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"Aayakar Bhawan", 5th floor, P-7, Chowringhee Square, Kolkata-700069.
I 7 Dft
Date: 23-01-2015
Office of the Add!. Commissioner of Income Tax, Range-8, Kolkata invites tenders in
sealed covers from reputed vendors for hiring of 2{two) operational vehicles. The operational
vehicles will be required for a period of one year from the date of signing the contract in this
regard. A separate order to the successful vendor will be issued to provide the operational
vehicles by the office of the Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Range-8, Kolkata. The hire
charges will not be more than Rs. 40,000/- (exclusive of all taxes) per month. The selection of
the vehicles will be strictly based on the discretion of the Tender Evaluation Committee. The
General Terms and Conditions are given below.
Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousand) only should accompany the
tender in the form of Demand Draft. The Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of
DDO, CIT-3, Kolkata.
The tenders not accompanied by EARNEST MONEY would be summarily rejected.
Terms and condition is available in the room No. 9 , 5t h floor of Aayakar Bhawan,
Kolkata. The sealed envelopes contain ing the tenders and Earnest money should be
dropped at Room No.9 , 5 floor, %
Addl. C.I.T, Range-8, Kolkata.
The last date for submission of sealed tenders is 1:30 pm on 29.01.2015. The tenders
would be opened at 3:00 pm on same day in front of the bidders or their
duly authorized representatives at Room No. 20, 5th floor, Aayakar Bhawan,
P-7, Chowringhee Square, Kolkata-69 .
The maximum monthly hire charge for "operational vehicle" is Rs. 40,000/- [Forty
thousands] only per month (Exclusive of tax.) TDS will be deducted as per I.T. Act, 1961
while making payment to the vendor.
The operational vehicles must be a mid size vehicle having seating capacity of seven
persons and of recent make.
The hire charge will include monthly salary of driver, repairs and maintenance of
vehicle, insurance, petrol/diesel, oil and all other incidental expenses including taxes,
penalty, fine, parking fees etc.
The Department is not responsible for any repairs and maintenance of the vehicle.
No other charge will be borne by the Department.
The vehicle shall report to the Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Range-8,
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Kolkata throughout the contract period at all times. Dedicated vehicle and driver
having valid Driving License and sufficient experience, exposure and familiarity with city
roads must be provided. Dedicated vehicle and driver is not to be changed without
prior approval of the User/Hiring Authority. The Vehicle is to be parked at the option of
the User/Hiring Authority.
The driver will observe all the etiquette and protocol while on duty. He will be neatly
dressed, preferably in white uniform, and carry a mobile phone in working condition,
for which, no separate payment shall be made by the Department. The mobile number
of the driver should be given to the respective controlling officer.
The vehicle shall carry proper Registration Certificate, Road Tax Certificate, Certificate
of Insurance Policy, Emission Test Certificate etc. in original. The driver should have
valid driving license and the vehicle should be registered with the Concerned
authorities of Central/State Government and deposit of fees for hiring/commercial use
be made. Evidence of all these requirements under Motor Vehicle Act will have to be
filed. The driver of the vehicle provided must follow Traffic Rules and other regulations
prescribed by the Government from time to time and must not have any
traffic/criminal case pending against him.
The vehicle is to be maintained in excellent condition and regular clearing must be
The vendor is liable for payment of all claims / expenses in case of any accident.
He will also indemnify the office of the concerned Officer against any loss/damage of
property or life attributable to negligence on the part of the driver or poor
maintenance of the vehicle.
The vendor and the driver shall be bound to carry out the instructions of the concerned
Officer to whom the vehicle will report.
The vendor shall make immediate alternative arrangements in case the vehicle is not
available for use e.g. in the case of break down of the vehicle or absence of the driver
etc. In case of failure to provide for alternative suitable vehicle, hire charges on prorata basis shall be deducted from the monthly hire charges. If the vehicle does not
report on time/does not report for duty at all, the user will have a right to hire a vehicle
from the market. In case of failure to provide alternative suitable vehicle, Rs. 3,000/per day shall be deducted from monthly hire charges.
