GO TO: http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/DE/k9mod/Mapskill/mod3fl5.swf Answer

GO TO: http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/DE/k9mod/Mapskill/mod3fl5.swf
Answer the following questions as you work through the program.
1. The circumference of the earth is ______,
2. A scale model of Earth is ______.
3. A flat map representation of a globe is called a ________.
4. The map projection in this program is the _________ projection.
5. THOUGHT QUESTION: Observe Greenland on both the globe and
the flat map. What do you observe?
6. One equal part of earth is called a ______.
7. The _______ is the name given to the imaginary line dividing
Earth into the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.
8. The vertical lines that divide the Earth into two equal parts and
run through the North and South Poles are called ______.
9. The line that dividing west from east is called _____.
10. The Prime Meridian passes through the city of _________; it is
also referred to as the Greenwich Meridian.
11. Lines that run left to right are called ________.
12. Lines that run top to bottom are called _______.
13. The basic unit for measurement on maps is a _______.
14. E = _____; W = _____; N = _____; S = _______
15. To find a location, always start with the line of ______.