La Fecha: The Date

La Fecha: The Date
- Ms. Mirabella’s 7th Grade
Spanish Class
What is the date?
● To ask, “What’s the date?” in
Spanish, you say
¿Cuál es la fecha?
How to format the date:
● To format the date in Spanish, you put
the day of the week, the number day
(2nd, 6th, etc.), and then the month and
● viernes, el diez de octubre del 2014
● Friday, the 10th of October of 2014
Today is, tomorrow is etc.
● Many times, the phrase “today is” or
“tomorrow is” will come before the date
● Hoy es viernes, el diez de octubre
● Mañana es sábado, el once de octubre
● Hoy es = Today is
● Mañana es = Tomorrow is
The 1st of a month
● There is a special way to express the 1st
day of a month
● You would say: Hoy es miércoles, el
primero de noviembre del 2014.
● Instead of using “el uno” use “el
primero” to express “the first”
To write the date in short form
● Although we have previously discussed this, as a
refresher, we write the day/month/year to express
the date in short form in Spanish, which is
different from English
● October 15th, 2014 -- 15/10/14
● January 28th, 2015 -- 28/1/15
● August 9th, 2015 -- 9/8/15
To recap:
● To recap:
○ day of week, number day, month, year (if
(Hoy es/Mañana es) _______, el ____ de _____ del _______
Try these out!
In Long Form:
1. Friday, July 31st
2. Thursday, May 28th
3. Today is Monday, October 13th, 2014
4. Tomorrow is Tuesday, October 14th
In Short Form:
1. April 12, 1959
2. August 15, 1996
3. October 7, 1999
How’d you do?
Long Form Answers:
1. viernes, el treinta y uno de julio
2. jueves, el veinte y ocho de mayo
3. Hoy es lunes, el trece de octubre del 2014
4. Mañana es martes, el catorce de octubre
Short Form Answers:
1. 12/4/59
2. 15/8/96
3. 7/10/99