Pow Wow set for August 8-10

Pow Wow set for August 8-10
2013-2014 Lodge Officers
Logan Young
Texarkana, TX
[email protected]
1st Vice Chief
Michael Robertson
Texarkana, AR
[email protected]
2nd Vice Chief
Robert Hoover
Ashdown, AR
[email protected]
Ben Northam
Texarkana, TX
[email protected]
Max Campbell
Texarkana, AR
[email protected]
Dance Team Chairman
Jared Scott
Texarkana, TX
[email protected]
Lodge Advisor
Glenn Crowder
Texarkana, AR
[email protected]
The 2014 Pow-Wow is set for August 8-10 at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, Arkansas. If you were called out for membership in the Order of the Arrow at
summer camp this year, this is your first of three opporitunities to complete
your ordeal. If you have been an ordeal member for ten months, then you
are eligible for Brotherhood membership in the order. By becoming a brotherhood member, you seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow and
demonstrate your cheerfulness, ideals, and leadership to others. Pow-Wow
is an excellent time to seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow by
becoming a brotherhood member. To learn more, ask a lodge officer or log on
to the lodge web site at www.lodge232.org.
How to register:
Online at www.lodge232.org
In person at the Scout Office or at the event.
By phone, (903) 793-2179 or at (800) 903-7467
Cost: Ordeal Candidates
$60.00 (Includes annual dues)
Brotherhood Candidates $40.00
Regular Members$25.00
Late Registration Fee
$15.00 (For registration at event)
In order to attend a lodge event you must be a current member in good
standing of the lodge and the Boy Scouts of America. If you have not paid
your lodge dues, you will be asked to pay them at check in.
Pow-Wow Edition
Table of Contents
Chiefly Speaking, 2
Camp Report, 2
Spring Arrowee Report, 3
Upcoming events report, 4
LECs, 4
NOAC 2015, 5
Conclave Information, 6
Words of the Founder, 7
Got Brotherhood?, 7
Dance Team News, 7
Lodge Code of Conduct, 8
Lodge Officer Forms, 9
July 2014
Chiefly Speaking
Greetings my brothers,
I am very excited for a great many reasons. For one Pow Wow is coming up. This fellowship weekend is
the first weekend available for Ordeal Candidates, or those called out at summer camp, to go through
their Ordeal. This is the first step towards living a life of cheerful service. It also is a great weekend for
those Ordeal members wanting to further their knowledge in the Order of the Arrow by becoming a
Brotherhood Member, or just those who want to come volunteer some time up at Camp Pioneer and join
us for fun and fellowship! In addition to this, next year is the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. We will start registering people for the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Convention. Our Lodge
plans on taking around 20 members to the NOAC up in Michigan. With this said there is still lots of fundraising and volunteer opportunities. We will talk about all sorts of projects and upcoming events at Pow
Wow. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to see you all at the Pow Wow in August!
Yours in Brotherhood,
Logan Young
Summer Camp Report
This summer at Camp Pioneer, the brothers of Akela Wahinapay Lodge 232
conducted four legendary Call-Out ceremonies. To the delight of hundreds of scouts,
scouters, family, and friends, youth and adults were called out for membership in our
order. Following each ceremony, the candidates were taken to the stands and reminded that their journey to cheerfulness and service has just begun.
Welcome and Congratulations
The annual Spring Arrowee was held June 6-7 at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, Arkansas. The event was attended by many arrowmen, and many acts of cheerful service were
painted upon the lodge of the warriors of this tribe. The lodge welcomed (NUMBER)
new members to its ranks upon completion of their Ordeal. In addition, (NUMBER) of
arrowmen sealed their membership in the lodge by becoming Brotherhood members.
We encourage all Ordeal members to become a Brotherhood member.
