Issue 18 - North Harringay Primary School

Issue No: 18
Message from Jane
Many things make me feel very privileged to be the Head
Teacher of this wonderful school but I’d just like to share a few
of those moments from just one day - yesterday:
Reception classes going on a visit to the Natural History
Museum with so many parent helpers
Staff and parents giving up their own time to help
transform our library
Our choir performing at the O2 arena as part of Young
Supply teachers (covering the teachers with the choir)
telling me just how much they’ve loved working with our
Pupils producing detailed geometric artwork as part of a 3
day workshop
The creative talent shown in our Knitting Club
Thank you for lending us your children each day!
The classes with the best attendance:
KS1: Tulips Class 96%
KS2: Cedar Class 100%
Date: 28 January 2015
School Uniform
Please make sure your child comes to school wearing
the correct uniform. Children are not allowed to wear
clothing with logos as part of their indoor uniform.
Shoes or boots must be black. Black trainers may be worn
but not coloured ones. Children should not be wearing any
jewellery apart from stud earrings. We do have some
second hand items available—please see Mrs King if you
are interested.
PE Kits—Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in
school every week. PE is a statutory part of the curriculum
and all children are expected to take part. Plimsolls are ideal
footwear and relatively cheap to buy.
Absence reporting
Please could parents ensure that when leaving an
answerphone message to report your child being
unwell, you give details of their sickness, e.g. “cold & flu”.
Absences will not be authorised unless specific reasons are
Question of the Week
The answer is: “ Yes, but only when the sun shines.”
What is the question?
Writer of the Week
Well done to Ella in Tulips Class who is this week’s winner. Ella’s work has been displayed on our Writer of the Week
display on the middle floor. Please have a read!
Learners of the Week
Congratulations to the latest winners!
YR Butterflies—Zuzanna & Kamarion Y3 Chestnut—Karolina & Noah
Ladybirds—Mekhi & Holly
Maple— Dylan & Muhammed
Y1 Sunflower— Ayaan & Sam
Y4 Beech— Cara & Tajwar
Buttercup— Uma & Sam
Cypress— Madeliene & Hatun
Y2 Daffodils— Kevin & Jinaan
Y5 Silver Birch —Eloise & Swen
Tulips— Ilhaan & Rhea
Cedar—Martha & Fadumo
Year 6 Trip to the Transport Museum
Y6 enjoyed a great day out last week at the
London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.
The children discovered how Victorian
inventions revolutionised travel in London
through role play and gallery investigation.
They also participated in creative activities and
an exciting workshop where they were able to
pretend to be drivers of different modes of
transport. Angelika said: “It was the best trip I
have ever been on and I would definitely visit
Mathematician of the Week
We now have a Mathematician of the Week
award thanks to Leelou in Tulip class's
response to last week's question of the
week. She said 'If maths is more important then why do we
not have a mathematician of the week but we have a writer
of the week?' So now her response has led to a
mathematician of the week!
Well done to Joe in Daffodils Class who is our first
Mathematician of the Week.
NHPS Fund Raising
We raised £118.78 for the NSPCC on
Number Day and £224.12 for the BBC’s Children
in Need appeal. Thank you very much for your generosity.
Calling all Bakers!
Please bake some delicious,
decorative, nut free cupcakes!
To raise money for a local homeless shelter
Friday 6th February from 3.30pm!
Please bring your cakes to the Parents’ Room
on the morning of the sale.