2015 Leadership Packet

Camp Ramah
In California
Staff Opportunities
and Leadership Incentives
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Dear Ramah Tzevet:
At Ramah, we truly believe that there is no better place to gain
real life experience!
We recognize that there are many opportunities out there and
you make a conscious choice to spend your summer with us. We
want to be sure that we are constantly challenging you, evolving and
providing you with a wide range of skills that you can add to your resume and repertoire! (and a little extra cash $$$ is always nice!)
Every year the opportunities are different and we are always open to
new suggestions and ideas.
We are THRILLED to offer THIRTEEN awesome ways to contribute to camp and help better meet the needs of our staff. Review
these opportunities and let us know what catches your eye! Please
email Amy, [email protected], with questions about any of these great
And for the first time ever, we have asked a number of last
year’s tzevet to share with us on film their experiences from
these leadership opportunities. Click here to see the compiled
We look forward to hearing from you and all the creativity you
have in store.
Todah Rabba and B’hatzlacha,
Rabbi Joe, Ariella, Amy, and Hannah
Early Signing Bonus
COMMIT TO CAMP EARLY THIS YEAR … and increase your salary! Avoid the
stress of back-and-forth thinking (Do I return to camp? Do I explore the
world of retail or filing?) and decide to join the fantastic Kayitz 2015 team
right away.
This year we are offering two early signing incentives:
 Staff that submit their applications by NOVEMBER 14th and return as
staff this Kayitz, will qualify for a $50 bonus.
 Staff that sign and return their 2015 contract within seven days of receipt and return as staff this Kayitz, will qualify for a $50 bonus.
- This bonus opportunity will expire at the end of February
Jewish Education Stipend
In efforts to promote Jewish learning amongst our COLLEGE-AGE-STAFF,
Camp Ramah in California is proud to offer the 2015 staff the opportunity to
obtain up to $100 towards post-high school Jewish learning. These stipends
will be given to high school graduates who enroll in a college-level course in
Judaic Studies or Hebrew Language or spend a semester or year in Israel.
Eligible college-age staff members will receive up to $100 added to
their summer salary. Please be prepared to submit a camp form describing your course or time in Israel for approval by March 31st!
Pre-Summer Va’adot
Join our pre-season planning through “hands-on” Pre-Summer Va’adot!
Va'adot will meet 3-5 times throughout the year in person or through conference calls. Members will produce written materials on their programmatic
ideas and see that the ideas are implemented through at camp. These
Va’adot will present their work to the entire tzevet during Shavuah Hachanah.
Have an idea for a va’ad? Do you think an aspect of Camp or Staff programming could use a little tweaking?
Send us your proposal to [email protected] and perhaps
one of the pre-summer va’adot will focus on your idea!
Ikar Society: Creative Program Grants
Do you have an idea for camp that you want to see come to fruition? Got a
special project to benefit campers?
Camp Ramah will soon accept applications for creative program grants
through the Ikar Society, a granting program to fund innovative, Jewish programming by summer staff. Some previous recipients are:
 Eve(y) Havivi for her Anti-Bullying Project
 Mollie Kesten for her Tallis Making Workshop.
 Aaren Alpert for Ramahcapella
Selected grantees will be awarded a budget of up to $2,000 for their projects, and a financial stipend of $500 for their efforts. Programs will be
implemented during 2015, alongside the grantee’s main job. More information, guidelines and a deadline for proposals will be available soon!
NRC Winter Retreat– 2 great cohorts!
Tzevet members who will return for Kayitz 2015 are invited to join us at our
Winter Staff Training Retreat held at very own Ramah California on January 5-8.
The retreat brings together Ramah staff from across North America for a joyful
week, incredible Jewish learning, intensive staff training, the sharing of best practices, and the development of new programs.
Our Winter retreat includes several cohorts:
1. The Bert B. Weinstein Institute for Counselor Training: Each year, the
Weinstein Institute brings together the finest madrichim from all of our camps. If
you are selected to participate, you will help to create a dynamic, spirited and
meaningful learning community. The program is geared for entering second or
third year madrichim who anticipate having greater programmatic and mentoring
responsibilities during the 2015 season.
2. Staff Members from all Ramah Special Needs Programs (Tikvah, Breira
B'Ramah and Camp Yofi): Madrichim and educators working with our special
needs programs are encouraged to participate. The cohort will discuss programmatic initiatives and the complexities of working with various populations at
We anticipate that over 100 Ramahniks from across North America will gather together for this spectacular event in sunny California. There is no cost to attend
the program and Ramah will cover up to $450 towards the cost of your air
fare. In order to participate, you will need to commit to returning to camp for the
2015 season.
