Meeting Notes - North Cowichan

Crofton Local Area Plan
Advisory Working Group – Meeting Notes
Meeting : #9
Date: 28 April, 2014
MNC Staff
Crofton Community Centre
Robin Fisher
Shane Mayea
Shauna Mann
Tony Van de Mortel
Dan Robin
Carol Donnelly
Rona Blackburn
Kelly Bannister
Councillor Barb Lines
Randy Gauthier
Lee Burridge
John Blair
Rick Lebitschnig
Donna Brooks
Jim Atkinson
Dave Hladik
Stephen Nussbaum
Penny McLennan
Brian Green
Blaine Mersereau
Nick Neisingh
James Tuer
Discussion Results
Agenda Items
1. Design workshop debrief and presentation of the stage 2 report
James Tuer gave an overview of the workshop outcomes which have been included in the stage
2 report and the draft concepts which came out of the weekend design workshop.
2. Discussion of the extended Crofton waterfront
Dave Hladik handed out a leaflet titled “Draft Community Waterfront Plan” a list of 22 public
projects in and around Crofton. Dave explained the need for the project scope to include lands
beyond the Crofton Urban Containment Boundary (UCB), and that the Crofton waterfront
extends beyond the UCB to the south and to the north around Shoal Islands.
Brian Green distributed a MNC leaflet titled trails and open space connections and explained
that there are well over 200 existing policies within the OCP many of which would apply should
redevelopment or development applications be submitted to the Municipality, so OCP would
help in some respects in ensuring no policy gap. While not necessarily specific they would still be
applied to Crofton. He further explained that some of the list of public projects already
identified in the plan have been discussed as part of this planning process but are not
specifically part of the scope of this project but likely will be identified as part of an
implementation strategy for further study. Some of the public projects identified in the draft
community plan are outside the jurisdiction of MNC, e.g., Shoal Islands which are within Islands
Trust jurisdiction. Brian and James also reiterated that we some of these issues are outside the
scope of the RFP and Council approved Terms of Reference Report and that we are still only half
way through the public engagement process and that there will still be further opportunities for
public input on what the plan says as well as at the public hearing when the plan goes forward
to Council.
Discussion of the on-line draft questionnaire
James provided an overview of the draft questionnaire and feedback provided on the list of
4. Next Steps- potential stakeholder meetings
Brian outlined potential stakeholder meetings once the website is up and running with the
o Thursday evening youth group
o BC Ferries/BC Transit
o Catalyst
5. Overview of next steps
James provided an overview of the next steps as follows:
o Website developed as per the example shown by James
o Flyer sent to every household in the form of a postcard to advertise the website and
o Hard copies of the website and questionnaire will be available at MNC offices.
Next Meeting – 2 June, 2014 at 7 p.m. Crofton Community Centre