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Vol. 12, Issue 3, March 2014
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Mission Statement
Our Mission is to
provide holistic health
care in a home
environment located
within an internal
neighbourhood design
that promotes a caring
community, with
emphasis on optimal
health and life purpose
for each resident.
Creative & Innovative
Hands on Exotics Animal Therapy
New program will be joining our village Starting
March 5th 2014
Wednesday March 5 2:30pm on Elliot
Wednesday March 5 3:00pm on Sanders
Wednesday April 2nd 2:30 in J,OA for Johnston and Cumberland
Wednesday April 2nd 3:10 1:1 visit Around Johnston and Cumberland
This Program will continue and will be on each neighbourhood ever
other month, Please see your Neighbourhood Calendars each month
for more information.
Message From Our
General Manager
Hello everyone
As you all know the weather this winter has been somewhat erratic to say the very least. Now it
seems we are experiencing a polar vortex of cold air. So let’s look on the bright side, spring is
just around the corner and March 20th is getting closer and closer!
This month we welcome Natalie a new music therapist to the Village of Sandalwood Park as
Tammy is moving to San Francisco. Natalie has been providing music therapy at the Village of
Erin Meadows for the past two years. To further enhance our programs on the Sanders and
Elliot neighbourhood Natalie will be conducting a music therapy program on the weekends.
The Recreation Department continues to bring programs to you that are unique in nature and
will be introducing a Hands on Exotic Program this March with exotic animals. This program
will be coming to your neighbourhood every other month so please review your calendars for
more specific details.
The Music and Memory Program has been another great success throughout Schlegel Villages.
This music program is an integral part of Village life and invites residents to reconnect with the
world through music triggered memories for residents living with dementia. Personalized
playlists using iPods unlocks the memories and experience with the joy of listening to their favourite music. If you are interested in participating in this personalized music program please
contact any member of the recreation department.
Here’s to wishing it was spring!
Zoie Mohammed
General Manager
Village Voice, Vol. 12, Issue 3
Brain Awareness Week
March 10th-16th
1 in 3 Canadians will be affected by a disease, disorder, or injury
of the brain, spinal cord, or nervous system, at some point in their
Did you know?
A typical brain weighs about three pounds
The brain uses between 20 percent and 25 percent of the
body’s oxygen and a substantial amount of the calories we
The human brain is approximately 75% water
The Nervous System can be divided into two parts – the
Central Nervous System (CNS)—made up of the brain and
spinal cord, and the Peripheral Nervous System
(PNS)—made up of the nerves and neurons that reside or
extend outside the central nervous system to serve the limbs
and organs
There are more than 1,000 diseases, disorders and injuries
affecting the brain, spinal cord and nervous system:
neurological diseases and disorders such as brain tumours,
brain and spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, epilepsy and
Multiple Sclerosis; and psychiatric disorders such as anxiety,
autism, depression and schizophrenia
The common root causes across these diseases, disorders
and injuries are cell loss, loss of cell function and chemical
Interested in hearing more facts about your brain and brain
health? Check out this website:
We would like to invite our residents, their
families, team members, visitors, and
volunteers to join and to support the
Wednesdays will be dedicated to Behaviour
Support Ontario/ Dementia awareness and
Proceeds will be used towards Montessori
activities programs/Dementia friendly
Please order your BSO green t-shirt at the
Village office.
Wishing you a
Happy Birthday!
To Sanders
Sarah Jean C
Our Residents
Jackie C
Andrew G
Lynn A
Alva C
March 5th
March 14th
March 27th
March 17th
Hilda H
March 7th
Kathleen T
Ajit Gill
March 4th
March 10th
The Board of Directors, Management and Staff
were saddened by the passing of:
Memorial Services March 20th
Village Voice, Vol. 12, Issue
March 3rd
March 4th
March 4th
March 4th
March 5th
March 5th
March 7th
March 11th
March 11th
March 12th
March 13th
March 15th
March 17th
March 18th
March 18th
March 20th
March 20th
March 21st
March 26th
March 28th
Sunny Meadows Sign Language
Choir Group Performance
Pancake Tuesday
Moms Town Pancakes
Big Ticket Bingo
Ash Wednesday Services
Hands on Exotics Pet Therapy
Young @ Heart Art Club
Moms Town
Red Hat Club
Elliot Sanders Birthday Bash
Piano with Marlene
Knightsbridge Choir
C.W.L Crafts Group
St Patrick's Day
Diner’s Club
Big Ticket Bingo
Olympic Day at Taunton Mills
Memorial Services
Young @ Heart Art Club
Birthday Bash with Virgal Scott
Casino Pub Night with Cameron Caton
10:30 & 2:30
Village Voice, Vol. 12, Issue 3
Village Life - Village Winter Olympics
