The METRIX® revolution: ASYC IV, the first

Type of product: ASYC IV portable multimeters
Names of products: MTX 3290, MTX 3291, MTX 3292, MTX 3293
The METRIX® revolution:
ASYC IV, the first multimeters with graphical colour screens
Simultaneously portable and benchtop multimeters, the ASYC IV models from Metrix® are simple to use and intuitive. They are powered by rechargeable batteries with a charger or by normal batteries. They can be set up on a stand or with the patented Multifix system which can be used to make them magnetic or to fix them on a cabinet. Their design is innovative and the instruments are compact, rugged and leakproof (IP 67) to facilitate measurement whatever the environment: industrial maintenance, automation, electrical installation, technical training and higher education. 4 LCD or graphical multimeter models are offered for each application. They can accurately measure voltage (up to 1,000 V), current (up to 20 A), resistance (up to 50 MOhms), frequency (up to 5 MHz), temperature (‐200 °C to +1,200 °C)… These directly‐accessible measurements are symbolized intuitively by pictograms on the electronic switch with LED lighting. Secondary relative measurements, time/date‐stamped surveillance, tolerance specifications and programmable mathematical functions offer all the essential tools for analysing your measurements. A large graphical colour screen with a black background makes it particularly easy to read up to 10 sequences of recorded measurement curves or numerical values. They can be displayed as traces, with the possibility of zooming on a particular part of the recorded curve. Help in French and English is integrated into the instrument and provides information on the measurements in progress. USB communication is provided for data transfer onto a PC, recording and programming with the LV/LW drivers. The instrument's firmware can be upgraded by accessing the support website after connection to a PC. Technical specifications:  DC, AC and AC+DC voltages up to 1,000 V  Current with direct reading from 600/1,000 µA to 10 A /100 A **20 A (30 s max)  Bandwidth: 200 kHz  Basic accuracy: 0.02 %  Measurement of voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, frequency, continuity, power  Recording of 10 measurement sequences and up to 6,500 values in memory  Multiple analytical tools: time/date‐stamped MIN/MAX/AVG/ Peak+ / Peak‐ / CF monitoring, on all the main settings  Low‐pass PWM filter, VLowZ low impedance, dB/dBm measurement, duty cycle, pulse width, pulse counting, diode test, etc.  USB or Bluetooth communication  300 V CAT IV / 600 V CAT III / 1,000 V CAT IV Press Contact: Fulya HUET Tel: +33 1 44 85 44 76 Fax: +33 1 53 31 07 89 e‐mail: [email protected]‐