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Current Project
The tentative schedule
for the project is as
Preliminary Design
of Preferred
Alternative 2015
Begin Right-of-Way
Acquisition 2016
Please Provide Your Input
Public Informa on Mee ng
The purpose of this meeting is to provide an opportunity to review and discuss
individually, with representatives of SCDOT, proposed plans for Andrews Bypass
Phase II. Another purpose of the meeting is to gather information from the
public or any interested organization on historic or cultural resources in the area.
SCDOT will collect public feedback from today’s meeting. The Department will
use this feedback to complete the project’s environmental document and
preliminary design. Comment forms are available if you wish to make a written
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comment. Please provide comments by July 9, 2014. You may either leave your
completed form in the comment box provided at this meeting or alternatively,
you can mail, fax, or e-mail your comments to:
Ms. Leah Quattlebaum, P.E.
South Carolina Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 191
Columbia, SC 29202-0191
Fax: (803) 737-1510
[email protected]
Proposed Andrews Bypass Phase II
from SC 41 to US 521 North of Andrews
Welcome to the
Public Information
Meeting for the
proposed Andrews
Bypass Phase II
The South Carolina
Department of
appreciates your
Andrews Bypass Phase II Typical Section
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Williamsburg and Georgetown Coun es June 24, 2014
Andrews High School, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Project Description & Purpose
The South Carolina Department of
Transportation (SCDOT), in
coordination with the Federal Highway
Administration, proposes to construct
Phase II of the US 521 Andrews
Bypass. The federal-aid funded project
is located in Georgetown and
Williamsburg Counties. The proposed
project would extend the existing
Andrews Bypass from its current
terminus at SC 41 to US 521 north of
the Town of Andrews. Please see the
proposed typical section on the back
of this handout.
The purpose of the project is to
improve system connectivity by
creating an efficient traffic link from
US 521 (Andrews Bypass) south of
Andrews to US 521 north of Andrews.
Under current conditions traffic
travelling on US 521 must make
multiple turns and
travel through the Town of Andrews
to stay on the facility.
US 521 in the project area is part of
the Sandhills-Santee Cooper Strategic
Corridor. The facility provides access
from the port city of Georgetown
west to I‑95 and is expected to move
over 5 million tons of freight per year,
making this an essential trucking route.
The proposed project would connect
the existing segment of the bypass,
which is now open, with US 521 north
of Andrews. Regional traffic, including
large trucks, travelling on US 521
would have a more direct route
though Williamsburg and Georgetown
Counties. Public Information Meeting Format
The proposed roadway typical section
includes two 12-foot travel lanes in
each direction and a 44-foot grassed
median with two-foot paved inside
The typical roadway section for Phase
II of the Andrews Bypass will match
the typical section constructed for
Phase I of the Bypass.
Partial control of access is proposed
and median breaks would be
provided periodically along the
Bypass and at major intersections.
 The meeting this evening is an
“open house” format between the
hours of 5 and 7 p.m. Project
representatives are located
around the room to discuss the
project with you and answer any
questions you may have. There
will not be a formal presentation.
 Please sign in at the registration
 Several displays showing project
information are stationed around
the room.
 Comment forms are available and
can be filled out tonight or returned
by mail to the address on the form.
Please return comments no later
than July 9, 2014. All comments will
become part of the public record
for this project.
Public Information Meeting
Proposed Andrews Bypass Phase II
June 24, 2014
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Large displays of this figure are located around the room.
Project representatives are stationed at the displays to
answer your questions.
Preliminary Build Alternatives
Note: The Alternative corridors shown on this map are 300 feet wide.
The estimated right-of-way width for this project is approximately 240
feet, with additional areas needed at the intersection of the Bypass with
existing US 521.
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All of the preliminary build alterna ves under considera on extend Andrews Bypass on new loca on from its current terminus at SC 41/US 521 to US 521 northwest of the Town of Andrews. All of the alterna ves cross Johnsons Swamp east of Murray Swamp to minimize impacts to wetlands, streams and floodplains. The alterna ves avoid impacts to Murray Swamp and minimize impacts to Johnsons Swamp. All of the alterna ves would cross Seaboard Road (S‐16) at grade. Dual bridges are an cipated over Johnsons Swamp. Alterna ve 4 ‐ Alterna ve 4 crosses Seaboard Road at the same loca on as Alterna ve 3, then follows a more eastern alignment to e into US 521 south of Tar Hill Road. Alterna ve 5 (Improve Exis ng) ‐ Alterna ve 5 would make improvements to the exis ng roadway from the exis ng Andrews Bypass terminus at SC 41/US 521 to US 521 north of Andrews. The exis ng roadway would be reconfigured to allow free‐flow traffic. Alterna ve 5 would also upgrade SC 41/US 521 from a two‐lane roadway to a four‐lane median divided roadway. No-Build Alternative
With the No‐Build Alterna ve, no transporta on improvements would be made beyond rou ne maintenance. Alterna ve 1 ‐ Alterna ve 1 is the westernmost corridor alignment. This Andrews Bypass Phase II Preliminary Impacts Evaluation
alterna ve es into US 521 just south of Thomps Road. Alterna ve 2 ‐
Alterna ve 2 follows the same alignment as Alterna ve 1 from exis ng Andrews Bypass to the Seaboard Road intersec on. It then follows a slightly more eastern alignment to e into US 521 between the two intersec ons of Haseldon Road and US 521. Alterna ve 3 ‐
Alterna ve 3 es to US 521 in the area of the Haseldon Road and Gapway Road (S‐525) intersec ons. Alterna ve 3 would require the realignment of Gapway Road. Andrews Bypass Environmental Study
A 1995 Environmental Assessment (EA) studied the en re length of the Andrews Bypass, which included the widening of US 521 from Road S‐122 to US 17A, and the reloca on and replacement of the US 17A bridge over the Sampit River. Phase I of Andrews Bypass opened to traffic in late 2005. Because of the length of me that has passed since the 1995 EA, Phase II of the Andrews Bypass will be evaluated in a new environmental document under current federal and state standards. The environmental document will evaluate the benefits and impacts of a range of alterna ves (as described in this handout), within the project study area.