Test Infrastructure: Migration from WebSphere Portal V6.1 on

Test Infrastructure: Migration from WebSphere
Portal V6.1 on WAS V7.0 to WebSphere Portal V8.0
Owner: Uwe Haller
Configuration name: Migration from WebSphere Portal V6.1.0.5 on WAS V7.0.0.19 to
WebSphere Portal V8.0
Date of issue: May 23, 2012
Product Version: 8
Document Version: 1.0
1 Abstract
The goal of this document is to describe the test infrastructure by which the WebSphere Portal
System Verification Test (SVT) team tested the migration of WebSphere Portal V6.1.0.5 based on
WAS V7.0.0.19 to WebSphere Portal V8.0
2 Content Introduction
This usecase simulates a customer who has purchased WebSphere Portal and configured
with external DB, WebServer, and LDAP Server.
The usecase includes the migration of SVT specific WCM data, PZN, Virtual Portals, and VMM
lookaside data.
The software versions used in this test environment are as follows:
V6.1 Source Setup
IBM HTTP Server V6.1
WebSphere Portal V6.1.0.5
WebSphere Application Server
◦ Oracle R11g (
V8.0 Target Setup
IBM HTTP Server V8.0
WebSphere Portal V8.0
WebSphere Application Server
Oracle R11g (
LDAP Server
IBM Tivoli Directory Server V6.3
3 Infrastructure Diagram
4 Test Drivers
Tests were conducted using an Apache HttpClient-based, in-house tool to simulate multiple
users performing their various tasks over specific periods of time.
5 Machine Details
Web Server
LDAP Server
IHS V6.1
IHS V8.0
Oracle R11g
SunOS 5.9
Solaris Sparc64
2 x 900MHz
SunOS 5.10
Solaris Sparc64 2 x 1200MHz
SunOS 5.10
Solaris Sparc64 2 x 1593MHz
Windows Server
2003 SE
6 Installation
Install WebSphere Portal V6.1
upgrade to WebSphere Portal V6..1.0.5
upgrade to WebSphere Portal V6..1.0.5 CF20
install PM32284, PM49012
configure Portal to external Database Server
configure Portal to external LDAP server
configure Portal to IBM HTTP Server
populate Portal with following data:
◦ 3 virtual Portals with seperate user populations
◦ populate 8000 pages/portlets on each virtual Portal and the default Portal
◦ install SVT specific PnP (Portlets and Pages) Setup including the PZN Test Suite
◦ configure Base Portal Scenario
◦ import SVT specific WCM showcase data
◦ install SVT specific WCM Riverbend setup
◦ configure WCM/VMM lookaside data
7 Migration
follow the WebSphere Portal Family wiki for migrating Portal V6.1 to V7.0
◦ http://www10.lotus.com/ldd/portalwiki.nsf/dx/Migrating_from_WebSphere_Portal_V6.1.x_on_
Following link might be useful:
Technote swg21410474 (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space issues might
occur when you use installation scripts)
◦ http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21410474
8 Migration Verification
Following verification steps have been performed to verify the migrated system
general verification steps
◦ start Portal server and check logs
◦ browse migrated Portal and login
◦ browse migrated virtual Portals and login
◦ verify PZN data
◦ verify migrated themes and skins
◦ verify WCM Riverbend data
◦ verify WCM/VMM lookaside data
running page validation tool to verify that all pages/portlets have been migrated