A// / want for Christmas is

Page 8, Thursday, December 20, 2001
Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas — The Eagle Lake Headlight
Dear Santa
A// / want for Christmas is...
Garwood School
Dear Santa,
This year I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want
the movie Arthur and stuffed bunnies. I also want a doll
that can be in the water and a Madonna barbie. I would 1 ike
a piano too so I can play. Thank you!
Dear Santa,
Your friend,
All I want for Christmas is: barbie, bubbles, candy
land game, ball blocks and a bike.
Your friend,
La Miracle Cotton Dear Santa,
How are you and your reindeer. I would like a remote
control race car, a watch, GI Joe figure, some Lego's please
Dear Santa,
Please bring me a Bratz doll, a game boy, a too cute and paints and paper to draw on. Have a Merry Christmas.
Your friend,
twins doll, and Barbie stuff and Harry Potter books.
Your friend,
Haleigh Wilson
Dear Santa,
This year I have been very good. I have been very nice
Dear Santa,
For Christmas Eve I want a swimming pool, barbie, to people and I am doing good in school. I wish to have a
T.V. play kitchen and legos. If you can bring what I want baby, "I know doll", a pet turtle, a barbie bike, a teddy bear,
and a barbie. I wish that you at least give me some of these
I would be happy. I love you Santa.
Your friend, things. Thank you!
Your friend,
Mercedes Saenz
Yesnely Flores
Dear Santa,
I was being good in the whole year. I would like a bike Dear Santa,
Please bring me a motorcycle, calf dummy, soft ropes,
for I could visit my friend. A vidio game for I could play
with my nentendo 64.1 want a motorcycle for I could ride piggin string, and a roping calf.
Your friend,
around my house, A radio for I could listen to music. A car
Korby Halla
for I could ride around.
Your friend,
Eulysses Torres Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer? I have been good this year. I
would love to have a: desk, barbie house, pink toy kitten,
Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. I have done my work and bunk bed for my dolls.
Your friend,
and listened to my parents and teachers. This year I wish
Kelsey Janow
to have a bike, Barbie Jeep, barbie, and a playdough ice
cream set. I hope you can bring me all these gifts this year.
Dear Santa,
Thank you!
For Christmas I want these things: rainbow
Your friend,
Marilyn Tapia art set, Scooby Snack attack game, Scooby Pogo
stick, Harry Potter movie and a metal detector.
Your friend,
Dear Santa,
Mackenzie Krpec
I have been a pretty good boy this year. So I'm hoping
you and your sleigh would stop by my house. I would
really like a radio and a Uncle Kracker CD and a big boy Dear Santa,
Please bring a puppy, a toy dinosaur and a
bike and a skate board. Thank-you Santa. Look for milk
and cookies at my!!! house.
Your friend,
Your friend,
Jake Anderson
Devon Janak, age 6
Dear Santa,
Please bring for me Christmas a Barbie magic key
house, some blo-pens, a green CD case, a TV for my room,
and the baby twin dolls with stroller. Thank you Santa.
Your friend,
Cydney Cook
Dear Santa,
I would like a white cat with kittens for Christmas.
Thank you.
Your friend,
Dear Santa,
Over all I have been good this up there at the northpole.
i want a mongoose hike or if you can a 4 wheeler, i have
saved money all year for it How are the elfs! are they busy!
oh yea i also want a John Deere tractor with a front end
Your friend,
Dear Santa,
I wit a Bike, I wit a cat, I wit a Brbey, I wit a Jeep.
Your friend,
Dear Santa,
I hope you have a nice Christmas. I would like a drum
set and tennis shoes, bring something for my sister, my
mom and my dad. Bring peace to every one. Love, Trevor.
Your friend,
Trevor Jones
Dear Santa,
I hope you had a good Christmas. You've been giving
a lot of toys so I will tell you What I want for Christmas.
I want a Doll that has hair like me. A Dog that is in a vet.
A Dr. Barbie and Kelly. And a Key Bord. And a Santa Doll
And Doras back pack and her map. Thank you for all the
Your friend,
Danielle Dopslauf
First Grade
Dear Santa,
How are you and Mrs. Claus? I hope you arc not sick,
I want a race car and Monster Patrol for Christmas. Please Dear Santa,
I will give you cheese, can I please have a
remember I moved to the country, Could you also please
a bridle, a saddle, a hoof pick, and a soft
bring my little sister a Starlite Barbie and my big sister a
a horse? Happy Holidays!
cd player with headphones? Tell all the elves "thank you"
Your friend,
for making the toys.
Briana Faas
Your friend,
Jon Kyle Huvar
Dear Santa,
Hi! My name is Cierria Nichole Ehrhardt.
Dear Santa,
are you? Santa, I would like a Barbie key
I LOVE YOU! I would like army men, Star Wars
Leggos, a movie "Lady and the Tramp II and N64 Mario house and a Barbie to go with it. I would also like
Party game. I will leave you cookies and milk by the a'computer and a Britney Spears doll. I will leave
fireplace and your favorite candy too! Have a good, sale you some cookies and milk.
Your friend,
trip to Garwood and tell the reindeer "Hi" for me.
Cierria Ehrhardt
Your friend,
Everett Shimek
Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,
I hope you have a nice lime in the
I have been good this year. I want a Brittany Spears CD and a CD player. I Love You. North Pole. I hope you will bring me a
Your friend, new girl dog, a pair of shoes, a teleMallorv Thomas phone, a horse, and a four wheeler.
Have a nice trip to Eagle Lake.
Your friend,
Dear Santa,
Katie Pagle
My name is Jonathan. I am 6 years old. I
would like a remote control red truck. I would
Dad says that I have been good.
like the Grinch movie and a bat and ball.
bring me a pair of roller blades,
Your friend,
Jonathan Rodriguez rubber boots and black cowboy hat.
Santa have a nise crimise.
Dear Santa,
Your friend,
My name is Guadalupe. I would like a
Shrek movie and a big ball for my brother
Dear Santa,
Ricardo and a football for me.
Thank you for the presents last year.
Your friend,
like to have a large order of fries
Guadalupe Rodriguez
and a hamburger. I also want a toy robot
that does anything for me. Please bring
Dear Santa,
I've been helping Mom and I've me a cat that never scratches me and
been good. For Christmas I want a everything in your bag.
Your friend, Chris
Betty Spaghetti, a trip to my grandhi.i
parents, barbie shoes, ring. How are Dear Santa,
I hope you have a very nice ChristMrs. Claus and the elves?
Love, mas. I hope your elves have a nice one
Your friend, too. Please can you give me a TV and
Tena Mittel colors. I would also like a watch, a telephone and the bop game. Thank you for
Dear Santa,
I want a bike. I want a playset. I doing all those presents for me. I will
want a picture frame. I want a piggy leave some cookies, cheese and milk
out for you.
Your friend,
Your friend,
Aubrey Pavlu
Alejandra Hernandez
^ -^