La Canción de los interrogativos Cuándo “when” Cómo “how

La Canción de los interrogativos
(sing to “Jingle Bells”)
Cómo “how”
Dónde means “where”
is “what”
means “why”
Quién is “who” is there!
Los Interrogativos – Question Words
The Question Words in Spanish are:
De Dónde -
Cómo -
Adónde -
Dónde -
Cuál -
Qué -
Cuáles -
Porqué -
Cuánto/a/os/as -
Quién -
Quiénes -
** There are accent marks on the LAST vowel of the FIRST syllable when you use these words in
questions. You do not need the accents when you use them in statements.
Creating Questions: You have two options.
Option #1
Option #2
Just use a rising intonation to imply your question. You’d most likely do this
when you were trying to verify something you recently heard.
Isabel es de Columbia.
¿Isabel es de Columbia?
You switch the positions of the subject and the verb, so that the subject comes
after the verb structure.
Las chicas son de Columbia.
¿Son las chicas de Columbia?
Translating Questions:
The words “do” or “does”, so often found at the start of questions in English, are NOT IN
questions in Spanish. However, the words “do” and “does” are implied in the question, even
when you don’t actually write them out.
Do you have a pencil? 
 ¿Tienes tú un lápiz?
Do you speak Spanish a lot?  ¿Hablas tú español mucho?