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Restricted Party Screening
Protecting your trade interests through automated compliance screening
Government laws and regulations prohibit the exchange of commodities, technical data
or services with certain parties or entities that have been deemed irresponsible traders
or a threat to national security or foreign policy interests.
Unfortunately there is no central list of denied parties. Instead, governments and
agencies around the world each publish various entity lists and trade restrictions.
Companies face the challenging issue of how to screen against the overwhelming
volume of information without impacting productivity.
Vastera Restricted Party Screening (RPS) consolidates the multiple lists into one central
application that is kept updated as government lists change. Easily and quickly, global
traders and financial institutions can screen their customers and suppliers against global
denied parties. The bottom-line benefit is protection of your trade interests by preventing
illegal transactions.
Key features:
• Real-time risk screening
• Maintain up-to-date compliance
• Automate processes and workflow
• Compliance audit trail
• Management reporting tools
Customer benefits:
• Save time by reduced manual screening
• Avoid non-compliance penalties
• Improve decision-making
• Catch restricted entities early in the
sales cycle
Advanced screening algorithms minimize manual intervention
Each screening request is processed by a series of sophisticated algorithms that accurately
identify possible name variations and isolate potential issues. The result is fast and
efficient identification of restricted entities. Disruption to your operations staff is reduced as
only “possible match” results are moved to a work queue for manual compliance review.
Automated work flow speeds issue resolution
If a potential match is identified, TradeSphere users are automatically notified and
screening results are entered into a work queue. Results are filtered to display the
list origin of the name match and each result is ranked to help speed analysis and
remove “false positives”. As soon as RPS results are resolved, your existing trade
processes are automatically resumed.
Reporting tools enhance management visibility and event control
A central database records all search results, including the dates and actions taken by
users to override a result. This powerful tool provides detailed compliance screening
reports to uphold government audit. Additionally, flexible reporting can support the
compliance team and show value and ROI for compliance technology investment.
Protecting National Security
Cut off terrorists’ flow of funds
Prohibit enemies amassing technology for WMD
ensures we are
in compliance
with government
regulations and
move products
U.S. Robotics
Restricted Party Screening
Key Product Features:
Flexible Technology
TradeSphere RPS is a flexible compliance
tool that can be fine-tuned to meet your
particular needs. RPS provides three
types of partner-screening events: manual screening through the web interface;
automated high-volume screening integrated with your ERP or legacy system;
automated re-screening when there is a
government update applied to the RPL
A configurable solution, you have the
ability to select lists, tune algorithms
and utilize screening dictionaries to
further increase accuracy of screening
Hosted Solution
As a hosted solution, RPS ensures that
your use of onsite resources are minimized (i.e., no hardware purchases,
minimal maintenance and administrative
costs) while enabling Vastera to provide
the latest compliance data within the
Licensed Software
As a non-hosted product, RPS offers
the same functionality as the hosted
solution, but your company retains more
control over regulatory maintenance
updates from Vastera and customer
specific configurations.
Rapid Implementation
RPS is a rapidly deployable, robust, and
scaleable product. Vastera supports
ASCII flat-file and XML standards to allow
integration with almost any system. In
addition, TradeSphere can support onetime batch loading of entire customer
lists, or real-time integration with ERP or
legacy systems to screen customers as
orders enter the system. Depending on
the service level agreement and integration required, a customer can begin to
screen partners within one day of signing
up for the solution.
Managed Services Issue Resolution
Vastera Trade Managed Services can take
care of your entire restricted party screening program – from running screening
reports, through name match resolution.
Experienced and dedicated trade personnel
provide rapid response to potential
matches. Based on published procedures,
these experts perform consistently
accurate analysis that reduce the burden
of resolution on your staff and minimize
disruption to your existing operations.
Vastera has a number of service level
offerings to suit your business needs,
and potential issues are resolved and
escalated based on your predetermined
requirements. Outsourcing restricted
party screening enables you to maintain
control and visibility as you improve your
compliant processes without demanding
additional staff.
The Restricted Parties List is an
amalgamation of several lists published by different International and
US Government bodies. These include,
but are not limited to, the following:
• US Department of Commerce - BIS
DPL, Entity List, Unverified List
• US Department of State - Debarred,
EPCI, Terrorist Exclusion List, Foreign
Terrorist Organizations
• US Department of Treasury - OFAC,
• US Department of Homeland
Security - CITA 204, Customs ATTP,
Customs 592
• US General Services Administration
• US Federal Bureau of Investigation Most Wanted List
• Bank of England Financial Sanctions
• Canadian Office of Superintendent
of Financial Institutions
• EU Financial Restrictions
• Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade
& Industry restrictions
• United Nations Security Council
Resolution entities
• World Bank Debarred entities
• User defined parties
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