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February 2015
Archives Corner February In AA History
In 1971 Alcoholics Anonymous
held a worldwide Memorial
Service for Bill W. on
Valentine’s Day. Bill had died
in Miami the previous month
on January 24th. To say that he
became the darling
of AA on his
death would
because he
was already
that for a long
time. However the fact that Bill
died sober, with continuous
sobriety from the date of AA’s
founding on June 10th 1935,
elevated him to a special level
in the hearts of everyone
hoping for long term sobriety.
It is easy to imagine people all
around the world marching
into AA rooms with a tear of
gratitude in their eyes and a
love for Bill in their hearts on
Valentine’s Day 1971. Forty
three years later we continue
to remember Bill and Bob for
their great sacrifices and it is
hoped that this will never
With Thanks and Gratitude
Paula D. – DCM, Panel 63 Thank you, District 28, for allowing me to serve over the past two years as DCM (District Commi>ee Chairperson) for Panel 63. It has been wonderful experiencing the growth and service we have shared. I believe one of the best ways to be>er know yourself and others is to do service! As we started 2014, in Panel 63, the team of District 28 conMnued to carry the message to the sick and suffering alcoholic. Janet B. was forever distribuMng any Where and When she could get her hands on around the District. I think CMH’s ER was one of her greatest challenges that she overcame! Char S. held strong in carrying the message behind the walls to our sisters. Thank you Char for being there for those who came to outside meeMngs aWerward! I cannot thank Al M. enough for stepping up to help out men’s correcMons. You used your past experience, strength and hope to conMnue this much needed role. We introduced an Archives commi>ee during Panel 63. Denis S. has taped some of our Old Timers, organized memorable old pieces of literature that members have contributed and learned how to preserve District 28 history. The District 28 archive displays can be seen at workshops and other special events. The District conMnued to work with Nature Coast Intergroup during two events. The Founder’s Day Breakfast and the GraMtude Dinner were once again a success. I believe these events will conMnue on for many more years. The fellowship, food and speakers at these events is priceless. (con3nued on p. 2) 1
February 2015
Are you stealing from
(con3nued from p. 1) Steve N. Thank you to the NCI liaison (s), Paige B. and Toni T. for aiding in the communicaMon between the two enMMes. Thank you to our awesome officers of District 28! Thank you Jennifer for stepping in for the past few months as our Treasurer. Also, to our past treasurers of Panel 63, Debra S. and interim Paige B. P.J. O. was quick to “learn on the job” the role of Secretary. He has consistently produced detailed and accurate records of our meeMng. Paige, P.J. and Jennifer are coming back for more fun in Panel 65 to serve the District. In early sobriety I daily a>ended the Breakfast Club meeMng in Ocala. There were two old Mmers, Fred and George, who had founded the group when they moved from up in the New York area to Florida in reMrement. Both took me under their wings and spent countless Mme helping me to stay sober. They are a very big part of the miracle that saved my life. One day I asked why they were so intent on helping me. Now that I look back, one of the things they said really hit home. The two now deceased members told me that “if we are not giving back, then we are stealing from AA.” Another person you will see during Panel 65 is Steve N. He has been our Alt. DCM and my right arm over the past two years. He has a>ended Area 14 Assemblies, studied the TradiMons and Concepts of our fellowship and is teachable! He has been highly visible in our District and at the Area. Steve will be our DCM in Panel 65. It is with utmost confidence, based on my knowledge of his experience that our District will be in very capable hands. They told me in tandem, “If you just come to AA and sit in meeMngs, don’t get involved in a home group, and don’t help other alcoholics, then you’re simply a taker – and that’s stealing from AA.” My saviors taught me that I am definitely responsible to give back what was freely given to me. How about you? One of my favorite workshops in 2014 was I am responsible: The TwelDh Step in ac3on. Dan E., one of our Area 14 past Delegates joined us to facilitate the workshop. He encouraged us to come up with innovaMve ways to reach the future members of our fellowship. I will conMnue to serve District 28 in any capacity that is needed. You are my family. Together we will conMnue to grow in service. Contribute to the Journal
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February 2015
Gratitude With Service Form
Riches to Rags to
Jimmy looked hot in his
three-piece suit
He had a fleet of cars and expensive loot
He had a smoking hot wife and his kids
were cute
His life was sweet.
He flew round the world to troubleshoot
And to hoax investors - ain’t no dispute
A handsome hunk and trés resolute
The world was his.
His downfall tho was Absolut
In the pockets of his three-piece suit
Flasks of vodka and of champagne brut
Liquored up his distinguished snoot
And worked like a charm until, dissolute
He went on one last spectacular toot
And lost it all.
In looney bins and institutes
No glasses, shoestrings, ties, or boots
Dressed now in cheap pink paper suits
Locked up with other drugged galoots
Scary tattooed dreadlocked brutes
Thought he was cute.
Everything lost, his family flown
All his goodies forever blown
On the skids and all alone
Living in a car he didn’t own
No stocks, no bonds, no telephone
Full of misery, shame and fear
How did he get from there to here?
He fell into the clutches of AA guys
Who saw right through him, AA-wise
He rights his wrongs and loses his fears
And as gloom and misery disappears
His Creator grabs him by the ears
And rockets him into the stratospheres
For keeps.
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February 2015
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