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Shipping Guidance Notice – 049
STCW Convention - Standards of training, certification and watch-keeping.
Computer based training for type specific ECDIS training
This Notice should be read in conjunction with SGN 034
To: Ship Owners, Operators, Masters, Officers and Classification Societies
International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for
Seafarers, 1978, as amended (STCW Convention) Part A Chapter II
SGN 034 – ECDIS training requirements
1. ECDIS training comprises three elements:
a) Generic
b) Type specific
c) Familiarisation
2. Type specific training refers to ship specific equipment and should relate to the make and
model of the equipment fitted on the ship on which the Master or Navigational Watch-keeping
Officer is currently serving. It will therefore be necessary to complete a training course for each
different system a Master or Navigational Watch-keeping Officer is required to operate. This
training shall be delivered by:
a. The manufacturer, or
b. The manufacturer’s approved agent, or
c. A trainer who has attended a programme of instruction to prepare him/her to provide
the necessary training
3. In addition, type specific training by computer based training (CBT) modules may be accepted
by the Administration, subject to the following:
a. The CBT training provider has been approved by the manufacturer of the specific ECDIS
b. The CBT module has been completed and the verification of successful completion has
been confirmed by the CBT training provider, prior to the navigating watch keeper
commencing bridge watch-keeping duties.
c. The CBT training provider shall issue a certificate to the candidate on successful
completion of the type specific module.
d. A copy of the manufacturer’s certificate of approval of the CBT module is to be available
on board for inspection by appropriate authorities.
Richard Montado
Maritime Administrator
Issue date: January 2014
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