Appointment of Dr Chris Rayner as Acting Director

Published: 29 January 2015
Appointment of Dr Chris Rayner as Acting Director
The Executive Committee of the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (ACYS)
is very pleased to announce that Dr Chris Rayner will serve as the ACYS Acting
Director after the announcement by Dr Jeremy Prichard of his intention to step down
as the Director. Dr Prichard will however continue to serve as a member of the ACYS
Executive Committee.
Dr Rayner was first introduced to ACYS by his PhD supervisors, Professor Carey
Denholm and Professor Joan Abbott-Chapman. He then joined the ACYS Executive
Committee in March 2014 as the Faculty of Education representative. In January
2015, on accepting the role of Acting Director, Dr Rayner thanked Dr Prichard and
remarked, ‘Dr Jeremy Prichard has been outstanding as Director, and his will be big
shoes to fill. We are grateful that Jeremy is able to continue with us on the Executive
Committee despite managing a significant new level of professional responsibility
and leadership within the Faculty of Law. Jeremy’s new responsibilities have, in part,
resulted from the appointment of his colleague, Professor Kate Warner, to the role of
Governor of Tasmania.’
He continued to say, ‘We hope, in the near future, to appoint a new Director who has
the passion, expertise, public profile, and professional capacity to steer ACYS into
the future. In the interim, the ACYS staff, Executive Committee, and consultants will
continue to engage with our stakeholders and work collaboratively to ensure that
those working with young people are empowered to make informed decisions about
policy, practice and programs. Our manager, Lindsey Moffatt, has a real appreciation
for this dynamic sector and has great insights into how we can enhance our
contribution to it. We’ve started 2015 with renewed vision and look forward to the
opportunities it will bring.’
Dr Rayner is a lecturer in Inclusive Education at the University of Tasmania. His
research has focused on the education of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder,
particularly the use of video modeling and the use of related educational
technologies. He has published in, and reviewed for, a number of international
journals in this field. A key part of his teaching role in the Faculty of Education is to
develop pre-service teachers’ capacity to cater for student diversity. Dr Rayner
believes that teachers must anticipate and celebrate student diversity and that
inclusive education is about working together to ensure that each student can realise
their unique potential in the context of community.
In addition to leading the Professional Studies Task Group and serving as a
Research Ethics Coordinator, Dr Rayner facilitates the Inclusive Education Collective
research group and is coordinating the recently developed postgraduate courses in
inclusive education for education professionals. These courses will include
postgraduate units on the education of children with dyslexia.
For more information contact:
Marta Guerra, ACYS Marketing and Communications
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