Solutions suite of data collection
throughout the call dialog. This is both
tem handles multiple languages. The
methods. It’s ideal if you have a subset of
for validation, such as badge number en-
multi-lingual call dialog enables users to
your workforce needing remote time col-
try, job codes, department codes, and for
select their preferred language.
lection or find an on premises telecom
indicating that the transaction was ac-
equipment solution to be oversize or
cepted. In certain instances such as ab-
complex. With SaaS, no equipment is
sence reporting, a confirmation number
needed at your organization
is issued at the end of each transaction.