Form 7106 – Application to Suspend a Training Contract

Further Education and Training Act 2014
An employer and apprentice/trainee may make application to temporarily suspend their obligations under the Training Contract for a period of up to 12 months.
This may occur for a range of reasons including but not limited to: seasonal employment, long term illness/injury, gap/study year or temporary change in
employment arrangements.
An approved suspension under the Further Education and Training Act 2014 does not also automatically suspend the employment relationship between
the employer and apprentice/trainee. The employer and apprentice/trainee must determine the ongoing employment arrangement during the period of an
approved Training Contract suspension in accordance with the relevant industrial instrument and the Fair Work Act 2009. For further details about leave
arrangements, suspending or standing down an employee, please contact the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94.
In accordance with Section 30 of the FET Act, applications for suspension must be lodged with the Department of Education, Training and Employment
(DETE) at a minimum of 7 days prior to the commencement date of the suspension.
The employer and/or apprentice or trainee may withdraw their consent to the application, in writing to MEGT within 7 days from when
the application is lodged with MEGT. (If a parent/guardian signed the suspension application and the apprentice/trainee withdraws their consent,
their parent/guardian must also sign the withdrawal of consent.)
IMPORTANT: All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed. The parent’s or guardian’s signature is only required if the apprentice or
trainee is under the age of 18 and it is appropriate (e.g. the apprentice or trainee is not living independently of the parent or guardian). Failure to
provide the required information may delay the approval date of the suspension period.
Suspension of the apprentice or trainee will not take effect until a decision has been made by an officer of DETE or its agent and cannot be
retrospective. If an application is received fewer than 7 days from the proposed start date and is subsequently approved, the approved start
date for the suspension will be a minimum of 7 days after the date the application is received by DETE or its agent.
Suspension details (Note: Applications cannot exceed a period of 1 year)
*Proposed start date:
*Proposed end date:
*Reasons for the suspension:
Employer details
*Trading name:
I understand approval of this suspension will suspend all obligations related to the Registered Training Contract for the approved period. I declare I
have the authority to sign on behalf of the employer.
*Name of authorised person
signing for employer:
Apprentice or trainee details (and parent or guardian details if applicable and appropriate)
*Training Contract
registration number:
This 9 digit number starting with 20 will appear on any documentation
received in regard to theTraining Contract from the Department or its agent.
I understand approval of this suspension will suspend all obligations related to the Registered Training Contract for the approval period.
*Parent or guardian’s name:
Parent or guardian’s email:
*Parent or guardian’s signature:
How to return this form
Please return the completed form to MEGT via email: [email protected] or fax: (07) 3871 4499 or via mail: PO Box 311 Toowong DC Qld 4066
Privacy notice – The Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) or its agent is collecting the information on this form in accordance with Sections 30, 31 and 32 of the Further
Education and Training Act 2014 (Qld) in order to process the suspension of the Training Contract between the above mentioned parties. Information collected on this form may also be used by
DETE for generating statistics. DETE routinely gives some or all of this information to the Department of Industry, Australian Apprenticeships Centres, Queensland Curriculum and Assessment
Authority and schools (for school-based apprentices/trainees) and Registered Training Organisations for the purpose of updating the status of the Training Contract and/or verifying subsidy claims.
Your information will not be disclosed to any other person or agency unless you have given permission or it is required or authorised by law.
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