The candidates who became Or- The Ordeal members who bedeal members in our lodge are: came Brotherhood members in
our lodge are:
David Cheney
Anthony Culp
Devon Culp
Rowen Erikson
Matt Nannemann
Robert Nannemann
Matthew Nunley
Jordan Strictland
Joshua Asher
Austin Bennett
Trevor Peavy
Alex Quinn
Dylan Sutton
Upcoming Events
OA Elections
Elections for the 2015 offices will
Pow-Wow: August 8-10, 2014
be held at the upcoming Pow-Wow. The
term of office for the newly elected ofFall Arrowee: December 5-6, 2014
ficers is one year, starting January 1,
2015. As an officer you will be expectWinter Banquet: January 10, 2015
ed to attend monthly Lodge Executive
Committee Meetings. Holding an office
is a great way for arrowmen to become
Lodge Executive Committee Meetings, or active in the lodge. If you, or a friend
LECs, are an amazing way for any arrowman is interested in running for office, and
to become active in our lodge. Regardless of you are an Ordeal, Brotherhood, or Vigyour position, any member of the Order of il member, please fill out the Lodge 232
the Arrow is allowed to participate in these Order of the Arrow officer form (which
meetings. We have many people that are not is found on page four of The Gorget), or
officers participate in Lodge Executive Com- contact Glenn Crowder, Lodge Advisor.
mittee meetings, and they all, regardless of Each office has different tasks throughposition, want to make sure that their troops out the year. For example, the secretary
know everything that is going on in the Or- is responisble for making three gorgets a
der of the Arrow. Also, each troop should year, the dance team chairman is responelect an OA Representative. This position is sible for creating and organizing dance
unlike the other positions in your troop. As team events, and the quartermaster is
an OA troop representative, you will come responsible for all of the lodges regalia.
to the LEC, and relay and information we Make sure you are passionate about the
give to your troop in a short speech. It is
position you choose to run for, because
very important to make sure that your troop we want to make sure you have fun in the
is current on all of the information of the
Order of the Arrow, and we think that beOrder of The Arrow. So, if you want to start ing an officer is a step in becoming more
getting active in the lodge, come to an LEC, active in our lodge.
and get involved.
Conclave Information
Conclave is an event that is very similar to NOAC, but on a smaller scale. Conclave
is a gathering of arrowmen from our section, SR2-3 North, where we have competitions, learn, and improve our understanding of the Order of the Arrow. Each
year, events are held at conclave, we received many awards last year, and we hope to
continue to have fun, and recieve awards at conclave. Also, on a more serious note,
each year, we elect officers for our section. Our section chief this year is Jake Torpey,
and our Secretary is Oliver Davidson. This year, our section vice chief is Taylor Potter from our lodge. He is extremely excited to be a part of organizing this event and
wants to encourage all arrowmen to go. “We have already begun preparing for our
next Conclave, and we believe it will be one of the best yet. There’s a great group of
officers and advisers in place, and we have come up with some great ideas to make
the event more exciting for everyone. If you have any ideas for the event, please tell
your lodge at an LEC meeting, and they’ll pass it on. I look forward to seeing you at
Conclave!” If you would like to be a part of the staff at conclave, applications have
been posted, and you can reach them at www.sr2-3n.org. I encourage you all to go,
and I look forward to seeing many of our arrowmen at the next conclave.
Got Brotherhood?
Many Scouts decide that they don’t wish to be brotherhood. But for what reason? A cool
patch on their right pocket and a sash? Becoming a Brotherhood member is definitely
worth the time and effort. Obtaining Brotherhood membership not only furthers your
knowledge of the Order but entitles you to certain privileges as well. For example you
get to wear an upgrade of re- galia: Leggings, bonnets, headdresses, ribbon shirts, and
much much more!
Brotherhood is not in any way a rank advancement. It is a fur- thering of your understanding of the Order of the Arrow and its ideals and principles. This, in turn, will allow
you to contribute back to your lodge the life lessons that it has taught you. There are a
set of six requirements a Scout must face before becoming a Brotherhood member:
1. Memorize the signs of OA Membership
2. Advance in your understanding of the Ordeal
3. Carve a six inch arrow out of wood
4. Serve cheerfully as an Ordeal member for 10 months
5. Write a letter to the lodge secretary (Ben Northam) explaining what the OA means to
you and how you would continue interest in our lodge.