Cornerstone Fellowship
We hope to select a cohort of senior-most counselors to participate in the prestigious Cornerstone
Fellowship funded by the Foundation for Jewish
Camp in May 2015. Fellows are ideally entering
their junior year of college and must have two
years of counseling experience under their belt.
More details will be available soon provided this Fellowship program is renewed for 2015 after a successful 2014 season with Ramah CA.
Internship in Partnership
For many of us, the outside pressures of needing other work experience can often
stop us from returning to camp year after year on tzevet. However, now, with the
help of our partners, we are able to offer our Internship in Partnership (IIP) program. IIP allows you to gain work experience in other fields in the weeks leading
up to camp before returning for another summer on tzevet. After you apply for
IIP, we match you with an internship in one of many intriguing fields for the weeks
prior to your summer at camp. Last summer, we offered 4 of our staff members
internships in entertainment, production, and finance. A generous stipend will be
added to your salary for participating in IIP.
If you are interested in this program, you must commit to returning to camp
for a full summer in 2015. Please email Hannah ([email protected]) by February
1, 2015 if you would like to fill out an application for IIP 2015.
Song Leader Boot Camp
Do you look forward to singing in the Chadar?
BKR? Well, get ready for the 3rd annual Shira Boot
Camp. This year, Ramah CA will partner once again with the Jewish Rocker
himself—Rick Recht. We will send a cohort to Shira Boot Camp training in
February. If you are interested in learning how to be a song leader and
teach chanichim all about the Ramah music - this is the perfect leadership
opportunity !
If you are interested in this leadership opportunity. Veteran staff who
are interested will receive a stipend of $200 in addition to their summer salary. Please notify Amy ([email protected]) by January 1, 2015! Spaces are
limited for this once in a lifetime opportunity!
Ramah Service Corps Fellowship
We are looking for dynamic and spirited Ramah tzevet members to comprise the
2014-2015 cohort of Ramah Service Corps Fellows. As an RSC fellow, you will
bring your energy and enthusiasm to a synagogue or school setting to create
more year-round Ramah programs, and inspire additional families to consider
Ramah for their camper-age children. As an RSC fellow, you will act as a Ramah
ambassador and will work four to five horus a week to organize Ramah style programs for children, teens and families.
This year’s RSC retreat will be from November 7-9, 2014 in New York as well as at
Weinstein in January. Please email Hannah ([email protected]) if you are interested in being a Ramah Service Corps Fellow fir 2014-2015.
B’Yachad Training Course in Israel
Are you spending the year in Israel? Would you like to find a meaningful way to
bring your experiences back to camp and collaborate with our wonderful Mishlachat at
B'yachad (“Together") - now in its fifth year, trains American staff together with
shlichim who work at camp, to help you become more effective informal educators and
jointly support the Israel education work with the
shlichim at camp next summer.
You will receive a stipend of $150 upon completion of the B’yachad course and returning
to camp.
Achva–For Shlichim Only
Achva provides distinct training courses for our shlichim who plan on
returning for a second, third, fourth or more summer, as well as a separate
training seminar for delegation heads.
A significant stipend will be awarded to those shlichim who participate in the
Achva Program.
Winer: Rosh Edah Training Program
Winer is a National Ramah training experience for first time and returning Roshei Edah. This retreat will give you all the tools you need for your first
summer as a Rosh as well as the opportunity to learn from previous Roshim,
meet peers from other Ramah camps, and get into the Ramah mode. Winer will
take place from May 26-29, 2015 at Ramah New England.
Rakazei T’fillah/Kriyat HaTorah
Are you particularly skilled in t’fillah and interested in making t’fillah as engaging as possible? Do you love reaching out into the community to find Torah readers and participants? Then consider being one of our Rakazei T’fillah or Rakazei Kriyat HaTorah. Responsbilities may include:
* Train Staff – on matbeah and nusach, meaning & pronunciation of t’fillot as
* Support Chanichim—on nusach, meaning & pronunciation of t’fillah
* Model Leadership – by leading t’fillah on certain occasions to demonstrate
good hazanut
* Coordinate Torah/Haftorah Readings – recruit Torah and Haftorah readers
as needed
Rakazim will participate in pre-summer planning for their work through
meetings and/or phone conferences. Rakazim who are also madrichim will
be assigned to work with their edah.
****NEW FOR KAYITZ 2015:
For the first time, we are introducing a year-round t’fillah training track to improve tfillot and to strengthen the role of the Rakaz T’fillah in Camp. Participants will attend a training program (Dates TBD) and receive a stipend of
$350 in addition to their salary.
Rakazim who do not participate in the year-round training will receive a $150
stipend in addition to their salary.