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Benton County Master Gardeners
present Insights Into Gardening, a
fun day of current, practical, research-based
information for new and experienced gardeners.
More Choices!
Select from 12 exceptional gardening classes and hands-on workshops.
Also new this year… keynote speak-‐
er Lucy Hardiman will kick off the
event with a presentation on the
use of color in the garden.
New this Year
Registration is on-line
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Insights Into Gardening is sponsored by the Benton County Master Garderners TM Association and
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registration, 8:00 - 9:00 A.M. on February 7, 2015
Browse artwork, plants, and gardening items all day in the LaSells Stewart Center. Instructors may also be there and willing to answer questions.
Insights Into Gardening 2015 Schedule
For more details about sessions, please visit the website at extension.oregonstate.edu/benton/insights
KEYNOTE 9:00–10:00
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Welcome and Keynote - All Around the Garden Wheel, Defining your Garden with Color—Lucy Hardiman (garden designer, owner of Perennial Partners in Portland)
Our color choices inform what we wear and how we decorate our homes. See what happens when we employ color in the garden to reflect our personali es and view of the world.
Our color pale e is embellished by using a full spectrum of foliage, flowers, bark, berries, art and furnishings enabling us to paint year-round pictures in our gardens. Edibles
Techniques to Jump Start your Gardening
Darren Morgan (Shonnards’ Nursery)
The World-wide Legacy of Clema s
Maurice Horn (Joy Creek Nursery)
General Interest
The State of Our Pollinators
Rich Li le (Linn Co MG)
Learn about growing transplants from seed and what plants are best transplanted. Find out when to start transplants and when to plant them out-­‐
side. Learn what plants are best direct seeded, when to plant them, and how to prepare the plan ng site. Discover how to use row covers, underlays, and other season extenders to plant your garden earlier. New, en cing clema s appear in catalogues each spring, with one-size-fits-all instruc ons for care and plan ng. But given 300+ species, this approach can be problema c. Maurice Horn will tell the history of clema s to give gardeners an apprecia on for its heritage. Weaving back and forth between the Orient and the West, the story provides an inspiring look at the genus. As a result of several large bee kills in 2013, a State Task Force was formed to make recom-­‐
menda ons to our lawmakers on how to be er protect and enhance our pollinators. Rich Li le, a member of this task force, will discuss what the report means to each of us and what we each can do to protect our polli-­‐
nators. 10:00-10:15
SESSION I 10:15–11:30
The Eat-All Greens Garden Carol Deppe (Author, plant breeder)
SESSION II 1:00–2:15
Carol Deppe will present a new method for grow-­‐
ing greens with much less land and labor than ever before possible. Based on twenty years of original research, this method allows a family to raise all their summer greens as well as freeze and dry enough greens for winter with even a ny garden. 2:30–3:45
Whimsical Pot People
Marcia Sherry
Hops can be successfully cul vated at home to provide cones for home brewing as well as beau ful foliage for ornamental purpos-­‐
es. This presenta on will provide hop cul -­‐
va on techniques for the home gardener.
Want to invite some Pot People into your garden but don't know how to work the ropes and pots? Join us for a demonstra-­‐
on/workshop on how to make a garden person from terra co a pots. Bring scis-­‐
sors, a kerchief, and a box to transport your 14”-16” crea on. Limited to 15. Addi onal workshop fee required. Selec ng and Caring for Garden Tools
Lowell Cordas (Lowell’s Tools)
Something ‘Buggy’ this Way Comes
Rich Li le (Linn Co MG)
How ergonomic are your gardening tools? Are you working too hard in the garden? How about keeping your tools sharp? This garden-tool expert will discuss how to choose and maintain tools as well as some interes ng new tool ideas. You just saw a 'bug' in your garden. Should you cheer or jeer? Come to this workshop to find out! Using a handout provided, learn to recognize the difference between some common 'bugs & spiders' found in your home & garden. Limited to 20. Addi onal workshop fee required. Break
Using Organic Soil Amendments
Harry McCormack (Sunbow Farm, OR Tilth)
Mushrooms in the Northwest
Steve Carpenter (Mycologist)
Something ‘Buggy’ this Way Comes
Rich Li le (Linn Co MG)
Learn about various organic soil amendments, such as compost, and why levels of carbon and calcium in the soil are so important. Find out how providing food to s mulate soil microbes relates to nutri on. Pick up some ps for man-­‐
aging your garden year round for nutrient den-­‐
sity. The “nitrogen ques on” will also be dis-­‐
cussed. Learn what mushrooms are and the role of mushrooms and other fungi as biological partners, decomposers, and parasites. Methods for collec ng and iden fica on will be covered, including a number of poison-­‐
ous and edible mushrooms and how to tell the difference. Books and online resources for iden fica on will be recommended.
You just saw a 'bug' in your garden. Should you cheer or jeer? Come to this workshop to find out! Using a handout provided, learn to recognize the difference between some common 'bugs & spiders' found in your home & garden. Limited to 20. Addi onal workshop fee required. (Repeat of Session II Workshop.)
Lunch, Browse Bookstore, Exhibits & Raffle
Sustainable Lawn Maintenance
Soil! - What it is & How if Works...
Alec Kowalewski (OSU, Hor culture Dept.)
James Cassidy (OSU, Hor culture Dept.)
Learn the proper implementa on of cultural prac ces (mowing, fer liza on and irriga on) and how they relate to a well-integrated lawnmaintenance program, improving sustainability by reducing pes cide inputs. The presenter will also discuss alterna ve ground cover and ecolawn mixtures; synthe c vs. organic fer lizers; herbicide-alterna ve, weed-control methods; and ways to minimize herbicide use. 2:15-2:30
SESSION III General Interest
Hops for the Home Gardener
Shaun Townsend (OSU, Crop & Soil Sci.)
Edible Front Yard Gardens
Owen Dell (Landscape architect)
Care and Pruning of Roses
Katherine Johnson (Multnomah Co MG)
According to the Na onal Gardening Associa on, 35% of Americans grow food at home or in a community garden. A sunny front yard is o en the best spot for edible crops. Local landscape architect Owen Dell will teach you how to create a beau ful, produc ve garden in your front yard, one that you and your neighbors will all enjoy.
Does the thought of growing roses scare you? Do you fret that their maintenance and upkeep will be just too much? Don’t let rose care wor-­‐
ries stop you from enjoying these amazing beau-­‐
es. Let this rose care expert teach you how easy it is to plant, care for, and prune roses. It's ALL about soil! Most people have only a vague idea of what soil is and how it works. You will learn more than you ever thought possible from this lecture: the reason you are alive, what nutrients are, how soil stores water and nutrients, fundamentals that ALL humans on the planet Earth should know! Raffle Results Posted/Winners Pick Up Prizes
From I-5
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Just past 26th Street, on the right, is a large parking lot near Reser Stadium. Park there for free and walk across 26th Street to LaSells Stewart Center. Parking is free even in metered spots.
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Drive south on 99W, which becomes 4th Street in Corvallis. Go through the downtown and turn right onto Western Blvd.
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