ESA ODF Publication Template

ESA ODF Management Plan
OPS-PL-0-002-ESA, Issue 1, Rev 0
ESA ODF files are published by the ESA ODFCB in three standard releases:
Preliminary - Basic - Final
These releases are compliant with the ODF Publication Template in the ISS ODF Management
Plan, SSP 50252 and apply for both the electronic and paper portions of the ESA ODF.
In addition to the three standard releases, intermediate releases of the ESA ODF can be made if
needed for training, hardware update, and other operational needs.
The generic template which defines the timeframe for ESA ODF publications is shown in Table 6-1.
ODF Inputs
Preliminary ODF
Basic ODF
Final ODF
I (1 thru n)
I- 18 months
I - 12 months
I- 6 months
I-3 months
Table 6-1: ESA ODF Publication Template
ODF product inputs to the ODF Management of the IOT are due one month prior to the publication
date called out in Table 6-1.
The one month period until the publication date is planned as follows:
2 weeks
Distribution to involved Component ODFCB's and review
1 week
Corrections by the ODF providers
1 week
Review by ESA ODFCB and preparation for publication.
The ESA ODF is published and distributed primarily in electronic format via the web on the ESA
ODF Homepage (for the URL see section 1.3.1). This includes electronic versions of ODF products
that will be available as paper on-board the ISS.
The ESA and IOT ODF Increment Managers will develop and maintain an increment-specific
schedule that will replace the increment-minus dates from the generic template with the actual
increment start dates.
The goal is to publish technically accurate and verified procedures suitable for crew training no later
than I-12 months.
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ESA ODF Management Plan
OPS-PL-0-002-ESA, Issue 1, Rev 0
6.1.1 Preliminary Publication
The publication of the preliminary ESA ODF version will:
§ Provide visibility into system and payload procedure and display development.
§ Provide a review of ODF standards and operations nomenclature conformance.
§ Review progress.
§ Support pre-ship simulator test for training.
§ Provide an early look at how tasks are to be accomplished.
§ Determine impacts to payload training, payload systems training, and integrated operations
§ Determine impacts to LSE, resources, integrated flight operations, and ground operations.
§ Be used for the planning of fabricating the physical products.
The preliminary publication of the ESA ODF will be used to support the crew training processes. It
is a release of procedures that have been approved for technical content by the developer and
approved for safety compliance, non-interference with other systems or payloads and compliance
with standards on ODFCB level. Following the release of the preliminary documents the increment
ESA ODF resides on the ESA ODF Homepage and is available to the operations community for
review and use in training.
6.1.2 Basic Publication
The publication of the basic ESA ODF version will:
§ Provide a program-wide review of the system payload procedures.
§ Establish configuration control of each component.
§ Provide one consistent set of procedures for community review.
§ Provide one consistent set of procedures for use in testing and training.
§ Be used for the fabrication of the physical products.
The basic publication of the ESA ODF coincides with the beginning of crew stand-alone training in
the Space Station Training Facility (SSTF), generic integrated training, and the delivery of an
increment-specific training load to the SSTF.
Following the basic publication ESA ODF files are under configuration control and changes may only
be made using the official change process as defined in section 6.2 of this plan.
Final Publication
The final version of the ESA ODF, published at I-3 months, will:
• Be built from the basic version with the implementation of approved change requests.
• Be used for the fabrication of the physical ODF products for transport to the launch site.
• Support the ESA ODF certification process.
The final publication coincides with the increment-specific Joint Multi-Segment Training (JMST). It
represents the ESA ODF as approved by the operations community after the full
verification/validation process and ready to support the increment.
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