2014 Appreciation Event Programmes

7 May 2014, Wednesday, 1pm to 5pm
The Hall @ Staff Centre
Singapore Polytechnic
The Institute for Financial Literacy’s programmes focus on delivering practical financial knowledge and skills to individuals, motivating them towards positive behavioural changes.
Learn from HR experts about how financial literacy programmes are successfully implemented at workplaces.
Find out how financial literacy affects employees and their performance at work.
Understand the personal financial management issues that need to be addressed in Singa-
1.15pm |
1.45pm |
Opening Remarks
Dr Alex Lum, Centre Director
2.00pm |
How Can You Tell If Your Colleague Has Debt Issues?
What is unsecured debt scene in Singapore?
What is Credit Counselling Singapore and
what are it services?
Are all Debt Management Programme clients
the same?
What are the common mistakes made by
What are the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s new guidelines on unsecured credit?
Ms Tan Huey Min
General Manager
Credit Counselling Singapore
Ms Tan Huey Min was with The Association of Banks in Singapore
before she joined Temasek Polytechnic as a lecturer. She started as
a volunteer and is a pioneer credit counsellor of Credit Counselling
Singapore (CCS). As the General Manager of CCS, she oversees
the counselling and education activities of CCS.
2.30pm | Taxation Planning
• Introduction to taxation
• Objective of tax planning
• Sources of Tax Law
• Factors to consider in planning tax
• Basic tax planning strategies
Mr David Goh
Associate Trainer
Mr David Goh graduated with an Honours Degree in Accountancy from
Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom and has also a MBA
Certificate of Achievement in Marketing from the Heriot Watt University
in Scotland and a Master of Business in International Marketing from
the Curtin University of Technology.In working life, he has served as
Executive Director for more than ten years of services in Non-Profit
Organisation and Printing Trade Association.
David also served as Honorary Advisor to the Mauritius Export Development Investment Authority. He advises the business community on the
strategic investment opportunities and the government of Mauritius on
the investment policies in the 90s. In the academic arena, he taught for
ICPAS, SAICSA in Accounting and Finance subjects and invited as
Guest Lecturer by the Jimei University in Xiamen
3.00pm | “Ann-yeong-haseyo” – Innovating and Enriching
Our Staff Like Our Business
What are the benefits of financial education?
What are the challenges in implementing
financial education talks in Samsung Asia?
How to run financial programs effectively within
an organisation?
Ms Tai Ling Ling
Employee Relations, Human Resource
Ms Tai Ling Ling current role is Assistant HR Manager for Employee
Relations with Samsung Asia. With extensive international exposure
and a background in psychology, she uses dynamic and creative
approaches to improve and maintain employee engagement.
3.00pm | Financlai Literacy for Staff
• Recognise the key employment law issues
when dealing
with labour transfers in business outsourcing transactions,
acquisitions and takeovers across the
• Investigate the most challenging issues
and jurisdictions in
managing multi-jurisdictional transfers
Ms Christina Siaw
Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd
Learning Rational
Wellness programmes at the workplace typically centre around the employee’s physical
health in the form of leisure and fitness courses. The rationale is straightforward: if the
employee is healthy, he is likely to be more energetic and alert at work and at the same time,
have less health-related issues and take less medical leave. These in turn, all other things
held constant, lead to a higher output per worker.
Yet equally important is the financial health of the employee. Through anecdotes by HR
Directors and Managers in Singapore, it is apparent that financial distress is encountered by
the employee and has a direct impact on the employer. By implementing an employee
financial wellness programme, organisations can improve the financial capability of
their employees as well as achieve their organizational goals.
Through this learning day, we hope personnels can learn:
- understand ways to help staff who are in debt.
- best practices from organisations who have implemented financial education programmes
at their workplaces.
- how to access to free and unbiased financial literacy education programmes
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