Dr. Nel Marais

❀ CJS Distinguished Speaker Series 9 ❀
CJS is pleased to invite you to an exclusive talk by
Dr. Nel Marais
“A post-election South Africa: Political & Economic realities’’
Wednesday, 9 April, 2014
17:30 Registration
18:00 Start
Classroom 8, GIBS
26 Melville Road
Illovo, Johannesburg
Admission: Free Admission upon RSVP
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Robyn Lin ([email protected])
After working as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Pretoria and the Institute for Strategic
Studies, Nel joined the South African Defence Force where he served as a Military Intelligence officer.
During the 1980s, he joined the South African National Intelligence Service, during which time he
specialised in both political and economic intelligence issues. Nel was seconded to the Department of
Constitutional Affairs where he served the negotiation process and structures with intelligence assessments
on developments that could disrupt the peace process in South Africa.
In 1994 he became a member of the newly-formed South African Secret Service (SASS). In his capacity as
Research and Analysis Manager, he interacted with numerous foreign intelligence services, political leaders
and members of the South African government.
Nel resigned from government at the end of 2000 to join a private risk-assessment company. In 2007 Nel
established his own consultancy company called Thabiti (the Swahili word for steadfastness). The company
focuses on risk management, business intelligence, as well as business facilitation. He works closely with
government officials and private business entities in Africa and other parts of the world.
Thabiti’s clients include local and multinational companies in the telecommunication, mining, retail,
construction and financial sectors.
Educational Qualifications: PhD [International Relations - University of Pretoria (UP)]; MA [Politics and
Economics - UP] Cum Laude; BA Hons [Politics and Economics - UP] Cum Laude; B Admin [UP] Cum Laude.