Allegheny County Launches Information Portal

Rich Fitzgerald
County Executive
January 29, 2015
Amie M. Downs
412-350-3711 office
412-327-3700 cell
Allegheny County Launches Information Portal
PITTSBURGH – Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald today announced that the County has
launched an information portal, providing quick access to public information, data and forms in one place.
The portal includes information from departments in the Executive Branch along with the Treasurer,
Sheriff, District Attorney and Courts. The portal can be found at:
“Visitors to the County’s website can often be overwhelmed when trying to find information that they
need,” said Fitzgerald. “Our goal in launching the portal is to provide one page where residents and
visitors can go to in order to quickly find the resources they need from the County. We intend to continue
adding to the data and information available to the portal so that the site is customer-friendly and helpful
to those who use the county’s site.
The one-stop shop provides new information, as well as quick access to real estate information,
department data, forms and other materials that are already available through the county’s website. New
features include reports and data from the Medical Examiner’s Office and sales data from Real Estate.
Additionally, there are quick links to commonly used information in the county including job listings, real
estate and court records, restaurant inspection reports, elections information, budgets, maps and forms.
“I’m proud of the work that Computer Services did in making information accessible to everyone through
this easy to use portal,” said County Manager William D. McKain CPA. “The cooperation that we received
from our Departments, as well as the District Attorney, Treasurer, Sheriff and Courts, in making
information – particularly information that is frequently needed or requested – more easily accessible
made the difference in this project. We look forward to adding additional detail and material in the future.”
The County’s information portal is a first step towards the joint open data effort between Allegheny
County and the City of Pittsburgh, in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon
University. The open data efforts, being supported by a Richard King Mellon Foundation grant, will build
join technology infrastructure that will provide leaders and citizens with data-driven tools to improve the
effectiveness of local government.
Office of the County Executive
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