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2015 National Expenditure Progra m (NEP) intends to apply the sum of TWELVE MILLION ONE
to payments under the con tract for the Retrofitting of Blas F. Opie Build ing - Phase 2, being
the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC). Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be
automatical ly rejected at bid opening.
The POEA now invites bids for t his project as fo llows:
Budget Ceiling
for the Contract
Retrofitting of Blas
F. Opie Building Phase 2 (Rebidding)
(ITB 06-2014)
--Deadline of
Pre- Bid
and Opening of
Bid Docume nts
November 28
2 :00 p.m.
ISO Q(() l :2008
Accrocr.Ollon No:
Price of Bi
Document s
December 10
2:00 p.m.
P25,000.0 0
Bidders should have at least two (2) completed and/or on - going similar project, within a five
(5) year period from th e date of submission and receipt of bids . The description of an el igible
bidder is contained in the Bidding Documents, particularly, in Section II. Instructions to
Bidders .
Bidd ing wi ll be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures using a nondiscretionary "pass/fail" criterion as speci fi ed in the Implementing Ru les and Regulations (IRR)
of Republ ic Act (RA 9184), otherwise known as the "Government Procu r ement Act."
Bidding is rest ricted to Fil ipino citizens/sole proprietorships, partnerships, cooperatives or
corporations, with at least sixty percent (60%) interest or outstanding capital stock belonging to
citizens of the Phil ippines, and to citizens or organ izations of a country t he laws or regu lat ions of
which g rant simila r rights or privileges to Fi lipino citizens, pursua nt to RA 5183 and subject to
Commonwealth Act 138. Interested bidders should be enrol led t o the Electronic Filing and
Payment System (eFPS) program of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) , pursuant t o
Executive Order No . 398, RR 3-2005, and must be registered under the Phi lippine Government
Electron ic Procu r ement System (PhilGEPS) .
A complete set of Bidding Documents may be inspected and purchased by interested bidders
at the BAC Secretariat beginning on November 21, 2014 at anytime between 8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. upon payment of a nonrefundable fee for the Bidding Documents. Only bidders w ho
have purchased the bid documents shall be eligible to attend in the Pre-Bid Conference and
participate in the b idding process.
Th e POEA wil l hold a Pre- Bid Conference on November 28, 2014 at 2:00 p.m . at the HRDD
Train ing Room , 5th Floor, Blas F. Opie Bldg., Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City,
which shall be open to all interested parties who have purchased the Bidd ing Documents .
Bids must be delivered t o th e BAC Secretariat, Mezzanine Fir., Blas F. Opie Bldg., Ortigas
Av enue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City on or before December 10, 2014, 2 :00 p. m . All bids
must be accompanied by a bid securing declaratio n or bid security in any of the acce ptable
forms and in the amount stated in !TB Clause 18.
Bid opening for this project shall be held on December 10, 2014 at 2:00 p.m ., at the HRDD
Training Roo m , 5 th Floor, Blas F. Opie Bldg. , Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City.
Bids will be opened in the presen ce of the bidders' rep resentatives who choose to attend at
the address above- mentioned. Lat e bids shal l not be accepted.
All particulars rela t ive to El igibi lity St atement and Screening , Bid Security, Performance
Security, Pre-Bidding Conference, Eva luation of Bids, Post-Qua lification and Award of Cont ract
shall be governed by the pertinent provisions of R.A. 9184 and its Implementi ng Rules and
Regu lation (IRR), as amended.
The POEA reserves the ri ght to accept or reject any bi d, to annul th e bidding process, and to
reject all bids at any tim e prior to contra ct award, without ther eby incurring any liability to the
The POEA assu mes no responsibility whatsoever to compensate or indemnify bidders for any
expenses incu rred in the preparation of their bids.
