My name is Jan Willem van den Bosch and I am a Dutch Interior

My name is Jan Willem van den Bosch and I am a Dutch Interior
Architect and Designer. Due to international experiences
I see myself as a globally thinking person with passion for
trends, design and creative innovations. I enjoy thinking three
dimensionally and work on projects and masterpieces that will
be outstanding. My aim is to overcome mainstream, usual and
the ordinary by using experience and creativity.
My creative thinking was born during the first five years of
Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design at Sint Lucas
Academy which counts as one of the highly ranked Design
Academies in The Netherlands. During those years I have
Amsterdam and travelled across the world for experiences
at Studio Acht Caribbean Architects. I decided to finish my
Bachelor at the University of Lincoln, UK with several courses
in Interior Architecture and Design. Compelting my Bachelor I
felt for more international experience and started at a globally
focused marketing company named InterConnect in Munich.
After that it was time to go back on track in the Architectural
Branch which is why I started as a Junior Architect at Becc
During the past years of studying and working I was able to
gain knowledge in several design software such as adobe
creative suite CS5, AutoCAD and Vectorworks. Working
as a Junior Architect I learned a lot about german building
regulations and working in the corporate branche. I helped
develop detailed drawings in several architectural phases
and realizing concepts on different scale. Working on tight
deadlines, award winning projects and completing pitches has
made me who I am today. Beside that I was able to improve
my German language skills up to business level, as shown in
my references.
Jan-Willem van den Bosch
Solalindenstrasse 56
81827 Munich, Germany
0049 17684424023
[email protected]
As my experience have been leading me to be an Interior
Architect, this is of course my main area of focus. To create
something that looks appealing to the audience, catches
attention and communicates the characteristics of a brand
is my aim and focus. Working in the creative branche offers
me the possibilities to follow that direction and to share my
thoughts and innovations in different kind of ways.