Dance Team News
Words of our Founder
“Let it be remembered that the Order of the
Are you interested in Native American
dance? Do you want to try and become a Arrow was created to help the unit--to help
Native American dancer? If so, you have a it present its member- ship a better ideal of
chance to join the dance team. The dance the inner qualities of the good Scout camper. Qualities of character, like cheerfulness
team participates in contests at events
during conclave and NOAC. Our last Dance and service, are hard for a boy or a man to
under- stand in the abstract. They come
Team Chairman, Adam Lyons, received
easier when seen in human life. Let us realthird place at the 2013 conclave. If you
would like to join the dance team, you may ize the significance of the Order in the unitcontact Glenn Crowder, or the lodge Dance for the unit is our best hope in Scouting.” Team Chairman Jarod Scott for more inforDr. E. Urner Goodman
NOAC 2015
NOAC 2015 is a celebration of the Order of the Arrow from various lodges
around the country. This is an event where many lodges come together for fellowship,
fun, cheerful service, and learning. Our lodge is planning on taking around twenty
members to NOAC next year, so be sure not to miss out! Part of the reason that this
NOAC will be so special, is that it is the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.
If you attend this NOAC, you will be presented with a once in a lifetime item, a red
sash with a white arrow. This is to show that you attended NOAC in 2015. This sash
will correspond to your current one. If you are an Ordeal, it will be an Ordeal sash,
If you are a Brotherhood, it will be a Brotherhood sash, and if you are a Vigil, it will
be a Vigil sash. NOAC will be from August 3-8, 2015, at Michigan State University in
East Lansing, Michigan. The cost to go to NOAC is $475 and may go up depending
on transportation fees. The next NOAC is in 2018, and registration for this NOAC
opens in August 2014. We very seriously encourage you to go, and we hope to see
many of you there.
Akela Wahinapay 2014 Election Candidacy Forms •
This form must be filled out and turned in at check in to Pow-­‐Wow. These leadership positions are a time commitment to the three weekend events, Spring Arrowee, Pow Wow, and Fall Arrowee, various service projects, all Lodge Executive Committee Meetings, and Summer Camp Callout Ceremonies. If you run for the position you must be able to attend all Lodge functions. When you run you may give a two minute long speech. You also may “trickle down” if you lose an election and want to run for the next spot down. You must be a Brotherhood Member in the Order of the Arrow at the check in of Pow Wow to run for Lodge Chief, 1st Vice, 2nd Vice, or Secretary. Name:__________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number:_______________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________________ Email:__________________________________________________________________________ Mark a check by the position you are running for: _______Lodge Chief _______1st Vice Chief _______2nd Vice Chief _______Secretary _______Treasurer _______Quartermaster _______Dance Team Chairman Candidate Signature:_________________________________________________________________ Parent Signature(if under 18):______________________________________________________ Akela Wahinapay Lodge 232
Code of Conduct Form
1. I will abide by the Scout Oath and Law while at Lodge Functions, and will set a positive example for other
Scouts and Scouters through my actions.
2. The Scouting program in America has always included uniforms for its members and volunteers to identify
members and show they are part of the Boy Scouts of America. I acknowledge that the various OA ceremonies
undertaken at Lodge Functions are important steps for members in their Scouting lives. Accordingly, I agree to
be in Class A Uniform at evening meals and ceremonies, including the Ordeal Ceremony, Brotherhood Ceremony, and Vigil Call-Out ceremony, unless I am a performing a role in the ceremony requiring Native American
3. I will stay on the Camp Property during the event and will designate for emergency purposes the location
where I will sleep. This is standard Camp policy in the event of an emergency.
4. I will be a registered, dues-paid member of the Akela Wahinapay Lodge, Order of the Arrow and with the
Caddo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.
5. I will abide by the substance abuse and tobacco use policies of the Boy Scouts of America and the Caddo Area
Council. I understand that if I am under suspicion of using alcohol or drugs, I give permission to Akela Wahinapay Lodge and Caddo Area Council, acting by and through its duly authorized agents, to perform drug and/or
alcohol tests.
6. Hazing has no place in Scouting, nor do running the gauntlet, belt lines, or similar actions involving physical
punishments or abuse. I will prevent, to the best of my abilities, any participant from being “initiated” into the
7. Violation of this code may result in expulsion from the event and from future events. All decisions regarding
violation of the Code of Conduct will be at the discretion of a review committee established by the Council and
Scout Executive. All decisions will be final
I agree to follow this “Code of Conduct”.
Participant’s Signature Date_____________
Event: __________________________________
Event Location: ______________________________________
Participant’s Printed Name: ________________________________
Event Housing Location: ________________________________
Policy: August, 2014
Akela Wahinapay Lodge 232 – Caddo Area Council, B.S.A.