For further information, please refer to:
BAC Secretariat
Mezzanine Floor, Blas F. Op ie Bldg.,
Ortig as Avenue corner EDSA,
Mandaluyong City
Telefax: (02) 7277781
Date of Publ ication: November 21, 2014
Newspaper: Philippine Daily Inquirer
ITB 06 -2014
Re t ro fit ting of Blas F. Opie Building - Phase 2 ( Re bidding)
Blas F. Opie Bldg, Ortigas corner EDSA
Mandaluyong Cit y
Standard For m Number : SF-G000-06
Revised on: May 24, 2004
Checklist of Technical and Financial Com p onents for Bidders
A. T he Technical Component ( Envelope No. 1) sha ll cont ain t he fol lowi ng:
1. Registration ce rtificate from SEC, Department of Trade and I ndustry ( DTI ) f or
sole proprietorsh ip, o r CDA fo r cooperatives, or any proof of such registration as
stated in t he Bidd ing Docume nts, duly ce rtified by the issui ng government agency
as certif ied true copy .
2. Val id Mayor's perm it issued by th e city or m un icipal ity where the principal p lace
of business is located .
3 . Statement of a ll its ongoing and completed government and private contracts,
including co nt racts awarded but not yet sta rted, if any . The statement should
include at least two (2) sim ilar contract s, the aggregate amou nt of wh ich should
at least be equivalent to t he ABC of t his project, wit hi n the re leva nt per iod as
provided in t he Ph ilipp ine Bidd ing Document s (PB Ds) . T he statement sh all include
all information required in the PBDs prescribed by the GPPB.
4. Valid Philippine Contractors Accreditation Boa rd ( PCAB) li cense and registration
for the type and cost of the con t ract t o be bid .
5 . Th e audited financ ial stateme nts, showing , among ot hers, the tota l and curren t
assets and liabilities, sta m ped " received" by the BIR or its duly accredited and
authorized inst itutio ns, fo r t he fiscal years 2012 a nd 2013 .
6 . T he computa ti on for its Net Fi nancia l Cont racting Capacity ( NFCC) must be at
least equa l to the ABC t o be bid OR a com mit me nt from a Universa l or
Commercia l Ban k to extend a cred it line in the amount equ ivalent to at least 10%
of the ABC in its favo r if awarded t he contract to be bid (CLC) .
7. Bid-Securing Declarat ion OR Bid Secu rity in the prescribed form, amount and
validity period (see page 22 of PBDs) .
Proj ect Requ irements, wh ich shall include the following :
a) Organizational cha rt fo r the contract to be bid ;
b) List of contractor's personnel t o be assig ned to t he con t ract t o be bid, with
thei r complete qua lification and experience data ;
c) List of contracto r's equ ipment units, w hi ch are owned, leased, and/or under
pu rchase agreements, supported by certi fi cation of availab ility of equipment
from the equ ipment lessor/vendor for the duration of the project.
Omnibus Sworn Statement (see pages 91 - 92 of PBDs) by t he pr ospect ive bidder
or its duly aut horized rep resen t at ive in t he fo rm prescribed by the GPPB as to the
fol lowing :
ITB 06 -20 14
Retrofitting of Blas F. Opie Building - Phase 2 (R e biddi ng)
Blas F. Opie Bldg, Ortigas corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City
a) it is not "blacklisted" or barred from bidding by t he GOP or any of its agencies,
offices, corpora t ions, or LGUs, incl ud in g foreign government/foreign or
internationa l f inancing institution whose black listing ru les have been
recognized by the GPPB ;
b) each of t he documents subm itted in satisfaction of t he bidd ing requirements is
an a ut hentic copy of the orig inal, com plete, a nd all statements and
informatio n provided t herein are true and correct;
c) it is authorizing the Hea d of the Procuri ng Entity or his d uly authorized
rep resentative/s to verify al l t he documents subm it t ed;
d) t he signatory is its duly aut horized representative, and granted f ull power and
authority to do, execute and perform any a nd all acts necessary and/or to
rep resen t in the bidding, with the duly notarized Secr etary's Certificate
attesting to such fact, if t he prospective bidder is cor poration, partnership o r
joint ventu re;
e) it compli es w ith the d isclosu re provision under Section 47 of the Act in relation
to other provisions of R.A. 3019;
f) it complies with t he responsibi lities of a prospective or eligible bidder provided
in the PBDs; and
g) it compl ies with existing labo r laws and standards, in the case of procurement
of services .
B. The Financial Component (Envelope No . 2) sha ll contain the fo llowing :
1. Duly Signed Bil l of Qua ntities (see pages 84-85 of PBDs )
2. Duly Sig ned Bid Form (see pages 87-88 of PBDs)