Congratulation to all participants for their hard work
A Message from
Hockey Shoot out
Gold - John Cruickshank
Silver - Ross Knee
Bronze - Evelyn Charlton
Bocce Ball
Gold - Jack Thomson
Silver- Cathy Brannigan
Bronze - Ross Knee
Village Fued
Gold -Ross Knee
Silver - Cathy Brannigan and Randy Allen Bronze - Christy McDermott
Gold - Christy McDermott
Silver - Irene Hansen
Bronze - Ross Knee
Triathlon (participation by many to create a winning team no medal awarded) but selected team is
Margaret William (pole walking), Hilda Hurley (wheelchair luge), Irene Hansen (Snowball toss)
Gold- Evelyn Charlton
Silver - Randy Allen
Bronze - Frank Harris
Please wish our athletes luck as the travel to The Village of Taunton Mills on March 20th to
compete against the 5 East Schlegel Villages. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
Village Life - Valentines Day
Hands Up For Haiti
This Wednesday, 25 Schlegel Villages Ambassadors will be departing from Toronto to participate in a volunteer
mission trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti for 11 days. You may recall that our Ambassadors were chosen last summer
and have spent the last 6 months fundraising to cover their costs for the trip as well as raise funds for additional
supplies for our volunteer projects. Our exciting adventure will be full of several different volunteer opportunities
that include:
The Sisters of Charity Children’s Home & Home For the Dying- An orphanage where we will help feed, bathe, walk and play with
small children and babies. We will also assist in supporting the comfort needs of those palliative at the Home For the Dying.
Haiti Communitere- We will take part in various building projects, visit primary schools, and work on other community projects
supported by this not for profit charity. This is also the compound in which we will be staying in while in Haiti.
FIDA (Foundation for International Development) - Tour an Urban Garden Project that helps sustain employment and feeds families.
Fonkoze- Visit with representatives from Fonkoze to learn about their many projects and to see where our fundraising efforts have gone
to supporting poor women and their families in sustaining a living to support their families. This is the charity that we support through
our Annual 5km Walk/Run.
It will be a privilege to walk alongside my fellow colleagues to experience the rich culture of Haiti and represent the residents, team
members and volunteers of Schlegel Villages to provide support to those organizations and grass roots community groups that are serving
the people of Haiti.
We are so proud to have a team of Ambassadors that include a wide variety of team members, community partners
and even a family member!
Our Schlegel Villages Haiti Ambassadors
Nada Katic- Aspen Lake, Kimberly Arquette- Aspen Lake, Jenny Brown- Aspen Lake
Holly Garofalo- Aspen Lake, Candace Manwaring- Aspen Lake, Jennifer Lantz- Glendale Crossing
Dianne McQuiggan- Glendale Crossing, Michelle Vermeeren- Glendale Crossing,
Aster Yedhego- Glendale Crossing, Erin Seldon- Glendale Crossing,
Darlene Loyst- Family Member from Glendale Crossing, Barb Sutcliffe- Winston Park
Ted Mahy- Riverside Glen, Noella Black- Taunton Mills, Stephen Bungay- Humber Heights
Karen Trotter- Sandalwood Park, Alissa Anguine- Erin Meadows, Danielle Sutcliffe- Arbour Trails
Catherine Hill- Wentworth Heights, Kristian Partington- Community Partner (Village Voice)
Jean John Lefebvre- Community Partner (Pro-Resp), Zoe Auber- Previously Support Office
Ruth Auber- Support Office, Melanie Pereira- Support Office, Christy Parsons- Support Office
If you are interested in following our adventure, please do so by accessing the following:
Twitter is @HandUpForHaiti www.twitter.com/handupforhaiti
Facebook is www.facebook.com/HandUpForHaiti
We look forward to sharing our stories when we return! Thank you to all Villages for your support in fundraising
and more importantly your friendly words of wisdom and encouragement for our team heading to Haiti!
SV Haiti Team
We need your Help!!
Do you love to cook?
Italian background?
Looking to support the needs of
our residents?
We are looking for someone who
would love to come in and
support some of our residents
with an Italian background who
love to cook and share their
Please contact
Jennifer 905-458-9272 ext 814
Family Council Meeting
To be held on
Thursday, March, 13th
at 3:00pm
Volunteer Orientation
Tuesday, March 25th
All are welcome to attend
“Volunteers Enrich Peoples Lives”
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact
Melynda Anderton, Coordinator of Volunteers and Social Services.
(905) 458-9272 X838 or [email protected]
Village Voice, Vol. 12, Issue 3
Chaplain Corner
Chaplain’s Corner
Hello everyone. “Are we almost there yet!” Do you remember those famous words of childhood
we use to speak to our parents in the car while we were waiting ever so patiently to arrive at our
destination. I don’t know about you but my waiting patiently came in a mixture of ants in my pants,
waiting, longing and complete and utter excitement, with the exception of the doctor and dentist.