16 The vendor will not utilize the vehicle for any other purpose whatsoever even if the
vehicle is not being used by the Departmental Officer.
A daily record indicating time and mileage for vehicle is to be maintained in Log Book
entries which must be certified by the user.
Hire charges will be paid for use of the vehicle for the whole month subject to
maximum usage of 360 hours/2500 K.M. per month whichever is more. The time and
distance is to be calculated from the time and place of reporting to the time and place
of release. Any unutilized hours/kms. is to be carried forward and set off in the
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succeeding months.
19 The Department reserves the right to cancel the order for supply of vehicle by serving a
notice of one month without assigning any reasons. In the event of termination of an
order, in the middle of a month, hire charges shall be paid on pro-rata basis, for the
part of the month. The vendor may cancel the agreement by serving notice of one
month and in that case penalty of one month's hiring charge (excluding taxes) may be
imposed by Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Range-8, Kolkata.
Payment shall be made on presentation of the bill and observation of necessary
formalities. The bills for running of the vehicle along with the Log Book duly
authenticated by the user and completed in all respects must be submitted in the
office of the user within 5 [five] working days of the month following the end of the
A penalty of Rs. 1,000/- [One thousand only] per day per vehicle may be levied if the
vehicle fails to meet the terms and conditions prescribed herein above on any day.
However, in case of frequent violations of the terms and conditions and
performance/condition of vehicle/service the agreement is liable to be cancelled
22 The liability of the Department is limited to the contract value only.
23 The vehicles must have commercial Registration number (Yellow number plate) duly
registered as such with the Public Vehicles Department, Government of West Bengal.
24 Any matter during the period of this agreement, which has not been specifically
covered by this terms and conditions, shall be decided upon by the Additional
Commissioner of Income-tax, Range-8, Kolkata whose decision shall be final and
In case of any dispute, the jurisdiction of Calcutta Courts shall apply.
26 The initial agreement is likely to be for a period of 12 [Twelve] months from the date of
award of the contract subject to periodic review of the performance if deemed
necessary. The agreement may be renewed for a further period as mutually agreed
upon subject to satisfactory performances.
28 The Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Range-8, Kolkata reserves the right to
accept or reject any application/quotation without assigning any reason whatsoever.
29 The car will be l2arked at such a I2lace from where it will reach the office within 15
[fifteen] minutes of call from the Concerned Officers, Close I2roximity of office, l2arking
etc with I.T. Del2t offices is I2referred.
30 The following documents should be furnished along with the quotation
Photocopy of the certificate of Registration and fitness of the vehicle
II) Photocopy of the certificate evidencing latest emission test.
III) Photocopy of certificate of road tax.
IV) Photocopy of comprehensive insurance policies.
V) Photocopy of last 3 years income tax return along with photocopy of PAN Card.
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The vehicles shall be produced for examination or certification before the otticer
responsible for its supervision, signature of the Log book and Utilization certificate.
This issue with the approval of the Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Range-8,
A copy of the tender Notice is being uploaded in the website "incometaxindia.gov.in " in
the tender module.
(Mohit Mrinal)
DClT, Circle-8(2), Kol. &
Head of Office
Memo No. Addl.CIT/KoI/R-8/Vehicles/2014-15/ 170
f"- of.
Date: 2..'5 . ot· ?-O(S-
Copy forwarded for kind information to :
1. Addl C.I.T. Range-8, Kol, Chairman, Tender Evaluation Committee.
2. DClT, Circle-8(1), Kol, Member Secretary,Tender Evaluation Committee.
3. ITO, Ward-9(4}, Kol, Member Tender Evaluation Committee.
(Mohit Mrinal)
DClT, Circle-8(2}, Kol. &
Head of Office