Rules of Moot Problem - KLE Society Law College

K.L.E. Society’s Law College, Bangalore
1. The Competition shall be conducted in English only.
2. Students shall register their names with their class teacher.
3. Student should prepare arguments for both sides (for and against).
4. Student should submit two copy of memorial for both sides on 29-10-2014.
5. The memorials have to be submitted on A4 size paper, handwritten on only
one side and must contain the following sections.
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Index of Authorities
Statement of Jurisdiction
Statement of Facts
Statement of Issues
Summary of Arguments
Arguments Advanced
6. The Arguments advanced should not exceed 15 pages.
7. The Memorial as a whole should not exceed 30 pages including the cover
8. A Compendium of cases and other materials reffered to in the memorials to
be submitted at the time of the Competition.
9. A uniform style of Citation should be followed in the memorial throughout.
10. The memorials shall be evaluated on the following Criteria
Presentation of Law and Facts
Proper and Articulate Analysis
Extent and quality of Research
Clarity and Organisation
Grammer and presentation Style
11. Student should present the case in dress code as prescribed by BCI.
12. Each student shall be given 10 minutes to present the case.
13. The oral rounds shall be judged on the following Criteria
Knowledge of Law
Application of Law to Facts
Ingenuity and Ability to Answer to Questions
Style, Poise, Courtesy and Demeanor
Time Management
14. Student on their performance will be awarded with ranks.
15. The students shall comply with the above rules and incase of noncompliance
the decision of MCC shall be final.
Moot Court Committee