Quality Enhancement Cell
Quality Enhancement is defined as strengthening, augmenting, boosting, and improving existing practices. It involves the development of
university teaching, with lectures undertaking postgraduate certificate programmes in teaching or academic practice.
Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at GCU was established in March 2007 with a mission “to integrate the concept of quality education in
higher learning with enhanced levels of international compatibility through capacity building”. The main focus of quality assurance
programme is continuous professional development of staff, Self Assessment Report, Plagiarism Verifications for theses MS/MPhil/PhD and
research publications, Faculty Evaluation, GCU Publications, Provision of GCU Statistics to the Higher Education Commission for their
Database, to prepare report of PhD Review Process, academic audit and assessment of the academic and administrative departments
working within the Quality Assurance (QA) framework.
The rationale of placing all theses programmes and implementing them under the umbrella of QEC is not only to focus on maintaining the
best faculty, administrative staff and students but to excel in research, academic performance, emerging interdisciplinary courses, strategic
and integrated academic planning.
Quality Assurance Agency assesses the progress of the Quality Enhancement Cells established in the public / private sector Universities
through quantitative / scorecard system.
Therefore, QEC at GCU Lahore is also involved actively in gathering, compiling and consolidating information on the HEC Ranking Proforma
of HEIs in Pakistan under various categories. The premise of this entire exercise is to compete internationally in QS Ranking and Times World
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