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Food security and safety is an increasing global concern. Consumers
want to know where their food comes from, how it was produced and
if it is safe. The Pathways to Market Project is a $10 million international
research collaboration that aims to provide some answers.
Pathways to Market Project
As part of the five-year project, Sense-T will collect real-time data about
the conditions under which food is produced, processed, transported,
stored and sold.
That information will be available to consumers, producers and
distributors as part of the research project to verify and improve the
quality of food products.
The Project will initially focus on two food products and track their
distribution through the supply chain and into Asia or the United States.
Researchers will delve into what consumers want to know about where
their food comes from and how it affects what they buy. The Project
also involves research on the collection of real-time data from sensors in
packaging to help manage food throughout the supply chain.
In addition, the Project will help drive new ways of valuing nature in local
An international collaboration
The Project is led by Prof. Mark Tamplin,
Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture and
Sense-T, which is based at the University
of Tasmania. It also involves industry and
research partners including:
• Greenham Meats
• Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers
• Institute for Choice, University of South
• Grey Innovation
• Australian Bureau of Agricultural and
Resource Economics and Sciences
• Australian Bureau of Statistics
• University of Tasmania
• World Bank Group
• International Finance Corporation
and national accounts. This reflects the global move towards Natural
The Project is also funded by the
Capital Accounting, with businesses and governments accounting for
Australian Research Council.
natural resources in balance sheets.
Research streams
Research into what
consumers want to know
about where their food
comes from, their choices
and how that affects their
purchase behaviour
Development of new
commercial technologies,
including sensors that can
be embedded in
packaging to track factors
vital to food stability
Research into food
stability, traceability,
logistics and
environmental impact,
following two products
through the domestic and
Asian or US markets
New data visualisation tools
that can support new shopping
experiences for consumers
Methodologies to
measure and value nature
that can contribute to
regional and national
Development of apps
for businesses and consumers
About Sense-T
Based in Tasmania, Sense-T collects data from a range of
different public and private sources. It particularly focuses
on data from sensors. Information can then be given back
to businesses, governments, researchers and communities in
ways that support people to make decisions; to help make
things more efficient, competitive and sustainable.
Sense-T is a shared community resource that means we don’t
Image: Simon de Salis
have to collect data every time we have a new question to
ask or problem to solve. Sense-T has started with projects
relating to food production and is expanding into other
industries so that over time it will generate a real-time digital
Contact Details
w www.sense-t.org.au
p (03) 6226 7213
e [email protected]
view of the whole economy.
Sense-T is a partnership between the University of Tasmania,
CSIRO and the Tasmanian Government. It is also funded by
the Australian Government.
Prof Mark Tamplin (UTAS)
[email protected]
Dr Robin Fieldhouse (Sense-T)
Project Manager
[email protected]