Prayer Calendar - Ben Hill United Methodist Church

 Prayer Focus January 2015: “New Season” Sunday
Rev. Byron Thomas
Senior Pastor
Emma Dumas
Vision Area Chair
[email protected]
4 O Lord, Guard my
heart from all
temptation even those
viewed as lesser sins!
Help me to resist the
enemy in this Season!
5 Dear God, When my
faith fails me, instantly
give me a Rhema Word
to STAND in spite of my
challenges!! Increase my
faith in this Season!!
I Peter 5: 8-10
Romans 10:17
11 Dear God, the
Church will be still &
silent, so we can Hear
Your Voice above all the
chatter of this world!
Speak, Holy Spirit!!
6 O Lord, Fill my heart
with integrity, so I can
walk securely in the
blessings you have in
store for me! Mature me
in this Season!!
Proverbs 10:9
13 Dear God, Remove all
12 O Lord, Ben Hill is
longing to keep in touch cliques from the House of
with You, O God! Teach God! Our Purpose is to
us to consult You and be Please God, not man! We
will follow Christ sincerely!
in tune to You & Your
Purposes, O God!!
I Kings 19: 1-12
Psalm 1:1-2
18 O Lord, Today, I
19 Dear God, Motivate
thank you for Every
the Church to PRAY
Promise You have
without ceasing; this is its
spoken to me! I will wait Backbone! Prayer
until You Perform them! Changes Things!!
Remove impatience!!
I Thessalonians 5:17
Joshua 14: 6-13
26 O Lord, Help me
25 Dear God, Tame
King, Jr., Day
to negativity
my tongue! Help me to Martin
with compassion. Deliver
be careful of my
me from a tick for tack
words!! Life & Death is
attitude!! Love is vital to
in the power of the
Holy Praise!!!
tongue!! Silence my
Matthew 5:39
James 3:5-12
I Corinthians 3:1-17
20 O Lord, Today, I pray
fervently for Orphans and
Widows. Father,wrap your
Loving Arms around
them!! Bless them!!
Malachi 3: 1
27 O Lord, Protect me
from ignorance! Instantly
show me when I am
wrong! Deliver me from
negative habits, I Pray,
Abba Father!!
Hosea 4:6
7 Dear God, Put a
deeper hunger in me
to Study Your Word!
Your Word is a
testimony of You!
Reveal Yourself to me
in this Season!
John 5:31-39
14 O Lord, Bless Ben
Hill Clergy & Leaders!
Anoint the work of
their hands! Allow a
spirit of encouragement
to rest upon them!
Matthew 11:28-30
21 Dear God, I refuse
to allow Criticism to
Hinder my Witness!
Your Word is like a
burning FIRE in me!!
Guide me to share it!!!
Jeremiah 20:7-13
28 O Lord, Give
me courage to
invite someone who
may be resistant to
God and to Church!
Overshadow me
with Boldness!!
Hebrews 10: 19-25
1 Dear God, Thank
You for a New
Season! You make
everything beautiful
in its timing! Prepare
me to receive!!
Happy New Year!
Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
8 O Lord, Align each
Ministry in Ben Hill, so
there will be NO
Division! Strengthen
us, Abba Father! A
divided Kingdom cannot
Mark 3:20-27
15 Dear God, Create
in me Virtuous
Worship! I desire for
my Life to WORSHIP
YOU! You are my
Majesty, Abba Father!!
2 O Lord, Thank you for
new beginnings! Make
Me Over to reflect
Christlike persona! Do a
new thing in me in this
3 Dear God, Train my
spirit to press forward
and leave the past
behind me! Train my
mind to focus on what
lies ahead in this
Philippians 3:13-14
10 O Lord, Ben Hill
desires to be in tune
with You! Give us unity,
as You did in the early
church! Put us on One
John 4:23-24
22 O Lord, When Ben
Hill does not know
where to turn; give the
Church Godly
Direction– Make it
plain, Abba Father!!!
Proverbs 3:1-6
29 Dear God, Develop
in me greater Faith to
give to You Abundant
Offerings, so I will be
blessed! Remove fear in
this Season!!
Romans 13
Deuteronomy 6:1-9
23 Dear God, Teach me
24 O Lord, When
how to Sow to the Spirit
people in my family
Life, so I will reap many
mistreat me, give me
Heavenly Treasures!
affection like Joseph – to
Cleanse Me, O Lord
forgive and not hold
from fleshly desires!!
Galatians 6: 6-8
Genesis 42:21-38
30 O Lord, Surround me 31 Dear God, Thank You
with Godly Counsel;
in advance for Faith,
allow me to embrace
Strength and Boldness
correction! Crown me
to defeat EVERY giant
with Divine Wisdom in
in my life in this
this Season!!
Exodus 35: 4-29
Isaiah 43:18-19
9 Dear God, Continue to
give Ben Hill Vision to
build the Kingdom of
God faithfully!! Give us
an organized strategy and
Nehemiah 4:1-14
16 O Lord, Ben Hill
prays for every leader in
this nation! Continue to
give them courage to be
“Agents of Change”!
Proverbs 11:14
Acts 4:23-37
17 Dear God, I will
store the Bible in my
heart, not on the shelf! I
will memorize a verse
each day! I love You
Lord with all my heart!
Numbers 13