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Premium Online Weather Content
We boost your ratings!
“In less than 2 years StormGeo’s unique online weather solutions have boosted our earnings 600%! Through
their online solution we are covered on all platforms such as TV, WEB, Android and iPhone app’s, mobile
weather warnings, online competitions and more. We value the collaboration and effort highly in our daily
work to inform and attract new users”
Ronald Toppe, Projectleader, TV2 Weather,
• Launch your own Weather Portal
• Global coverage
• Unique location database
• iPhone and Android app’s ready
StormGeo is a private Weather Company founded in 1997. We work across the
world to provide the information our customers, in weather sensitive industries
including Renewables, Offshore Services, Shipping and Media, need to make the
right decisions. The core of our services is our research-based forecasting technology and our dedicated team of experienced forecasters, who work around the clock to serve our customers with the quality forecasts they require. StormGeo
is proud to be ISO 9001 certified.
Premium Online Weather Content
Boost Your Traffic
Premium Online Weather Content
Unique Features!
Drive traffic actively into the portal through sharing
weather widgets with your partners and end users
Weather portal ready for launch!
StormGeo’s World Weather Wheel
StormGeo’s Weather Portal has been created
by our expert developers, with over a decade of
experience serving some of the industry’s most
demanding customers, then fine tuned by
user feedback and industry focus groups.
Be a partner in the World Weather Wheel,
granting access to feeds of global weather
events from severe weather events to more
light hearted items such as clouds which look
like tigers! Along with regular news bulletins
from our 24/7 forecast offices located in Europe, Asia and the USA.
Global coverage!
Detailed 15 day global weather forecasts, for
any location – in real time! Along with the observations, satellite data and much more that
your users cannot be without!
Unique location database
Selected Widget Gallery
Location database containing 10,000,000 locations worldwide – along with the ability to
accommodate all major languages and localized phrases.
• Readymade teasers to be included
on your and partners site - see your
weather site traffic bloom through
active use of our unique weather
• Add Weather widgets to your
editorials, make your content more
relevant and drive traffic to your
weather portal.
Boost your traffic – unique weather
Readymade teasers to be included on your
and your partners sites - see your weather
site traffic bloom through active use of our
unique weather widgets
Include your weather related content and
commercials into the site – boost your relevance and earnings!
Map player
Fully interactive weather maps, with the ability to pan, zoom and animate key weather parameters in real time across the globe.
Cross platform ready
The portal interface is browser and platform
independent – ensuring that both desktop
and tablet users enjoy the same experience!
iPhone and Android app’s ready
The Weather portal is supported by both iPhone and Android app’s!
Target commercials through weather conditions and localisation
All pages can be customized to allow your advertisers to target specific consumers dependent on location and weather conditions.
Premium Online Weather Content
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