It seemed such a long way, it seemed to take forever to get to wherever we were going even if it was
a short distance.
As an adult and as a parent such statements often stayed buried deep inside while I would try
patiently to explain to the children the time it takes to travel from one place to another, create games
for the road, peek their interest to the outside world.
Today with the invention of GPS the wait still seems long especially with traffic, and that is even a
tough one to explain to kids. Well today even with Wiarton Willy’s prediction that spring is around
the corner, I can honestly say WHEN WILL WE BE THERE? The answer is we are getting there
one day at a time.
Funny how in the midst of winter we dream of hot summer days and in the midst of hot summer
days we dream of the cold and snow. I know we would all love the perfect balance.
Well the seasons come and go in perfect rhythm even regardless of whether we agree or not.
Seasons come and seasons go in its own time, as they have for thousands of years. What can
change however is how we look things. To wish away a season is to wish away each day with all its
possibilities, all the conversations to be had with those we love and cherish and those who we
consider strangers; who really are friends we haven’t yet met.
So as we wait in anticipation for spring to come make the most of each new day, and where the path
might lead you. Seek what is good and life giving as opposed to focusing on that which is negative
and brings you down. It is amazing how contagious such an approach can be.
Xsaak The season when Oolichan, the candlefish, swarm. The Nisga’a dry and render them into oil.
2 ‘Ala (Loftiness), 19th and final month, is time of the 19-day fast (until March 20) in preparation for Naw Ruz. Those of age and in good
health abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset.
21 Naw Ruz, New Year 162 BE of the Baha’i Era. Baha’is feast and celebrate during the evening. The first month of the Baha’i year is Baha
2 Losar- T ibetan New Y ear (T ibetan Y ear 2140). L osar is celebrated for 15 days, with the main celebrations on the first three days.
14 Anniversary of the death of Shan-tao/Zendo Daishi, a Chinese priest of the Tang Era who passed away in 681. He developed the practice
of reciting the name of Amida Buddha (newbutsu). (Mahayana –Jodo Shu)
17-23 Higane (to reach the other shore) starts three days before the March (Vernal) Equinox, and finishes three days after that day, continuing for a total of one week. It is a time to honor ancestors and to come together and chant the name of Amida Buddha (newbutsu).
(Mahayana –Jodo Shu)
1 The Great Fast (E) is the start of the “Great Lent” for the Orthodox Christians. This day is called Clean Monday, and occurs seven weeks
before the Orthodox Easter.
5 Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent, the forty-day period (excluding Sundays) of prayer, repentance and self-denial that precedes Easter (Western Churches).
7 World Day of Prayer os a world-wide annual day of prayer hosted by the women from Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant, and Roman Catholic
17 Holi, a colorful and joyous festival, that welcomes spring and is dedicated to Krishna or Kama. Referred to the Festival of Colors it is
observed by people throwing colorful powder and colorful water.
30 New Year’s Day. Bikarami Samvat 2071begins.
31Ramayana Week begins nine days before Ramanavami, the birth of Lord Rama. Fasting during this period is considered highly auspicious.
16 Purim celebrates victory over an oppressive ruler, as related in the Book of Esther, which is read at this time. The festival begins at
sundown the previous day. Suspension of work is not required.
20 Shubun-no-hi (Spring Memorial Service/ Vernal Equinox Day). Previously called Shunki-soeri-sai, occurs in the middle of a seven day
period called Higan – teme when respect is paid to anscestors. Visits are made to the family grave, cleaning it and offering flowers and
Incense to console ancestral spirits .
14 Beginning of the year 538 of the Nanakshahi Era
17 A three-day festival following Holi; the tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, started Hola Mohalla as a time for military preparedness
exercises. Today, mock battles are followed by music competitions and festivities.
20 Ostara celebrates the return of the Goddess-as-Maiden, the courting of the Goddess by the God, and the reawakening of the seeds within
the earth touched by the warm glow of the God’s love.
16-20 Ghambar Hamaspathmaedem occurs on the intercalary days and celebrates the creation of human beings. Souls who have passed
away are remembered.
21 Now Ruz (New Day) is New Year’s day for 1375 AY or 3744 AZ in the Fasli (seasonal) calendar. It celebrates the renewal of the world
and the creation of fire (symbolic of Asha or righteousness). Zarathustra received his revelation on this day.
26 Birth anniversary of Zarathustra, (Zoroaster), founder of the Zarathushti (Zoroastrian) faith. Zarathustra believed in on creator God,
teaching that only one God was worthy of worship.
29 Earth Hour aims to create awareness of people taking responsibility towards a sustainable future by turning the lights off for one hour at
20:30 (8:30pm) local time.
The Village of Sandalwood Park
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Director of Environmental Services
Coordinator of Volunteers and Social Services
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Neighbourhood Coordinator
Chaplian - Karen Fox
Karen Fox
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Administra ve Coordinator
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